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How has the whole "Adult Signature Required" thing been working out for you?

Loaded up extremely high BEFORE the “change”, and stocked up on far more than I needed, because I just didn’t need any hassles, shortages, etc. Ended up needing a small batt/mod which when shipped, did add an $8.00 surcharge for “Adult Signature Required”, from a well known vape site. Great news is, it landed in my mailbox yesterday, and when checking the tracking information, it did state, “Handed to customer”.

Have you actually had to “Adult Sign” for any packages lately ?

  • Yes, always
  • No, never
  • No, not yet
  • Sometimes

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07-18-21 UPDATE ------- , please take part in our “Adult Signature Required” upcharge thread…


never - heck they don’t even pull in front of house when they deliver packages. they park in front of neighbors house behind the hedges … throw package on porch - don’t even knock on door that is open or ring the bell . 5yr old watches for truck all day - checks every time she sees a truck . she loves opening packages…


Never, but only because I won’t order if they charge the extra signature fee. It’s the principle of it all. I’m hoping this doesn’t last and we’ll eventually get rid of this stupid rule. It doesn’t seem to be working they way they wanted it to except for the higher shipping fees.


I know my mailman or rather mail woman and my UPS delivery person, they just leave it in my home drop. I never have to sign, it’s the same as always except for when I get that sure charge that Diane Feinstein thinks will keep kids from vaping. Only thing is, she did this because RJ Reynolds generously contributes to her campaigns and not because she cares about kids.


Can’t really vote because…I haven’t ordered anything yet marked for signature. Lol.


this is gonna sound funny but think I voted twice…by accident
in the ‘no, not yet’ category. sorry


None of that is going on here


USPS checked who I was about 3 times and now my mail lady leaves it like a normal package since she knows I order to my place.


Very interesting @SessionDrummer I hope more people respond. I have yet to purchase anything requiring a signature. I thought about it but then there are a couple of vape shops around here and while they don’t have the greatest of selections I have purchased a couple of things.

A couple of purchases from Fasttech arrived in 14 days. Not bad.

Anywho, if I see something I just gotta have I’ll grab it but things changed, and like @SessionDrummer I stocked up. Funny story; I purchased 5 packs of coils for the Caliburn G and then the damn thing took a dump before they even arrived. So, I went to the local vape shop, and luckily they had some. $36.00!!! YIKES, thankfully they were having a sale and I got it for 24 out the door.

So, I came to a tentative conclusion. The prices online including the stupid “tax” (adult sign) are about the same as a Brick and Morter.


Same here…although I’m doing inventory analysis and putting a flavor order together. Do we get socked for signatures on flavors?


That’s a negative @TorturedZen


After perusing the USPS site on adult signature fees for businesses I discovered that the cost for a business is around $3.50. When VaporDNA wanted to charge me $12 I was done. FU, how dare you try to make a profit on my shipping fees. They blew it because I’d really like to support US vaping business but not if they’re gonna be like…


I have had 50 packages received … vape related since enactment and not a one asked for a signature. My 14 year old was handed over several since I work during the day and he answered the door. Yeah, just another way to scam money from people (sorry I don’t feel good today so a little testy haha)


Well @authormichellehughes you bring up a VERY INTERESTING point then.

Let’s ASSUME that the Fed has FORCED vaping companies TO comply with the whole “Adult Signature” thing. Assumptions being what they are, then we have to wonder, if they ARE complying (i.e. charging us, stating it on the order), then USPS just doesn’t seem to care ?

I’m PRETTY sure, I saw someone (I think @muth) that she found out the actual CHARGE for the A.S., and VaporDNA (??) was charging even more than that ? Lots of moving parts here, but I’m starting to SENSE a trend. Perhaps, just perhaps, some retailers are increasing the charge, levied by the carriers FOR the A.S.R. which is shady, and THEN we have the carriers, who appear to be NOT enforcing it ??


Let’s just see what’s what here ladies and gentlemen.


Hehe, thanks for NOTHING USPS.


Snap 2021-07-18 at 10.11.26

So this appears that the cost from the shipper, TO the supplier is $6.65-$6.90.