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How much is enuff?


no problem @CallMeTut, I’m glad i’m not the only one that feels the same …


Congrats to you, too, Dan. We happen to have someone on my other forum that runs a recovery thread. Not a bad idea. If there’s a member here with experience and wants the responsibility to care for the thread, it helps. Especially when people are counting on it for support. Definitely needs to be someone with zero prejudgements because one wrong word and you can throw someone back to the streets.


I agree. Need some great new recipes is what is needed. Maybe a good place for clone? The prices of pre made juices dropped. 4 yrs ago they were so high it was hard to buy, perhaps that’s the reason things have dulled.
The same top recipes all the time. What do you do if you don’t like strawberry or vanilla pudding? We need a new number one!


When we were young’uns and whined to mom about being bored she would say (and I hated it), “You’re bored with yourself”. Hahaha, that shut us up and got us thinking. I guess the moral of this story is sometimes we need to challenge ourselves…take it to the next level.


I’m glad you said that. I was updating my stash yesterday and, good grief, there were 20 different versions of the same flavor/brand in the dropdown menu. I think most of it was due to how people input the data. It’s also cumbersome to read through mixers notes when others are merely copying the same exact notes, taking up space. I don’t mean to sound like a complainer but I’m all about efficiency and time. I drive for a living and they call me the shortcut queen :laughing: The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line.


I have an idea for the people who feel maxed out. How about doing some short teaching videos on ELR? On topics about flavors or things you’ve learned along the way. I’ve seen alot of beginner videos but i haven’t seen and intermediate or advanced mixing videos. I love leaning about mixing and it would be great to learn some mixing techniques from veteran mixers!
I think as a group we could steer the group in whichever direction we feel is best. It would be great to have some mixing comps with each other and start making it fun to be around here by doing fun things together. @Chrispdx had a great idea! Have a page 2 to the ELR recipes and have recipes of the week and such.


I sort of look at this in the same way I look at music. I’ve been a pro/semi-pro musician for now for over 40 years. In the early day’s you couldn’t get enough of anything and had to try it all. Constantly new instruments (atty’s), the newest type of string (wire), whatever the new amp/cab (mods) and every new song on the radio (mixes/flavors). Now I still love it, but it doesn’t consume me. I have the gear I like and replace it as it wears out with a direct replacement or something close. Not a lot of really new innovation since the 70’s. I learn new material when I have too. Rarely does anything reach out and say “Learn Me”.

It’s still a major part of my life I wouldn’t give up. I play every week. Vaping has become the same way. I’ve gone from mixing every day to mixing maybe once a week, I buy new hardware when what I have wears out, I buy new flavorings when I need to fill out an order for something I run out of. I do base my decisions on the reviews I see here and other places. As far as mixing goes, I’m not an innovator nor, one to try and reinvent the wheel. I throw out my opinions when they seem relevant and try new things when it seems to fit.

I guess I’ll be doing this till the end of days. It’s just become another part of my life.


If I get interested in something, I tend to dive into it. And vaping was the perfect pool :smiley:

30 mods and 80 attys later, when you realize that your optimal vape depends more on the airflow, coil and wicking, than the brand, innovation and “extras”. Unless you do temp control, where quality costs more than the avg mods. (DNA’s and the Yihi’s).

I’ve been hooked on RTA’s, yeah, addicted to the building process and wicking. Theres some good therapy in the unboxing, disassembly and rebuilding a fresh tank. Does it leak? Does it wick good? How about the flavour? On par with the feeling you get when doing a 4 week steep test of a new custard mix, sensual and tingly. :smiley:

I’m getting to the limit, but theres always a few new innovative products that keeps me looking.


What’s a technique that can classify it as as intermediate or advanced?

-Learn flavors and their percentages
-Learn how to mix via weight/volume
-Learn how to store and steep

Other than learning things like additives, how to pursue a flavor profile and how to get updates on new flavors coming out (other than newsletters from WL, BCF or etc)

Then again, looking back at this stuff, there were some things I didn’t learn until I watched other people do it. (It took me a few years to pick up a scale, and I immediately never considered measuring without it.


I’d like to learn how different mixers come up with a recipe or how they classify custards or fruits ect. Or how they choose cream or mallows for a recipe and why


I classify them the same way a grocery store would classify them. Looks like a fruit, its a fruit, says custard on it? probably a custard, they are usually a rendition of their food counterpart.


Interesting. I took it as though she was asking a bit “deeper” question, as I’ve often seen the nuances discussed when conversations (about specifics) get more in depth.

IE: is it an American or European custard? (And then those that might not have traveled, or had various experiences with fine dining, frequently ask “Well what’s the difference?”) Is it eggy? Is it not eggy? Is it closer to a pudding? Or closer to a flan? Etc…

I think the same applies to fruits… Some are sweet, some tart, some bitter, some sour, some earthy…

@Jazzy_girl I think along similar lines (if that’s what you’re asking), but I don’t recall seeing any kind of a list like this (that’s vaping specific anyways) mentioned on any of the forums/Reddit, etc.

I do think that it shouldn’t be too hard to find such a list if one was to go searching on the “food side” though! I think most of what you might find there should translate fairly well into vaping (and if nothing else, should provide additional insight and/or inspiration!)


I think what she’s asking is when do you use specific ingredient. BTW I like that game, let’s guess what somebody meant :wink:

But if that’s the case, reason why there’s not much written or in video form, is that its very subjective. I know I hate reading this too, because it always sound like an excuse, unfortunately the only answer.

Since theres no right or wrong when it comes to mixing, makes it difficult too even “set” something in stone, so too speak.

Some say use (FA) custard with fruits, due to its zesty nuances, that in most cases work amazingly well.

Others say use (CAP) custard v1 only with bakeries, or even specifically named bakeries.

And so on, while its maybe a good option and something to keep in mind, in reality it doesn’t work every time, hence it can’t be said as such. Or declared a rule etc.

Maybe you like cap v1 with fruits, or/and fa custard with your soda… Making such a list would only lead too restricting someone’s creativity. Think outside the box would be very applicable here. Or don’t knock it till you’ve tried it and so on.

Same for creams etc.

If I didn’t misunderstood @Jazzy_girl, that’s exactly the video she would love too see, but all I can say is, the only rule that could be applied here, whatever tastes great too you, use it.

The ingredient pairing sites, as well as cook books/shows can be helpful as well, knowing the flavor in side out is another bonus. Everything needs practice of course, and is determinated by some bodies own preference.


I go through spurts. 3-6 months of buying flavors and gear. Then I’ll find a setup that I love, stick with that for 8-9 months. Start looking at new gear. Rinse repeat since 2011.

I’m the same way with recipes too. Find 10-15 recipes I love, vape the shit out of them for months get bored and start experimenting again.



I been vaping for almost 5 years and only owned 2 or 3 devices at any given time. simplicity ahhh


@Fresh7 @DarkJester89 I’m the same with hardware but with recipes I really can’t settle on anything… I keep having this urge to try new things. There are so many recipes that look good, so many variations and I easily get bored of the same flavor all the time.


My problem is I start looking at recipes realize I’m missing 3-4 flavors, then hem and haw about buying them, then forget about it.


I had recipes in favorites saying one day…one day. and then weeks go buy, I have to make an order and then confused with myself thinking “what was I thinking?” lmao


Not a bad idea!


The worst is when you get all the flavors together for something mix it, let it steep, and then cone to find out it’s unvapeable. Sounds good, smells ok, vapes like shit.