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How much is enuff?


I’ve only watched his show once. Who’s baldy? He’s a mess!


I resonate with what you said. Right now I’ve been meh about new gear and more immersed in mixing (but that’s because mixing is newer to me than gear collecting). The only “new thing” that’s caught my attention is Evolve’s DNA Replay. Have you bought one yet? If I spend money on a new regulated mod that will be it. Mechs are another matter.


yes he is a hoot !!!


Yup, I’ve had that happen twice now.


a lil whiper snapper, I tell ya !!!


See what you started @Pro_Vapes ?


Time works wonders, doesn’t it? Or put another way…sometimes procrastination pays off.


He needs to snap some sunscreen on that scullcap of his.


Right, my tongue is in overload right now. There’s so many ideas I want to try. I just need to settle down and take one recipe at a time. I’m still in diapers.


I wish I had your problem… mine is I go ahead and buy those ingredients then by the time they get to me, I’ve forgotten why I purchased them in the first place lol


You’re doing the right thing and you’re very disciplined to do it. Wish I could say the same. I’ve got way too many flavors on my hands. If you’re ready to buy new ones ask me first. I’d be happy to send them to you if I have them.


That’s the first time I hear about that… sucks pretty bad. Maybe small local companies will suffer and that’s sad, but if those companies want to survive and have a bigger backyard to play in… the rest of the world welcomes them with open arms.


Is that where you hail from?


Dayum, if the US has that much influence on the rest of the world we better shape up or ship out! In all seriousness, other countries are being bitches all on their own about vaping.


If you look at the news the last 2 days, you’ll see that a few countries are getting a bit tired of that influence and looking for options to raise their middle finger :smiley:
But yes, the US has had a very powerful position for a very long time… but that crazy p**** grabbing leader is taking things a bit too far in a lot of people’s eyes. They’re getting fed up and don’t want to be bullied around by such a weirdo.


Here’s the latest from Thailand (real bitches):


Yeah, Iummy is a mixer in Thailand… we’ve all heard about their crazy laws


Na, I’m a High Tidder on the N.C. east coast.


Geez, you were reading my mind.


All of us NYers knew the Donald from way back when and we tried to tell people about him but to no avail. It’s heartbreaking to see how many people are being conned by this, oh so, typical NY scheister. I hope I’m not rocking the boat with political crap. I’ll just stop there.