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How much is enuff?


What’s a High Tidder? Never heard that one before.


@muth, @Suomynona, that Phuckit Thialand, is a hell of a name.
Phuckit I’ll just vape !! need some coffee on that one !!!

High Tidder, that’s a Ocracoke thing.


Ooh, I just googled that. I’ve been to Cape Hatteras, once, which is close. If you live on Ocrakoke I shall be living vicariously through you. I just loved it there!


@muth, yes it is a beautiful place, the ocean has her way !!!


It’s been awhile but I grew up surfing and that area is great for that. I’ve always been never too far from the ocean. I can only stay inland for about 2 days, then I start feeling pressure in my head. Maybe it’s called claustrophobia!


I’ve been toggling back and forth from here to my other “home” where one of the members just won 2 more mod kits from ecf and a send from Sourcemore to do a review. I’ve never seen anyone win so many devices. Maybe she should try her hand at Powerball or MegaMillion.

Time for the sandman, work tomorrow. Pleasant dreams all :smile:


It’s a good thought and it could take some time to answer this one…
Personally and Forum wise…

I think it happens in every “Hobby” from photography to biking to Radio Ham, you get to the point where you reached the top and there’s nothing new or that you don’t know about, same things… it gets boring… nothing that gives you that “sprint” and as @Mark_Turner pointed out how many times can you answer about Strawberry Ripe, Mango and PG/VG percentage? Same things over and over again…But this (and you know it…) happens whatever you do, have to find new horizons (Vapewise)…

I don’t think it’s “ELR” as such, the same thing happens almost everwhere.
I’m a moderator on one of the most famous italian vaping forum, and we started asking ourselves exactly the same thing.

Is it our fault that’s becoming stagnant, do we have to start making videos? Is it the market’s fault, new atties same song, is it FB’s fault? Nothing new under the sun? @woftam @Josephine_van_Rijn Is the world fighting vaping? @Mix_and_Hope @Ken_O_Where (I just came back from 40 days in Singapore… nuff said.)
Is Facebook the “Enemy”?
Probably the answer is in building a family, rather then been big headed and think you’re the best, the only one and so forth, and it’s something that ELR has been very successfull at!

We all thanked lars @daath , for his work, let’s not forget people like you and so many others… always willing to help!

Then again… you are probably right… look up… same people, same names… :joy::joy::joy: but it’s family…


First let me say that I have given this a lot of thought and honestly did not want to reply for the fear of upsetting people.

@Pro_Vapes I totally get it and truly hope that you understand how many people you have helped along the way. You are an awesome guy and a valuable asset to ELR.

Due to life getting in the way I have taken 2 extended breaks from ELR. Upon returning both times I noticed a difference that I may have not thought was good but I always felt welcomed when I returned.

Today I got up and took a hard look at what post were at the top of my page since my last visit.

21 post new or updated since my last visit

14 were giveaways or vendor ad’s

7 related to making e-juice

Back during the first year of this forum those numbers would have been totally different.

Another thing I have noticed is that it seems to me like many thread’s now get derailed into something it was never intended to be. A simple question often turns into a heated debate on something controversial and totally off topic.

It seems like it is getting harder and harder to find the true gems of good information hiding in the bull shit that ensues.

I totally get that people have opinions in life on every topic but stay on topic or take your opinions to the pub and start a new thread to debate things unrelated to the original topic.

I am a firm believer in freedom of speech but we have places that everything is fair game here.

Many of us are passionate about a lot of things other than e-juice. Many of us like to share parts of our life unrelated to mixing. This is what made ELR one of the most family like sites I have ever seen on the internet.

Because of ELR being a international community we will have differences of opinion and beliefs but one of the things that make a family a good family is respect for others and tolerance of differences of opinion.

Keeping things on topic keeps the treads clean and easier to find good, useful information no matter if it is related to making juice or life in general.


I don’t know if I’d say I’ve maxed out, but a lot of the passion for it is gone.

I think ELR is one of the best collections of forums, topics, and recipes on the web. I just feel like sometimes you have to work pretty hard to find what matters most for you.

If I had one wish, it would be a single home page for all resources that could be customized through my profile to show what I wanted and to exclude what I consider fluff. This would go a long ways toward fixing the adult/non-adult content filtering that many want. The key is it wouldn’t be a site imposed censorship as much as a self-configured one. A tighter integration with the recipe site could be done by providing views rather than links to the my recipes, etc. on the same home page.


Hey @Jazzy_girl, id like to hear more on this:

I think we should move ELR to the next level because i feel its gotten kind of stale too. There needs to be more than a beginner section and i know there’s alot of great mixers here that could all contribute to make that happen if that’s what they want.

I read the other edits too, im not sure why you removed the posts as they contained some good thoughts and excellent questions. What do you think we should do about your first question on finding out how people make flavor decisions? Should we do an interview style questionnaire? I know a lot of this information is already on the forums but i like the idea of condensing it all into a single searchable thread. I know that some of us gave interviews in the past but im sure that information has changed for many of us.

Whatcha think?


I think the problem with that is that if you take 10 people and one flavor say the white chocolate you mentioned use 10 different brands you will get probably 8 different answers as to which one is the best. If asked which of them you could sub out for each other you’re going to get a different opinion from each person. Everybody has there own idea of what the perfect white chocolate flavor is. Take me for instance I prefer cheaper Hershey chocolate if I’m going to eat a chocolate bar than most of the "gourmet chocolate bars out there. Everyone has their own vision of the perfect flavor


Maybe that’s a good role for those veterans or forum-founders… they know the people around here best, they know who are original mixers (or they should :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) … why don’t they have chats with those mixers, interview style, and publish them in a “magazine” section on the forum?
A lot of these interesting conversations are going on on discord perhaps as well and that is a lot less searchable for probably most forum visitors.

I’m not such a big fan of putting any pressure on people to start making videos… you have to have the personality to do such things, like being in the spotlight, and that’s certainly not for everyone. I think those people will probably better off with a YT (vimeo or whatever) channel which can of course always be linked here.

I would be in favor of some heavily moderated sections of the forum, where it’s as easy to find specific information. Like for example on the dieordie website but more of an opensource version, not behind a paywall and without all the clutter and derailing that goes on in most threads.
Something like that could attract and keep a lot of visitors to the site imo.

Maybe hold some polls about topics that are needed for the viewers to get ideas.


I would be in favor of some heavily moderated sections of the forum, where it’s as easy to find specific information. Like for example on the dieordie website but more of an opensource version, not behind a paywall and without all the clutter and derailing that goes on in most threads.
Something like that could attract and keep a lot of visitors to the site imo.

Maybe hold some polls about topics that are needed for the viewers to get ideas.

I would rather see a subforum or separate forum if you are going in that direction. Heavily moderated is the reason I left ECF as my main home. I got tired of it being so moderated if you sneezed with the wrong tone of voice somebody bitched about it.


I think if you talk to advanced mixers, they’d all agree that there is no “best” flavor. What is needed is people who can describe the flavors and who have flavors to compare.
A good flavor description is not “this is the best custard by far”, but rather “this custard is not too heavy on the eggs and has a hint of lemon. it works well with citrus flavors but maybe not so good in a creme brullee”

The problem with a forum like this of course, is to find enough dedicated advanced mixers who are willing to put their time and effort in stuff like this. Adding information to the forum is not as financially rewarding as setting up a youtube channel and having a load of information behind a paywall.


I was just talking about 1 section of the forum where the experts can discuss things without noobs like me derailing threads.
Keep everything as it is now, but add a forum E-liquid Magazine or whatever that is shielded off. There is a lounge that is shielded off from people, why not add 1 that is readable as a newspaper but not editable by everyone?

And with heavily moderated, perhaps I mean more heavily edited so the information is presented in a way that is readable, condensed and enjoyable by everyone.

In that section, you can have threads about sweeteners, menthols, tobaccos… how to swap out flavors, how to create recipes from scratch, steeping techniques, … stuff like that but instead of just an endless discussion with 100s of voices, more like having articles by advanced mixers.


so true, burnt out on all uncalled for, no logical reason, biased, moderators.


This bugs me too. Say your piece, then move on. Why keep poking and “pushing buttons” ? Because you “like it” when others get “upset” at your comment ? STFU and GTFO. Let the thread go where it goes, but quit it, go to reddit where the rest of those fuckers are. I enjoy the camaraderie here, but stupid drunk uncle can leave.

I’ll be turning “1” here soon and enjoyed the hell out of this place, but after the purge, it’s becoming less enjoyable, and more “something else”.
After a year of mixing other people’s recipes, I have started mixing my own shit, and now, when I need this forum the most, it’s turning into something I’m not liking. I’ll still be here, lurking and reading, but damn!

And @Pro_Vapes, You do You. Save your sanity, your joy, your passion. Unplug if you need it, but please don’t ever go away. I don’t have the budget for those MF flavors, but when I do, I know I will be mixing up a bunch of your recipes !!

And yes, I’m male.


I wonder if it is possible to set up for lack of better terminology an option for a “SIDEBAR” at the bottom of each post and if someone has something that takes the thread off course they can put it in a sidebar thread. To go one further if something is said that inadvertently takes it off course one of the moderators can ask move that part of the conversation into the sidebar area


Eggy custard (INW) and Cap is a custard that’s eggy, they all taste eggy to me XD :slight_smile:
I’m not a custard fiend, the fruits and menthols I could do, I don’t use a lot of dessert stuff, except for chocolate. Strong flavor profiles, (one of the best features on this site) is my go to for it.


what purge happened?