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I Quit Smoking By Vaping
I see I’m like many others on this thread. So happy to actually quit smoking cigarettes. I think back to my childhood and remember my fist time smoking. I was just a child but for some reason, I wanted to smoke. I suspect my Mother having been a smoker while carrying me may have had some influence on my “need” for nicotine. I didn’t start to smoke full time until I was about 14 but between 8-9 I was doing whatever I could to get them. My whole family were smokers.
I’ve always looked up to my older brother and one day he talked about this new “vaping” thing. I tried the original pipes and batteries. I liked the hit it gave. I could see potential in this. I just found the first renditions of pipes failed to meet my needs. I returned to smoking for a few years until just one day I went into my usual store and purchased 2 cartons of smokes. The cost was $270.35.
That was it. My tipping point. I could not afford this. I decided to find a local vape store and see what had changed. Wow, what a change!
I’ve been smoke free for about 4 months now. First while had it’s rough spots but I never faltered. I could smoke if I wanted to as there are cigarettes in the house all the time. Yes, I’m proud I’ve gotten off of the cigarettes. First time in my life since I first put that smoke in my mouth that I’ve not felt that I’ve Needed cigarettes. My “Gentleman’s Soother,” as my Mom calls it is working just fine thank you and now, I’m even trying to make my own vape juice. Biggest step forward in my life in a long time.


That’s a hell of a lot of vape juice for the same money! I was in the same boat as you. The price of a pack was 7$ I quit right then and switched to vape. Getting everything right is problematic with vape but the pay off is huge =) Welcome to the Rabbit Hole my friend…i live and love the vaping lifestyle in time so will you…congrats


I have just started vaping can you help me with some tips??


Welcome @tobaccoandvapemart ! Find the device that works for you first, whether it’s Pod systems, MTL or DTL. That way you could make the most out of vaping and have more fun doing it.


Welcome to the new world. I would suggest going to You Tube. I know, but there are some good reviewers out there. Many use the tank and coils for ease of use but many like the RDA method. Find what looks best for you.
My main objectives for the device was ease of use, cost of the replacement coils, and of course, the flavour. So many new units available, have a good look around and make a choice. Once you’ve got a good mod box, the heads can be interchanged if using the standard 510 connector. I use a Smok and a Tobecco. Double coil VS single. Hotter VS cooler and so on.


Also welcome to the forums @tobaccoandvapemart . Maybe stop over here


You just started but your name is for an online vape shop? @tobaccoandvapemart Are you a vendor?


Perhaps parents just had a silly, foreseeable? sense of humor. It can be scary how little knowledge a vape shop has tho.


You got that right!


Hi Everyone!
What I got out of smoking cigarettes for approximately 50 years, Heart disease, a triple bypass, Peripheral artery disease, High blood pressure, Raynaud’s disease and COPD. I was introduced to vaping in 2008 when my brother asked me to help him with a business he was thinking about starting. We opened a Mall Kiosk selling Smoke 51 kits, this was cool, I could walk around the mall and demo the product, well I have to say these thigs tasted like crap, so I never had a thought of quitting and replacing my Cig’s with this thing. I kind of got turned off by the whole ecig thing and went on smoking till my health started failing and I just could not get off the cig’s. I had to do something. Along comes my step son a little over 2 years ago and he has this cool looking box with a big tank and he looks like he is really enjoying it and it smelled really good. Holy crap!! this is new technology to me. I want in!!! He took me to his local Vape shop and I looked around and was really excited. I tested some of the flavors, OMG I was having a blast. I bought a Sigelei 30w box mod and an Aspire Nautilus mini. I got some menthol mix they had, I forget the name, was pretty good and a berry mix. That was it! It took a few weeks to make the total transition off the Cigs, but I did and its been approx. 2 years off the cigarettes!! In the past 2 years my vaping journey has been incredible. When I first started I was at 18mg nic, now transitioning from 3mg to 0. The health benefits have been really positive, my Raynaud’s is almost gone, and being a musician, this is BIG, before I’d be playing a gig, especially in the winter in a cold club and the Raynaud’s would kick in and I couldn’t feel my fingers, not good for a guitar player. Not a problem now, attacks are less frequent and so much less severe. My breathing is better, my BP is better. I just plain old feel better! My cardiologist said if I keep up the good work I may be able to get off some of my meds. For me this was the only harm reduction alternative that has worked. 2 years off cig’s that’s amazing to me! Now I’ve been into DIY since January 2019 and loving it. Thanks to everyone here for sharing and support.


Congratulations on succesfully quitting ciggarettes, @kmix1 !


I’m happy for you @kmix1 , congratulations


Congrats @kmix1




I smoked for 25yrs and tried many times using many methods to quit. Then one night sitting at my computer,cancer stick in hand I came across my first e-cig ad and clicked on it,I thought it looked good and ended up buying one. Used it as a talking point for a little while then put it away. Here in the UK we have a thing called Stoptober which challenges you to go the whole month of October without a cigarette so I made a bet with my wife and on October 1st 2012 I hunted out my ecig and had my last ever cigarette and instead became a vape addict lol. I would never have quit without the help of my first shitty ecig (which I still have for posterity lol) as I have zero willpower :joy:. I started out on a whopping 36mg strength liquid and now I’m on 3mg and loving it.


Awesome !!! Congrats!!


Today marks day 55 cigarette free. Received my Nanchaku starter kit on March, 9 2019 and haven’t had a cig since!! About to make the move to my first RDA and RTA and DIY juices




Congratulations, I’m sure you have fun with DIY