I'm needing help with drip tips

over the last few weeks i’ve been realizing more and more how important a good drip tip is…i mean, we put so much emphasis on our mods and tanks only to put a crappy drip tip on it? i hate the price that local stores put on these things, $10-20, so i really hate buying them there only to find out it sucks…but thats where i get the most hands on look at these things…
so i’ve been perusing our typical cheap sites, FT, GB, etc, and clicking on and ordering as many as 10, 12, sometimes 14 of these things at a time…anything that looks like it will deliver flavor in the final step of our vaping moment…
i have tried, glass, pyrex, SS, acrylic,ceramic, delrin, turquoise, silicone, wide bore, tight bore, rifling, long shaft, short shaft. you name it…and still, i feel i havent found the perfect drip tip…believe me, when i find it, i’ll be ordering 2 dozen…
so, heres where i’d like you guys to chime in…what do you guys use? whats the best for your application? have i missed anything? do i need to try something else? who’s got it? best prices? best tips? anybody disagree with me? anybody agree with me?
ok…your turn!
p.s. i HATE the name drip tip! there is no dripping going on there!


I’m using one of these

On my TFV4 and I must say that I find its great.

The Delrin unscrews from the SS for cleaning.

Keeps the vape pretty cool and doesn’t impact on the flavour at all.

I was finding with the TFV4 drip tip that I was getting headaches when I used it.

Regardless of if it was open or closed on the AFC.


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I pretty much just use the glow in the dark silicone drip tips I got from fasttech.

That probably doesn’t help you much though, since you said you’ve tried silicone.

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i ordered those very tips the last time you shared that, lol…great for reaching for my setup (dartgun as i like to call it) in the middle of the night, lol…

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I’ve just been using these form ft. https://m.fasttech.com/p/3528200


You don’t expect ME to answer in 1 or 2 sentences do you? :slight_smile: I’ll try to be brief.

The tip depends on the tank or RDA. If it’s one that runs hot then my main focus is a 2 material tip such as delrin/ss, metal/glass, metal/acrylic. If it is not an overly hot topper then looks is the biggest thing. The thing I hate more than any other is a tip that gets so hot it’s uncomfortable on my lips. For that reason I have a couple of drip tips that to me beat the rest for keeping cool. Metal 510 with thick acrylic mouthpiece. Stays cool far longer than any other.

I personally have not found the taste/air ratio all that impactful. The narrower ones may well produce better flavor, but when they impede air flow I’m giving up something to gain something and to me I give more than I get, so not an issue.

As for looks, again the metal/acrylic is my fav. Second is metal/pyrex but only tinted pyrex. If it’s completely clear I think its ugly when condensation develops.

At the moment I’m working on a project for making custom tips from briar wood. I still need to acquire a couple of tools so it could be a while, but once I get that going I’ll post some pix and impressions.


I’ve been looking also and cant find one I like better than the one thats comes on the I sub G tank. I use it on all my tanks even my crown, don’t care that much for the original tip. It’s made of delrin covered in SS and it stays cool even on hot vapes.

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I like the wood ones. I can make them in almost any shape and they stay cool. Most importantly, the natural properties of wood fight bacteria. The end that fits in to my RDA is slightly tapered so I can wedge the end in and tilt the stem (allows me to know where my coil is) toward my single coil side. This keeps the wick moist while I tip the coil side downward during a vape. I have made tips out of different hardwoods, but find Brazilian Rosewood to be one of the most attractive color/grain material.

Any pictures of these tips? Do you make to order?

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Sorry, I do not make to order. You can google:" Vape: wood drip tips" and find similar.

Thanks mate. :+1:

I received a shipment from FT of some tips I ordered recently…check these out:

Yeah, that one at the bottom… What the hell? Hook that think up to a shop vac, I guess…
So far, I ONLY like these:

They range in price from like $1-2, so I’m cool with it…local Vape shops charge $5-20, and I am NOT cool with that, so…


Some nice tips there mate. :+1:

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I’ve heard “Brazilian rosewood” more than a couple times over the last month when referring to vape gear…but I’ve been under the assumption that Brazilian rosewood is illegal? I know Gibson can’t use it!

Yes, it is illegal to harvest. Grandfathered “old stock” ok to sell if it can be verified that it is old stock before the harvest ban. I purchased a small supply years ago and glad I did.

My favorite drip tips by far. I have a bunch of these, Teflon, Pom, and resin. They are friction fit and extremely wide bore.

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I like these:

I like these…

Aww man… @daath How do I do one of those fancy picture posts!

It’s called oneboxing - not all sites are supported… If it’s supported, putting the link on a line by itself is enough to do the fancy display thing :slightly_smiling: If not - well, then you just get a link :slightly_smiling:

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I’ve been enjoying these lately:

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