Inawera Tasting Notes

I’d like to hear what people have to say about Inawera flavorings. My next vape mail will bring me some Inawera Flavors I’ve been wanting to try, after reading some reviews online. On my list is:
AM4A (tobacco)
Godfather (whiskey & amaretto)
Sweet Tobacco

I’ll give these a try and post some reviews. I’ve heard good things about Inawera…hope it’s all true.


I absolutely love their strawberry shisha at 7% it is so realistic it’s erry. I have a couple different kinds of their tobacco I have the princess I have used it at 1-2 % most of their flavors are super duper Concentrated. Also have their nougat and shisha punch. I wanted to start a thread regarding these as well glad you did. As the few I have had experience with is limited. The strawberry wild is so strong I have not been able to use even one drop in as much as 10 mls without it being so concentrated. Sublime sent me a flavor % spread sheet on these if you look under a thread for FA starting flavors their is a link and it has their flavors listed.


Well, I’m a big tobacco flavor fan, so I hope the couple of tobacco choices I’ve made are good ones. Others have raved about the AM4A. The Sweet Tobacco, I’m hoping it will be as good as the TFA Black Honey tobacco I’ve been buying.

The main thing I should say is the flavor % on the tobaccos are 1-2 % but I believe that’s basically most tobaccos in general. I also have their cappuccino tobacco it’s very good but once again you only need a drop or two ! Atleast you’ll have a nice supply for a lil while.


Good to know about the percentages on Inawera. FA Flavors can be like that as well. I haven’t botched anything yet with an overdose of flavor, but then again, I kinda like my tobacco on top of the other Flavors in a mix. The nougat sounds yummy. That’ll be on my next order for sure.

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Woot! Just got my vape mail today! My Inawera Flavors made it. Again, thanks for the tips on the concentration factor of Inawera. To the lab!!!

Okie dokie. Now to start my Inawera reviews! I’m not the type to post reviews, but seeing as how I would not be as educated as I am (in a small way, mind you) in the art of mixing, if not for reading reviews of impassioned vaping people. I’m looking at it as giving back to a world of curious folks like myself. As it is with most reviewers, I will note/list the flavors in one post, and then come back and edit that post as I review each flavor. I hope it’s useful!


Looking forward to reading it! :smile:

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Bring’em on Jimk !

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Inawera Flavor Review:

These are tested @ 5% with a 50/50 PG/VG mix, 0% nicotine. If something is really off, I will test with a lower or higher percentage and post. I will refrain from a low to high star rating; words are enough.


5% didn’t make it with this one; bumped this one up to 7 and then 9% before the flavor started to pop. Very nice and smooth without too much much alcohol up front. The scent of the liquor, fruity notes and the background of a woody scent is very prominent. I can tell tobacco or another fruit will blend nicely with this flavor.


I feel as though I just went down to the local farmers market and/or better yet, my grandmother’s orchard at the end of the picking season, picked up a peach that has been off the tree a day or three and taken a bite. Wait! Is that peach juice dripping down my arm? No, just my own saliva glands working overtime! Bump this up a percent or two, add some sweet cream and it will be enough to make me want to slap myself to see if I’m dreaming. Enough said.

GodFather (Scotch & Amaretto):

I wasn’t too much of a scotch drinker unless someone else was buying the rounds, then yes! First impressions of this: vaping cherry robitussin (for those not familiar with robitussin…think cough syrup). The smell from the bottle just about matches the vape. Very cherry amaretto cordial inhale with a somewhat bitter almond, scotch on the exhale. I like bitter. Heavy cherry, I don’t like. I don’t hate it, but it will not be making the top note of a mix with this flavor. The cherry taste lingers way longer than the scotch. I was hoping for more of an almond/apricot note rather than cherry. Oh well, those that love cherry flavorings will like this. I might wind up putting this in my wife’s coffee; she loves that flavored coffee stuff. Who knows, after a some serious steep time and with the addition of some other flavors (perhaps a nice cigar), it might be palatable for me.

Cognac (Tino D’Milano):

They hit the nail on the head with this one. Smells great from the bottle and vapes better. This one does have a strong alcohol top note, which I’m sure will smooth out after some steep time. I can tastes the white grapes mixed with the oak cask in which cognac is aged. I did enjoy my cognac when I was a drinker. Although I have my “5 year chip”, I can say I’d rather vape this cognac than drink the real thing. At the moment, I can’t begin to think what I’d mix with it, other than a little tobacco. It vapes great alone. If you like vapes with a bit of spirits in the mix, this is one to get.

Sweet Tobacco (Tino D’Milano):

I had high hopes for this one since noted in the specs was a honey background. I was looking for something to replace TFA Black Honey tobacco. Nope, not even close. This is a very nondescript tobacco. Perhaps I’ll bump the percentages up to three times as much and get something. At 5% it’s…meh. There is an ever so slight sweetness but mostly I taste dull wet hay. I’ll probably update this once I bump the percentage up a bit, but for now, this flavor is nothing to write home about. There are many other Inawera tobaccos to choose from…I’d leave this one for last.

Am4A (Tino D’Milano):

This flavor hits the mark for which the traditional smooth pipe tobacco is known. I didn’t want to over flavor the liquid on this one, so I started at 3%. My choice was a good one. The wonderful blend of tobacco flavor really pops at just 3%. I can pick out a slight chocolate and caramel note, but what really comes through is the burley flavor of a woody, leather (not a bad thing), plum and slight raisin quality. Just an all around pleasant sit around the fire kind of vape. For tobacco lovers, this would be a “must have” in the stock.


I ordered their Pina Colada on the advise of an ECF member and mixed per his advice; 10 drops per 10 ml bottle,(2.5%), all I taste is Honeysuckle :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I was so looking forward to that easy Pina Colada he was boasting of! Now it’s back to the mixing table to see if Inawera will produce at any percentage. Taste is subjective…I relearn that almost every month still! :smile:


You might’ve gotten a bad batch/mislabeled bottle. The Inawera Piña Colada is pretty spot on to me. Where did you get it from?

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I see you’ve reached out to reddit for answers as well. Nice to see when someone scours the web for answers…most folks like it on a silver platter. I’d just keep looking around on forums and reviews to see if anyone else has the “honeysuckle” issue as well. May just need steep time??? I’ve not tried that flavor, so I can’t opine.

This was my first try of Inawera so I ordered from EcigExpress, got a 10 ml bottle of the flavor.

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I met a person a year ago who started vaping to cloud chase. She hadn’t done any research & was sold a Vision Spinner & a Aspire Nautilus then was ticked when it didn’t perform as she’d been lead to believe it would. The next day I presented her with a notebook paper filled out front & back, full of web sites & told her to plan on reading for the next week before she had a grasp on what gear & build she needed to cloud chase. CC isn’t my thing, vaping let me kick a 40 year monkey off my back; I enjoy the flavors :relaxed:


Yup, same for me. My daughter was an evod vaper, but was envious of seeing the vapor production I had when using RBA tanks and drippers. I got her set up with a dipper and a nice mod, showed her how to change the wick, and she was a happy camper. Got her off the store bought juices with some of my mixes she enjoys; saving her some money, since she’s fresh out of the house and makes just enough to cover her monthly expenses. I’m hoping your friend finds your efforts fruitful!


Inawera is a good brand, but like every flavour producer it’s a “hit and miss” mixed with your personal likes and dislikes.
I love their basic coffee (can’t stand cappucino somehow), hazelnut, vanilla as well as their menthol, mint and cool mint.

So far I didn’t test the flavours you posted above. If you’re going for something mildly sweet and nutty I’d suggest the combo of Sesame and Honey (mixed 1:1 to taste). As unusual as it sounds it’s quite a good and simple vape, even though some people don’t like the smell at all. It’s a personal thing I guess.


Sounds like that would go nicely with a Tribeca clone I have. The wife loves sesame anything! I think I’ll surprise her with a new mix.

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I have INAWERA BANANA coming in my next VAPE mail.

Directions on the site I ordered from say to try 3% and go from there.

So I’ll be taste testing first in some water to see how strong the flavour is with 1drop in 2ml of water.

I know how TPA tastes in 2ml of water so I should be able to judge it from there.

Then I’ll update here once I’ve mixed a percentage in 50/50 0% NIC. I’ll probably allow a week or 2 to steep as I’m waiting on my FT RDA to arrive before I try sampling.



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Inawera has Banana Koncentrat flavouring and it is something I wouldn’t recommend for vaping. It is ultra-concentrated, 1 drop is too much for 10ml of juice. It also kills other flavours in the mix. So it is very hard to work with and needs to be diluted before using.

BUT! It is extremely realistic and tasty! I’ve found that it is better to use this flavouring for cooking and drinks. Two drops into a big cup of coffee will make your drink awesome. Few drops in the dough will make any pie a banana pie. Great stuff!

Wild Strawberry is also very interesting. It is not tasty by itself, but it improves other fruits and berries, removes candyness and makes them pop. I use it a lot in my berry mixes from 1 to 3 drops per 10ml.