Interesting Velocity build

I thought this was an interesting way to utilize the space. Any particular reason we don’t see builds like this more often? Do people just prefer doing dual coils and more with the space instead?

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Personally I prefer the dual build for the flavor factor. As for spaced vs contact with Ti in TC, I’m a bit on the fence about it. I won’t go into all the TiO2 convo about Ti wire other than to say so far all the photos I’ve seen of contact Ti builds has had obvious build up of TiO2, and I don’t know if it’s from use or if the builder is dry-firing to shape the coils before wicking. Either way, I have checked my spaced builds to death and I don’t get that. Also the flavor is top notch so no need to fix something that ain’t broke. But if someone is wanting single coils that looks like a brilliant way to maximize surface area on the Velocity deck.

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I don’t know but I am going to try this on my velocity. I am one that likes single coil builds much better than dual coils.

what would your thoughts be on keeping the coil high and only using the secondary air flow hole as I also like a tighter draw.

Unfortunately I can’t really answer that…yet. I don’t own the Velocity but it’s in the mail now. I do have the Aromamizer which has the same deck, but that’s an apples/oranges comparison at best due to the air intake. I will say that with the Ohmega which uses a variation of the Velocity deck, I found building high on that one resulted in slower wicking so I had to keep the power lower to compensate. But I’m like PV – go for it. See if it works for you. Who knows, you may discover a superior way to build on that thing than anyone else has thought of :wink:

Had to try it.

I am going to have to play with the number of wraps and gauge of wire to get a little lower in ohms but this is a nice vape so far.

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That was quick! Nice to hear the feedback on it. Looks like you still have plenty of room for more wraps even on a spaced coil.

That single coil looks good! I have been runnin quad +ohm 28g 3mm 6 wraps, and getting flavor better than the kayfun with plenty of vapor.
Im a driver and the velocity is my work rig, I like to be able to get a full day out of my batts.

I have been looking at the Posiedon (vert coils) with lust in my eyes.

The only problem I see with that is the airflow will be blocked by the cotton and not flowing directly on the coils like it is designed to do. But, if it works for you and the flavor is still good there’s no reason not to :smile:

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This was just a first try to see what would work. I like single coil and restricted airflow so I am planning to raise the coil higher in the deck and use only the secondary air holes . That should allow the air to hit the coil better but I am liking this way of building the velocity. I will post more about what I find over the next few days playing with this.

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I think if you align them two lower slots in the barrel with the posts you should get plenty of airflow under that coil!

Originally I ended up modifying my velocity for single coil use by blocking half of the air holes off with a marine grade epoxy

After vaping this build tonight I was convinced this could work for the style vape I like so I raised the coil up a little to align with the upper air holes better

I had concerns as to rather my modification was safe to do so now I have removed all of the epoxy and closed the cap down all of the way.

This is what I have it set for

All I can say is this build style has great potential for me as far as using a dripper. I will need to play with wire size and number of wraps but this is the way I will now do my builds on the velocity. I would have never thought of building the velocity this way until I went and looked at the picture @Big_Benny_MI posted a link to. Thanks because this just works for me and probably will for anyone wanting a dripper with a restricted airflow.


Glad you found it useful.

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All I can say is to date this is the best dripper experience I have had. I believe I am going to try a few less wraps when I rebuild it just to see. After finding Ti wire I have really been enjoying my Lemo tanks at around .38 ohms so maybe I will try that build now that I can restrict the airflow on the velocity to be almost identical to my Lemo’s.

I definitely found my sweet spot with the same build I use in my Lemo tanks
26g Ti 7 wraps 3mm ID the wicking is cotton bacon v2

The settings I ended up at are shown below but for temp I like between 520 and the 540 shown in the picture depending on the juice I was vaping. I have already tried all of my favorite flavors on this setup and I am truly noticing a lot better flavor than ever before.

The velocity built like this will hold a ton of juice with no leaking issues even tilted while hitting it right after juicing it up. In the picture above the puff counter was reset when I did the new build and I vaped it beyond the point of noticing the drop in flavor to the point of noticing the reduction of vapor production.

Before this I would always have a very heavy feeling in my chest after a long taste testing session but I vaped this setup longer than I have ever been able to use a dripper in the past. This build has the best flavor I have ever noticed from any device or build I have ever done to date. Before finding this way of building for the Velocity I would only use a dripper to taste new flavors and really did not find any joy in using dripper, now I can use it as much as I want and I feel no different than I do using a tank. Truly enjoying my dripper for the very first time ever. Vaping my morning OJ vape this morning and loving it.

EDIT: I want to add that I was even able to twist the top cap a little to restrict the air flow even more and do what for me was a comfortable mouth to lung hit by just reducing the temp a little. UNREAL after 8 months of trying everything I could think of to be able to actually enjoy using a dripper this did it for me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!


That’s exactly how I felt with dripping until someone here shared the Scottish Roll wicking method. It was a game changer and I’m very happy you’ve found the thing that makes your enjoyment so much better.

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I’ve heard of it but I never tried it. While watching the SW vid this one popped up. It looks interesting also, and a lil easier to make.


He’s doing basically the same as the Scottish roll. I’m sure his method works and is just like he says…less waste. I actually do a variation of these methods using cotton bacon.

Thanks for the share!

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Thanks @SthrnMixer this build truly was a game changer moment for me and drippers

Thanks @Pro_Vapes I have tried the Scottish roll and was just to lazy to continue doing it, a real pain in my opinion. This Sushi roll does look to be much easier to do. I have never left the outside sheets on and pulling them off was always a pain in the back side for me with my big fingers. I will give it a try but I have to be honest I am one of the Cotton Bacon V2 lovers

I never tried the Scottish roll - I more or less did this instead :smiley: