Is it even possible for me to taste strawberry in this recipe

Please could I get a few opinions on this… DIY (reddit) would not.
“Is it even possible for me to taste strawberry in this recipe?”

So I made Cereal Marshmallow Strawberry Milk great strawberry vape. However Boardwalk - banana strawberry milkshake I can only taste banana shake.

my second batch I lowered the banana cream from 5.5% to 4% and changed the strawberry from Sweet strawberry CAP 5% to 2% with Strawberry Ripe (TPA) 2% and Strawberry (TPA) 2% ((( total 6% mixed strawberry ))) still no strawberry and I liked it better with the banana at 5.5%.

  1. should I add some Ethyl Maltol or sweeter to this? I’ve read that Sweetener will help some taste strawberry.

  2. should I be adding so many ENHANCERS to a recipe? AP, koolada and EM?

  3. What’s the point in adding the strawberry if I can’t taste it (don’t care if it’s only a few cents) Most likely I’ll just chalk it up to an OK recipe and just move on to another.

oh… I was thinking maybe it is the combination of flavors that is muting strawberry


Did you let it steep? I have not made this recipe; however, In some other strawberry recipes I have made the flavor really comes out after about a week steep time.


no, never made it past day 3 before it was gone. I will try steeping it longer

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There are a lot of really good suggestions here:

In generally, I wouldn’t use additives unless you are looking for something specific. For example, if you want cooling without mint (and you aren’t allergic like me) you use koolada, if you want to round out rough edges you’d use something like MTS or Smooth, etc. EM/Cotton Candy has the tendency to mute flavors, especially over time so most experienced mixers try to avoid it. Marshmallow is the preferred sweetener. All of the “flavors” labeled sweetener are just sucralose unless stated otherwise. There’s a great list of additives and what they do here.

One thing you might try in this mix, as it is said to really enhance fruit flavors and sweeten, is Pyure. It is liquid stevia with ACV and Citric Acid, which are both things some mixers use to make fruits pop. I’ve also read that people who can’t taste most strawberry can sometimes taste strawberry shisha.

Hope that helps. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’ve had a similar issue with tasting strawberry. I created a flavor base that gives me a full on fresh strawberry note… hope this helps.

(Flavor Base) Strawberry New :

2.57% Coconut (FA)
5.13% Pyure
5.13% Sour Wizard (FA)
20.5% Strawberry (Medine Flower)
41.05% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
25.63% Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA)

Flavor total: 100.01%
Remember to rate it at:

My favorite strawberry combo so far. Sweet and very realistic. The coconut really brightens this strawberry combo.

Usage: Single Flavor 6-8%, Mixer 3-5%


So what is a good cream base something like Redi whip to add your strawberry base to

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I’ve fallen in love with a combo of FA Cream Whipped @ .5-.75% and FA Cream Fresh @ .5%. Smooth, creamy and fluffy.


Thank You I must try it :+1:


Would this taste alright without the coconut? I hate coconut but the rest of this recipe sounds great!


Steep time with the Cream’s ?


Thank you for the base… will save it because I need to get the Strawberry (MF)


The coconut is what wakes up this base. I wouldn’t be the same without it.

I find 3-4 weeks is good for these. Trying too early isn’t good because they will change… (get stronger after week 3).


these are both recipes from diy or die correct ??? i would ask wayne they are his recipes and could probably give you the best answer since he has had the most experiance with the recipe , however i have made the boardwalk and the banana taste does stand out but i do taste the strawberry as well if your looking for a strawberry vape the boardwalk isnt gonna be the recipe for you


Thanks @Pro_Vapes I will need to order the flavors. I will make a 120ml batch :+1:

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Start small and make sure you like it… maybe 15-30 mls and test as it develops.


Banana can really take over a recipe and choke out a lot of the other flavors. Try lowering the banana some more possibly.


I really agree with you on this point. LA Banana Cream (Clear) is a milder banana note. I like it for a mild secondary note in recipes. I got this tip from @Ken_O_Where and it really works well for me.


Finally someone that read what I wrote :no_mouth: I’ve been looking for all the cool “koolada” vapes right now (it’s hot here) I like Boardwalk don’t get me wrong. BTW Wayne will NOT respond to me. I am not part of that crowd.


Banana can really take over a recipe and choke out a lot of the other flavors

That is what I was thinking. Just wanted to know if or how many other people had the same experience. Once I started vaping I realized how people taste things differently.


I should have paid closer attention to your original post. This is one of my current favorites. It’s not a shake, but it’s a great Strawberry-Banana recipe that takes on shake-like characteristics. The FLV Banana is prominent in this mix, but it can be subbed for LA Banana Cream (Clear) for a toned down banana version. You could even add Koolada for cooling affect in the mix and FA Cream Whipped for a more shake-like vape.

If this interest you, just let me know… I can easily tweak this into a shake.

Starbucks Strawberry Smoothie Gmix

Ingredient %
Banana (Flavorah) 2
Fuji Apple (FA) 2
Greek Yogurt (Flavorah) 1.5
Strawberry (Flavorah) 3
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 7
Vienna Cream (FA) 0.75

Flavor total: 16.25%

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