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Knife murders SURPASS Gun murders?


I have been in law enforcement most of my life, I have retired and now run a private investigations firm. I have carried for over 40 years and I am a strong supporter of constitutional gun rights. I do not wish or need these items (automatic) myself at this time.


I never said specifically that an ar-15 is an automatic weapon.
Whether automatic or semi-automatic, it’s still a killers’ machine that no normal citizen should ever have to face.


WOW that is a broad statement and if I believed in being offended I probably would be sense you basically called me and thousands of others Killers. Thanks a bunch.


You guys have a nice way of twisting people’s words to defend your gun rights.

Why are you so touchy-touchy if you so strongly believe in your gun rights?


Quoted it exactly the remainder of the sentence just shows what a normal citizen may not wish to see, you said it was a KILLERS machine. I am not touchy said if I was the one to be offended, I am not. People have tried from the dawn of man to control others, you are no different. Always wanting to legislate psychology and human behavior with laws, not understanding that it always fails, those psychologically bent to break laws will do so.


So you want to live in a lawless world where people can drive 150mph in front of your children’s school?

Everybody (except you maybe?) can agree that there has to be some kind of limitations to what people can do.


Sort of good with logical fallacies I see, and absolutes. good day


Good day to you too :grin:


I will concede the absolutes, though my always I feel would be harder to disprove than your everyone, The red herring was a bit much and a typical low brow debate style. Shalom


I was going to say something mean but true about him. But decided better of it. He is brain washed.


No its not an AR-15 is a hunting rifle, sports rifle, home defense wepon. Just because it looks scary doesn’t make it anymore deadly. Infact you can get it chambered in a 22cal rimfire cartridge. You really would fit right in in Washington!


Yeah we got a lot of that I’m here in Washington. Personally I have my consequeled unicorn license. But rainbow bright keeps f’ing up my sh!t. :joy:


Well I carry my glock19 everywhere, yes I had paperwork and fingerprints and pictures. All to the county and state police.


Is washington state that bad ??? When it comes to guns ? I thought we were pretty main stream about it , we are even an open carry state . I am pretty ignorant about gun laws through out the nation , I also believe in gun control though … I believe in the right to have guns if… … …


Guns and knives don’t kill people… a lack of Human Conscience kills people. Anti-Social Personality Disorder (Sociopaths) and Psychopaths lack the ability to feel Remorse, so sometimes murder can then compute as a solution to their problems …and for some, just a bit of fun. Once knives are banned, the Strangling Rate will exceed the Gun/Knife rate. Currently, out a respect for Human Freedom, we wait until after the murder to find and incarcerate that Remorseless perpetrator. We call that Justice …Innocent until proven guilty. It requires a crime first.

We could eliminate all the “remorseless”, but we would likely then be conquered by the Nation that did the opposite. This is just that unavoidable Law of the (International) Jungle. Enlightenment is something one struggles with alone (conscience). Who could we trust to prevent all Human violence or isolate all the Remorseless on a Global scale? Be careful what you wish for …aren’t we better off with what appears to be some purposeful Natural Order …psychologically speaking, and seek to improve Justice?

I think those alternatives above are equally scary (Sci-Fi scenarios abound) Some future AI videos little Billy frying an anthill with a magnifying glass and ships him off to Psycho Island? Safety and Freedom are two sides of one fence …and Justice is the fence. Move everybody to the Safe side and there’s no more need for the fence.


Close enough for the English language.

And these days, even when acquired legally, some are being taken away simply for the fact that an owner of [even non-NFA] firearms has legally acquired a medical marijuana card. Or that a doctor is treating a patient with certain medication(s), even though the patient has not been deemed unsafe. Gun-grabbing mentality will stop at nothing to remove constitutional rights from law-abiding Americans.

Pure stupidity thinking and regurgitation.

mirror effect…^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Being Canadian our gun laws are a little different not that I actually know what they are. Anyways in Ontario they added an automatic 5 years for a crime committed with a gun. Subsequently gun crimes slightly dropped but knife crimes climbed.


Wow I had to read that twice :+1:


I heard you get 10 years for breaking a bottle of maple to use as a weapon in a bar fight. Canada is weird. Next thing you know they’ll start handing out sentences when you cut in line at a Tim Hortonts.


Which is a serious offence, I’d agree with a non tolerance policy on that.