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Land of Misfit Posts 🙃

The mods (and hint @JoJo is one!!) are going to get tired of seeing every thread turned political sooner or later. Just sayin’!


So off topic… but not really…

Someone sent me one of the recipes in the new book…
I won’t call out who… but I know our @TorturedZen knows…

it made me have a bad case of… the giggles!!! :crazy_face:

Will drop what it is… here: Alpine Strawberry 1.5%

I bet there are a few besides me… giggling :wink:

I had to make a fb post on it… it goes like this:

Do not use Alpine like mouthwash!
1-2 drops in 30ml and even then, it might be too much, if so, move up to 60ml with 2 drops Alpine.

Overusing flavors… brings about different effects. When you run your solos from ultra low 2 drops in 10ml up to 10 drops in 10ml… you will notice how they spin out:

light tasting at 2 drops…
medium to in your face at 4 drops
6-8 drops way too much
7-9 drops mutations or even muting
10 drops… you can taste the flavor coming back.

So… if you do your solos, you won’t over use, waste or toss your funds out… if you start low and work up…

1.5% Alpine in any amount of ejuice… Is just too much! #FLVFlavorfact



omg Don’t… Im going to fall out!! NOoooOOoooOOooOO!!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:


While I agree with you. You cannot have it both ways. If someone tests and find that they like it at that level then they like it at that level - I really don’t agree with ridiculing someone because they use something different than you do no matter what the level.


I absolutely agree. If someone asks for input, then give it, but other than that, publicly calling out someone or a recipe is not right.


Ya might want to re read my post up above @woftam… and @TamVapes lol I called out no one… I listed no recipe… I said zero names, Did I? I did say… it was shared from someone and they got it off the recipe book… but I didn’t even say who shared it with me… I have not even gone thru the entire book yet, nor did I take notes on who is in there, or what they have done… but those that know FLV and have mixed with FLV will know the difference on any given recipe. How about that?

I gave an amount… that is all. Should I even put the amount at 12.345g??? would that have made anyone happier?

I laughed… holly smacks that is so bad of me to laugh and to share a laugh… for those that have tried Alpine. Bad Bad Smoky strikes again… Yeps. gesh… I did not make fun of anyone…or their recipe… but… I even had @SessionDrummer laughing :slight_smile:

@woftam you did not laugh at 21% rich cinnamon? hmm… no head shaking, no joking?? yeah right… should I “call out” who did that too?? I haven’t, but I am reminding you… we all laughed. Big deal.

Sure… no issue if someone likes Alpine at 20% even 50%… use it!! Heck, bubble baths with flavoring work too… [especially in bath bombs] whatever floats anyone’s boat…
Stop taking things I post as omg Smoky is being mean…

While understanding… I hear things about Alpine all the time… how it tastes like grass… to even grapes or just the top and bottom of a strawberry… the better one yet, it tastes like the metal bb’s for bb guns… If you do not want to learn, if you think I belittle… scroll on by… :wink: be the mature people you tell me to be.

To think I am “getting called out” for calling out an amount… for showing to test low and work up? lmao
Last time it was solo flavor testing and what a sin it was to even think on doing it for a full month plus…
Whatever… move on.

Enjoy the book… if you learned something from me, or if I helped in any way to help you create a recipe… I am happy… If I had zero influence, I still want everyone to enjoy every single recipe in it…
The bickering and nit picking here really needs to stop. That is what I request from everyone.

The only thing I do care about is those trying to learn to mix with flv. The rest is just not that important to bicker over. Try to have a better day… :slight_smile: Go mix…


You are mocking someone who uses a concentrate different to you - yet you always say test it then use it at a place that is right for you. If 1.5% is right for him then it is ok to publicly call him on it - I say not.

@SmokyBlue I like you and respect your knowledge but it is getting a little old you telling people the right way to use flv is your way and your way only. Would I use it there? No, I wouldn’t but if he likes it at 1.5 % then he can use it at 1.5%.

If you want to continue this discussion then we will take it to PM.


Im going to say this once more.

I am not mocking, belittling, nit picking or picking or any other adjective… on anyone. Period.

I do not know if the person is male or female, or any of the other 109 characters.

I do not know if they started low or higher.
I know nothing other than what I saw when it was presented to me.
I have no info on steeping, no nothing, and even that does not matter.
I do not care if it is 99% Alpine in their juice or not.

I do believe you have taken all of my posts here on this thread… wrong.
I do not wish to pm to continue this conversation.
Apparently you did not read my post before this one.
At least read this post. I am done. I do not have the time for this. Stop.

@authormichellehughes … try pink fruit with any pink or red fruits…
I do believe that is the key to those that are blind to those kinds of fruits. :slight_smile:


Thinking of joining “Nicotine Anonymous” - where chain-smokers replace such habits with chain-talking.

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Or perhaps “Benzo Buddies”, where chain-poppers replace such habits with rabid “Glutamine Storms”.

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So, Where’s Waldo ?

Art by Alex Grey: https://i.redd.it/5gxb5ohh4n001.jpg

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As a people, you’re basically Steven Urkel in hyper turbo super sonic mode. Gen X practically never existed, and never will.

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what does this

Have to do with the corona virus?

Explain. :slight_smile: btw… I am not a gen x… :wink: