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Like FREE Flavors? :)


I am running 2 contests, one for after Christmas and a New Year’s contest… for Flavorah!

Here is the Links and Details:

After Christmas:

After Christmas Contest

New Years:

New Year’s Contest

I wish everyone lots of good luck! Come have some fun! :blush:
NOTE: USA only…

Please show me good recipes

I don’t have social media, but I stopped by to say thank you for running these contests/giveaways, Smoky! :hugs:

Good luck to the participants :+1:

Happy New Year if I don’t catch any of you before the year ends :rofl:


Would it be doable with a private US located “shipping forwarder”?


Good to see you running a contest. I’m not doing the “tag your friends” thing (just a personal decision). If there are any future contests that didn’t involve that or the whole social media sharing thing I’ll for sure jump in for those!

Good luck to all the entrants!


Very generous of you @SmokyBlue. I’m in the @TorturedZen camp, no FB here. I’m sure it will be a big success, and if you ever decide to run another one, not on FB, please let me/us know.


Wow there are more of us anti social media than I thought!


Thanks @eStorm!! I will try to see if I am allowed to run one here, up to the gang! :slight_smile:

It has to be a USA mailing address… how you work that out, is up to you… :):blush:

@TorturedZen check out the New Year’s one,. TZ… post up what you have tried…
I am not really looking at tags and shares… just comment and have fun!!
Is all I want for us all… lots of fun :smile:

I might see if they will allow me to branch out to here and to VU. @SessionDrummer
It really is nice of them to let me do these… I gain nothing but have fun doing them… <3

I am leaning this way too, except I have too many friends that do, so for quick talks, it does come in handy…


Yes indeed very generous! @SmokyBlue

Only YT or Instagram here. Never interested in the whole FB fad & upkeep. :thinking:


Honestly all I just wanted to say was thank you. Didn’t mean to somehow indicate that I would like the contest to be held here lol.


Thank you Smoky. This is a drawing worth doing …


Ok so no contests here?? Im getting confused? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure what @eStorm meant but I’m sure most would love an ELR contest.


I think the title is confusing. " Like FREE Flavors?" Is it a trick question? :crazy_face:

I’ll have all my flavors properly tested very soon, would love a chance to get a hold of better premium stuff like Flavorah. Especially just a few. The whole line would mean lots more testing. :partying_face:


@SmokyBlue all the best with your giveaway/contest. GL to everybody, im another one for the “i dont have social media” brigade.
Happy new year to you. :+1:


thx for the contest, hope I win needing some new flavors to play with .

bur even if I don’t win thx for the contest


@heatho72 Thought you might be interested in this


@Dan_the_Man. Love some free FLV😃


Simple berry mix.


Wade Hampton Grad here smoky blue.
Go Generals!!


Bro, did you post on facebook? That is where the contest is…