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Hi everyone, this is Evan with Liquid Labs. We are the creator and sole distributor of VaporBase 100% natural, PG-free, premixed base liquid.

I saw some traffic coming into our site from this thread so I thought I’d pop in and answer whatever questions you might have.

So far it looks like people want to know more about our pricing and this corn-based Glycol we’re using.

First of all, I’ve attached our full price guide to this post for you to look over. Pricing can be found on each product page on our site at also.

As for the Glycol we’re using, it’s very similar to Propylene Glycol, but it’s derived from corn instead of petroleum. There are no traces of corn DNA in the final product. Allergen tests have been performed by a 3rd party lab and can be found here:

Our Glycol is labeled as 1,3-Propanediol, whereas PG is 1,2-Propanediol. 1,3-PDO does a great job of enhancing and carrying flavor concentrates, and we find it to be smoother than PG when vaped.

If you have any other questions just post up and I’ll make sure to reply.


Glad you accepted my invitation, /u/To0nMaN. There is a lot of interest in 1,3P as of late, good to see some companies moving forward with it.

Welcome to our corner of the interverse.


Beautiful :slight_smile: +1

The timing is shockingly appropriate as a vendor we like is talking about doing a beta with 1,3P base carrier instead of their usual VG carrier. So the adventurous folks who get to try those should definitely order a sample of your 30ml to get a baseline for what 1,3P or to sub for PG in their tests.

Gonna toss a link to this thread from there, because again, shockingly relevant. :slight_smile:

Any notion what 1,3:VG ratio is ideal for someone who normally vapes “max VG” due to PG sensitivity or whatever?


It doesn’t take much of the 1,3 to have a pretty major effect. I mix for myself usually at 30/70 with PG/VG as I have no sensitivity to PG. I often find that 20/80 and up is too muted with most flavors for my taste but with the addition of 3-5% 1,3 in place of some of the PG I get way more flavor without having to push the flavoring % any higher. I would guess if you were using strictly VG and 1,3 you might try 5% or 10% and see what you think. It seems to be a far more efficient solvent for flavor. It does however change some of the qualities of some flavorings and the timeline of how a flavor sits on your palate. It kinda mutes the front end and lets it linger longer than is typical with PG.


It would appear I misunderstood what their product was. It’s already a blend of VG and 1,3 for the base, and the ratio is a trade secret, so that makes knowing your ratio impossible, but it still might be interesting to try.

From a discussion on a recipe I suggested for testing 1,3 base flavors:

Don’t quite understand how they can offer a 100mg/ml ratio on a premix base?
Or even anything over 24mg. That is toxic levels.

I agree, those are a REALLY BAD IDEA if the instructions are “add your flavorings to VaporBase, mix, vape and enjoy” as the free sample page says.


Do you offer any bulk prices or is it just the ones in your list?

Thanks for the welcoming invite! I didn’t even know there was a community here and I’ve been using this online calculator for my own recipes for a while now.


Glad to see there’s some interest regarding the new corn-based Glycol we’re using. I’ve seen more and more threads pop up about it on various forums over the past 6 months or so. Throughout all our beta testing with different e-liquid formulators, results have been very positive and our base performs just as well, if not better than a typical PG/VG mix. VaporBase is smoother than a PG based recipe, with less throat hit. So that could be good for some people, or not so good for others. But if they’re looking for a throat hit, I recommend to just increase their Nic by a bit to achieve the same effect.

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Agreed that the PDO can change the characteristics of certain flavors. Here’s a quote from one of our beta testers over at Three Dukes Vapor that shows how it can affect different notes in each recipe:

“We made our current best seller a stone fruit, strawberry champagne, next we did a citrus menthol, an absinthe pear was mixed as well and finally a fruit loop cereal. I wanted to see how it reacted to every form of sweetener, flavor base, alkaline and acidic flavoring, herbal, fruit, citrus and finally cream. Those samples were then distributed among trusted longtime vapors of each particular flavor. Each reported that the harsher notes of the flavors were subdued and the fruit and cream flavors were enhanced. I also asked them to keep in mind cloud dissipation once exhaled once exhaled as well as opacity on exhale. Both were found favorable.”


Sorry for the confusion, it’s true that we only sell a pre-mixed base in one optimal viscosity right now. No plans of selling individual raw ingredients, including the PDO, just yet. Our business may expand in that direction in the future though. Looking to add natural based flavors, bottles, and some mixing equipment to our online store first so it can be a one stop shop.

We have a big demand to sell pre-mixed flavor concentrates along with VaporBase right now, so I’m looking into that and it looks to be doable. We’re talking 1000ml of VaporBase, plus a bottle of pre-mixed flavoring, and 2 unicorn bottles for around $35 shipped. That means customers would be paying under .04 cents per ml for 1000ml of e-liquid and all they have to do is mix the two bottles together.

As for the 48 and 100mg bases we offer, I think we need to update some wording to make it clear that those are not to be vaped. We do send out a waiver that needs to be signed before those orders ship so that people who purchase highly concentrated Nic bases are aware of what they’re purchasing.


We do have bulk pricing beyond what’s on the list. Price breaks come at 4 drums and 12 drums. Email us at and we can discuss bulk pricing if you’re in the market for mass quantities of VaporBase.

Does this mean that the 0mg base is simply VG and not 1,3P? I ordered a bottle of 1,3P, from elsewhere, when it arrived today i fumbled it and it broke on the kitchen floor so now i need to order another. I had hoped to begin testing today, poop…

We also have a fairly active, in the evenings, IRC chat channel that can be accessed via a web browser from the recipe site under the Social tab.

No, VaporBase is always a blend of palm-based Glycerol, and corn-based Glycol. The only variable is whether or not you choose to have Nicotine added to it (which is VG based). While we do keep the exact ratio a trade secret, it’s very similar to a 70g/30pg blend and was designed to work equally well in both drippers and tank style atomizers.


Thanks for the quick response, glad we got that cleared up.

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No worries, that was all down to me being tired and not comprehending. S’all good now.

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Thank you for clearing up the higher nicotine base issue, that was a very real concern. I ordered your free sample and am very anxious to begin testing with it. I have had chronic sore throat for the 6+ months, and I believe it’s from the pg irritating it. I mix 30/70 at 0mg nic on all my juices, so will be interesting to see the difference in viscosity and vapor production and throat hit. As a diy’er, I would rather purchase the PDO and glycerin separately and be able to customize more, especially when using pg based flavors vs vg based.

However, that may not end up being an issue at all with your base, we shall see. Very excited to try it, been reading about the PDO for awhile now.

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Is it similar to a 30/70 blend before adding the flavoring, or designed to be around that ratio after adding flavoring. And if it’s after adding flavoring, what percentage is accounted for? The typical 15%?

i.e. If I used your base mix with 15% pg based flavoring, does it become more 45/55 pg/vg ratio?


I had a whole response typed out about how I agree and I want to know what my final ratio is when I mix when I remembered that this is PG free. So basically, treat it like 100% VG and it should be fine is what I’m understanding. It may be a little thinner since it’s not actually VG, but ratio wise that seems like the best way to handle it.


As I understand it from their site and his post, it’s a blend of Vg and PDO that is similar to 30/70. So although it’s proprietary, they are using propanediol 1,3 in place of propanediol 1,2?

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