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Looking for Marl bo ro

I’m trying to make my old flavor that was discontinued recently. It was Dekang Marl bo ro 18mg 80pg/20vg. Anyone know of this flavor?



““You’ve already been given an answer. The flavouring itself (made by Hangsen) has been re-labelled as “USA red mix”. It’s available here as a pre-mixed e-liquid under the Hangda brand.””


Or you could go experiment with some of the best top tobaccos from Flavorah… <this is what I would pick… :slight_smile:


Hangsen is not the same.


Heya @Ricks… there is a link to buy it too… either buy it or learn to mix… :wink:
It’s not hard and a lot of fun!


You might find the perfect clone of the juice that you’ll forever cherish, or you might never come close. This point, you’ve got 2 posts up about this, let’s start looking for a generic “malboro” flavor first and get on the same planet as the dekang, and then we can work on getting in the same ball park after that.


I spent two months on this quest but it’s been YEARS ago. If was for my sister and I used TPA peanut butter (don’t ask why because I don’t KNOW why it worked) a dash of Dark Vapure (for the dang ashy smoke) Western TPA and oakwood FA For the life of me I can’t remember the % and for some reason I either deleted it from my recipes here OR I used ejuice me up and lost the recipe for it. Like I said it’s been years since I mixed this and I have no idea how to recreate it because I haven’t smoked a cigarette since early 2015. Maybe that will give you a base idea of where to go though. I know the peanut butter made that recipe work.


the funny is at least all of the “older mixers” know this tobacco rather well…

Personally I did not like it at all, but I know quiet a few that loved it.

I do have a winstin, but I have a feeling the op isnt interested in a lot.
OP wants to keep things simple and wants the flavor he is after…

Got news… flavors change all the time, even without us recognizing a flavor change…
I can only suggest OP tries a hand at mixing… juice buying is going to be a thing of the past if governments have their way.


I’ve been vaping tobacco flavors since 2010.

So far I bought all of the USA Mix’s from FT and some other websites. They were no where close to the Dekang Marl bo ro at all. I also bought all the Hanga ones too.

I have been using this Marl bo ro for about 2 years now. Some people say it changed just over 2 years ago also??? IDK.

Before this liquid, I was vaping Vapor nine Carolina. The store just stopped selling it. The next was Red And White from Vapor king.com. This one was changed to a very bland flavor. Not good at all. These were close to the Dekang marl bo ro.

I keep arguing with some who keep incisting that they just changed the name to USA Mix. I bought it and it’s not good.

I’m trying to make my own now. Today I just got a bunch of tobacco concentrates and all the PG, VG and nicotine. It will be an adventure I’m sure. I just hope I will eventually find a couple that I will like.


I wish you the best Ricks…

not sure what all you bought, but if you have any questions or want to show off… post up again!

Good luck… and I really hope it will work for you… as the one thing I keep seeing throughout your post is how you have bought into ejuice already mixed… and they keep changing and discontinuing… maybe this is what you need to create something a bit more permanent :slight_smile:


I’m reticent to jump in, feels like the saloon doors just creaked and everyone’s looking and thinking, “who’s this clown?”.
But as far as mixing and searching for flavors (unfortunately not specific flavors usually), you can go to “search”, and try some key words like tobacco and Marlboro etc. Then click on the “rating” button once the results come up. That will take you to the highest rated recipes and often the oldest recipes and here’s the rub… It will also help you to find some of the well rated and long time mixers of tobacco flavors, and then you can follow them and peruse their recipes. You might either find one you like better, or slowly learn to tailor flavors to how YOU like them, thus leading you to a flavor you can mix forever without relying on commercial juices.
Be patient, it’s a slow learning curve.
I would try to help but I haven’t tasted that flavor and I’m still exploring. Most of my really good juices are well rated recipes with lots of notes from others. And boy is it fun when you get a good one.
Best of luck.



I remember back when I was smoking that they did similar things with cigarettes and rolling tobacco. Companies buy companies, discontinue lines, change things up, are required to put in additives by law, … whatever the reason, things change and either you say you’ve had it and you quit, or you be a slave and follow the “leader” (usually the one who’s making money).

I understand how annoying it is when things change, when others tell YOU to change when you don’t want to, it’s not nice, but sometimes there’s just no choice, that’s life. DIY however is taking back control for a large part. Still, flavor companies do change their recipes from time to time too, but there will be much more consistency compared to relying on the juice that other companies are making.

There are plenty (good) tobacco recipes. We have quite a few tobacco lovers in this community and I suggest you have a chat with them to get into mixing and find [a] good recipe[s] to replace that old brand of yours. After you get over the hurt of change, I promise, it will be a lot more satisfying.


I’m hear just for this purpose, to make some liquid. I’ve been trying to get into making my own for a little over a year now… I’m finally in. I’ve bought my last commercial liquid.

I’ve made some Nic Salt liquids in fruity flavors for some friends and they like them but they’re not for me. I can only vape tobacco.

I appreciate any and all the help I can get finding my goto flavor.


Have you ever considered NET’s? Naturally Extracted Tabacco and Tea. Here is a link in case you are interested or even curious. I have tried them and they are spectacular, tasting exactly like tobacco. It’s amazing really.


Below is a link to a forum (about NETs) that “50YearsOfCigars” started publishing last Summer:


Some of his thoughts about NETs (and other endearing sentiments) are expressed in this post.


I’m a NETs only fellow. It’s not that hard to do (once one knows what they like and want, that is). It just takes the patience to wait a while, and the willingness to filter extracts to a few Microns. That accomplished, just “shake and vape”. Avoid processed cigarette Tobaccos. I like Virginia / Perique / Cavendish pipe blends. This helps to support the high quality Pipe (and perhaps the Cigar, and less processed) Tobacco industries. (IMO), PG is the best solvent. VG is too thick, Ethanol has to be removed, and Water grows “critters”. :clown_face: The aroma of my Va/Per/Cav DIY vaped juice is very similar to (unsmoked) Lucky Strike cigarette Tobacco.

Having a stock of Nicotine and Glycols, NETs are the “perfect foil” against the War on Synthetic Flavors !

My (rough) process (with very kind assistance and support from our honorable friend @Kinnikinnick):
Add ~6-8 mL of PG per Gram of source Tobacco (make sure leaf bits are submerged in the PG solvent). Heat to ~110-120 *F for 6-8 Hours time (gently stirring a bit). Seal and store at room temperature in a dark place for ~6-8 Weeks time. Strain and filter (ideally, eventually to ~2 Microns). I use 1.5 Micron acceptance-size filter-paper (which will eliminate untoward critters and their spores). Store in sealed glass in refrigerator.

Notes: Little Nicotine exists in NET extracts. Add Nicotine, PG, and VG to preference (up to ~20% NETs). Best with single-coil RDA/RTA. Better (and safer as well) using lower vaping Temps, in combination with higher added Nicotine concentrations. I build single SS 316L coils and use Rayon (“Cellucotton”) wicking. Freebase Nicotine works fine. Wicks will require fairly frequent replacement (relative to synthetic flavorings).

Here’s a series of images that show my various extraction contraptions (both on break, and at work):








The “Marlboro secret” - involving the addition of Ammonia in processing the Tobacco:
The SECRET and SOUL of Marlboro - Phillip Morris and the Origins, Spread, and Denial of Nicotine Freebasing

Philip Morris and other tobacco companies have been using ammonia in their manufacturing for more than half a century, and for a variety of purposes: to highlight certain flavors, to expand or “puff up” the volume of tobacco, to prepare reconstituted tobacco sheet (“recon”), to denicotinize (reduce the amount of nicotine in) tobacco, and to remove carcinogens.

Marlboro’s commercial success catalyzed efforts by the rest of the tobacco industry to discover its “secret,” eventually identified as ammonia technology, and how Philip Morris later exploited the myriad uses of ammonia (e.g., for flavoring and expanding tobacco volume) to defend itself against charges of manipulating the nicotine deliveries of its cigarettes.


Damned nice setup, pics, and information @Raven-Knightly. I don’teven NET, but now I want to.


Thanks, SD. Have built up my tools to accomplish NET processes quite inexpensively (and, IMO fairly efficiently in terms of the requisite “hassle” factors). Even paying a bit for the pipe tobaccos, all in all (at least at today’s prices), it is a very inexpensive way to make up some lovely juices. I am set for ~5 Liters (~20 mg/ml Nic, ~20% NET in PG extracts, 60/40 PG/VG ratio). Am storing my various NET extracts in glass containers in refrigerator at ~50 *F (~10 *C), mixing together three separate favorite pipe-blends.

I hated that synthetic Vapage “Classic Tobacco” stuff that I started out with (irritated my lungs). But thanks to happening across this forum - and very much kindly and patiently assisted and advised by our honorable friend @Kinnikinnick - I’ve left all synthetics behind for good. I like Nicotine just fine - just needed a safer yet satisfying delivery-system. Smoking for 48 years, I absorbed ~60 mg of Nicotine per day. Vaping, I absorb ~30 mg/day. My ~125 Grams of Nicotine should (hopefully) be lasting for 10 years. Fuck the FDA.


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Ha, that’s an interesting use for an Aeropress :slight_smile:
I hope you have a seperate one for your coffee, it’s pretty good for your morning cup as well.

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I drink teas (from teabags placed into my drinking cup). Yes, the AeroPress is a useful filtering tool, indeed. (I think that) @Kinnikinnick introduced it on the NET threads on this forum in quite a bit of good detail. It’s around $30 USD, but is a worthwhile investment for what it can accomplish. Performs best (I find) when filtering ~150 mL of strained NETs macerated in PG. Works well with 1.5 Micron to ~20 Micron filter-paper.

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Net Bot Nanny is just concerned that you might too rapidly deplete precious bodily fluids, Mandrake:clown_face:

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