Looking for some suggestions

Hi I’m pretty new to vaping and very new to DIY mixing… I’m looking for some good recipes for fruity sour tastes. I like a 50/50, would I get a better flavour with a higher pg mix?

This looks like something right up your alley… and 50/50 is pretty High PG for most people I know:
Citrus Barfight 50/50

One on One flavoring has a Strawberry Sour Belts that I really like. I mix it with their Strawberry (Ripe) and their Watermelon and it is nice and tart and very fruity.

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You are going to definitely see a difference once you enter oxygen into the equation.

You replied to the wrong thread :wink:

I was sitting here trying to figure out what he meant. :smiley:

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Ugh, it really pains me to see you say that… I seriously just weened that out of my last order to try and get a budget worthy flavor order… Next time…
As for the sour fruits, I’m not overly confident with my mixing abilities, there for i haven’t made all my recipes public. If i were to do so there would maybe be one or two recipes falling under this spectrum. not really my strong point.
But i will leave you with an idea , none the less.
Blueberry and watermelon make a wonderful pair imo. I can’t really recommend any particular company for said flavors, as i’m still experimenting with it myself. But so far a ratio of 1 part blueberry : 2 parts watermelon seems to end up pretty yummy

Anyone using malic acid? I’ve heard it’s great for adding sourness. I’ve also heard Lorann Tart and Sour is vile, but I’m not sure why that would be the case. It’s basically just citric acid, malic acid, water, and sodium citrate. I’ve been really curious about using something like this for awhile, just have had other things take priority in my vudget. Might be worth a look? I know you can get plain malic acid and citric acid concentrates. I think Nude Nic does them, and I think TPA has a Sour flavor that is just malic acid.

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My second diy order was from Ecigexpress. I ordered malic acid powder and dissolved 3 grams in 30ml of PG. I use it for anything I want to have that sour candy flavor. Mix it with fruit for a jolly rancher effect. Works great. It also enhances fruit flavors when used in small percentages. I love it.

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Any recipe you would like help with share it in a thread and ask for help with it.

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Thanks, i appreciate it , although, it’s not so much that i need help.In my case, i’m more so toying with watermelons, for instance, i’ve recently found lorann’s colorless watermelon gives the impression of a sour watermelon candy almost. Little things like this are the kind of kinks i generally have to work out of my recipes. Finding the appropriate “version” of a fruit has proven difficult without actually testing it before hand… Again, i do greatly appreciate the offer.

Awesome! I think I’m gonna grab some next go round. :smiley: Thanks!

The bag of powder I have will last me a lietime lol.

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Thanks, off to buy some flavours

I will definitely be giving that a try :slight_smile:

Its what you are after. After mixing the powder with pg taste a little on your finger. You will see what I mean. It is what they put on the really sour candies. The white film on the outside of the candies is the same stuff.

That is definitely what I am looking for, I love strong vapes but all I am finding is strong menthol. … do you think a sour absinthe will work? It’s in my head now so I really need to try it

Well sour licorices work :slight_smile: But that just be my scandinavian perversions :smiley: hehe

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Use of LA Tart and Sour in a ratio like 1 to 2 drops per 10 ml is a pretty fair portion… :smile:


@LordVapor What % or drops/10 ml are you using that Malic Acid dilution for your sour recipes?