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Medicine Flower Suppliers


UPDATE: A bit more good news from Tony at Vapour Depot:

I’ve added rebottling on to our list of future endeavours for you!

Yes, folks, he means rebottling MF concentrates into smaller sizes!

And, also in response to a point I raised about the recommended starting % :

As we work with more of the flavours, we’ll be adding recommended steeping times and more realistic starting percentages (I pity anyone who attempts to vape coffee before at least a month!).



Medicine Flower Recommendations

Yup, I had to order dc mf since @Pro_Vapes puts that shit in everything lol.



I’m expecting a decent tax refund… think I’m going to have fun spending it on a nice MF collection :slight_smile:

Is there somewhere a collection of must have MF flavors (besides dark chocolate and lemon)?



Ta-da! :grin:

and gratz on the tax refund! :+1:



Just means that I was too stupid to pay too much to begin with :crazy_face:



Apparently even worst, Vapor Depot stock Is still low…



Hey everyone,

Re a convo @jay210 and I had on the introductions post, I’ve just been in touch with Vapour Depot asking about the (lack of) availability of Botanics Elixir, they confess they’ve been lacking a little but are “hoping to change that in the next couple of weeks”. They also asked if there was anything I was specifically after, so I thought I’d mention this to you all, as if there’s a few of us after the same flavours it might be that it seems a little more worthwhile diluting a batch.



Well done @BikesAndBacon , if we keep them under pressure sooner or later we might get there and have the stuff we need!



Hey, thanks :slight_smile:
Wild Honey springs to mind as a must-have in this range, IMO This one really needs to be used in diluted form, as the neat MF is way too strong.
I guess Dark chocolate has to be a winner, too. And Wild Raspberry. Can’t say I’ll be buying those two , though , because I have them in undiluted MF now, but they are two MF flavours that people consistently rave about, so ought to be popular
Steer clear of Green Apple. It’s too damned weak. I was having to use it at 20% to get some real flavour out of it :(. Also steer clear of the Rasperry (non-wild) . The damned stuff scorches, in my experience
Sorry for delayed reply. Took my eye off the ball for a few days.



20% say huh? Green apple is on the light side for MF but 1.2% is a good green apple or are you talking diluted green apple?



Yep, talking Botanic Elixir (in reply to a question from @BikesAndBacon) . I was very disappointed by that one. Didn’t think I’d need to go quite that high. Maybe an old batch? shrugs). But, anyhow, anything that needs in excess of 1% MF, would be rather too dilute in BE form, IMO.



Ya it is a lighter flavour for sure but it is quite tasty - open source vapor used it in their sour apple at 2% so 20% is not crazy % for BE



Ah. Gotta admit it’s an awsome flavour. Spot on. But by the time you’ve faffed around finding the right %, your little bottle of BE is all gone :rofl:. So i’d say that if anybody really likes green apple, it’s best to jump right in deep end with the pure MF on that one. Can’t imagine it disappointing. I mean, not as a flavour. (Just the dilution disappoints)



Anonymiss has put up all the open source vapor recipes which they published when they shut down due to FDA - they do use 6 or 10% Ultra-distilled Penta water rather than PG so you may find a few in there you like.