Medicine Flower Suppliers ( UPDATED 2021)

An oft -asked question on this board, recently has been: Where can i buy Medicine Flower? also: where can I buy MF in my part of the World/ where can I buy MF sample sizes, MF dilutions, or otherwise try MF relatively cheaply?

This thread will attempt to gather together all the various answers. I’ll aso try to add any links that this thread throws up to the OP. (If I go walkabout, do feel freel free to update on my behalf, you Mods)

First, here’s Medicine Flowers’ own (USA) site. They ship all over the world, so we can always go there if all else fails (or if we want to check what flavours we’re missing out on)

Now, where can we get our MF in sample sizes? (also see update here )

EXC rebottles MF into 5ml botles as “LOTUS flavors” . The good news is they are selling them at a substantial discount. The bad news is that they plan on discontinuing that line. (Let’s hope they change their minds)

Here’s a place I found in Canada, just the other day , that sells some MFflavours in 3.7 ml sample sizes. The prices are in Canadian dollars, so they are better tjhan they look! They also do Internartional shipping, BUT
unfortunately, when I tried to put an all-MF order in (shipping to the UK) I got a message saying that my basket contained an item that couldn’t be shipped! (contrary to airmail regs, perhaps?) . Hope you guys have better luck!

Finally (until somebody throws me another link) , Good Earth Beauty sell a very good range of MF, They don’t sell sample sizes but do throw one in as a freebie with every order! They also have a discount code (geb10) which gets you 10% off every order (thanks to @Pro_Vapes for putting me onto these :slight_smile: ) And they offer free shipping (USA only)

MF Dilutions:

I only know of one place that does these. It’s in the UK but does international shipping. See update here for shipping info.

MF Suppliers by Location:

First, wherever you are in world, remember that it’s always worth checking Amazon.
Aside from that, apologies for repeating some links, but you should also find a few not mentioned above

Flavor Concentrates | Flavor Jungle (Lotus Flavors)
Flavor Extracts | Good Earth Beauty
Nicotine River | Wholesale Liquid Nicotine | Flavors | Diluents NEW MF SELLER !!! June 2019


Botanic Elixir VG Base Concentrates | Vapour Depot (Botanic Elixir)
Buy Medicine Fower online at Real Foods (free UK delivery for orders over £29)

(see UK sites + the following)
Medicine Flower - Natürliche Aromen - Aromen, Gewürze & Süßungsmittel - Raw- & Superfoods (this is Raw Living’s German outlet. If you can’t see the flavour you want here, check out the UK site, which has more)


South Africa:


Good idea and great job. This will be an excellent resource. Thanks. I didnt know about that Canadian one, nice to be able to buy some sample sizes, though not many come in that size.


Thanks :slight_smile: I’m makling this thread for my own reference as much as everybody else’s. I’m incapable of keeping my bookmarks tidy! :laughing:


I found another Australian supplier, but (given the nature of the business) dunno if they do deliveries outside their immediate vicinity? Anybody else know?

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I’m not sure @ecigexpress should even be on a list of Medicine Flower suppliers. They have just 14 flavors listed, 3 of which are not in stock but are labeled “More On The Way”. Now, if it’s true that they are dropping the MF (Lotus) line then I doubt there is any more on the way. What’s left maybe someone will find a need for.
My only interest in MF personally is their strawberry concentrate, which I don’t recall ECX ever offering re-branded as Lotus to begin with. If I’m incorrect then my apologies to ECX. I’ll still shop them for other flavors. :large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond:


Well, if and when they run out, they’ll be relegated to a footnote. But they;ve been the place to go for MF “sample size” for so long that people will be coming to this thread for years to come expecting to see a mention of ECX won’t they.? and they’ll be asking “What happened?” if they don’t see ECX listed. So “Let’s save them the trouble of asking” (and the rest of us the trouble of answering) is my thinking there :wink:


leave them as an option until stock has run out , you can easily say " while supplies last " . ECX wasnt the greatest source until they started to dump the lotus flavors , i remember. buying 5ml of the strawberry for 9.99usd , but they are still a source and should be listed , @jay210 are you going to list Amazon ?


So they DID offer strawberry at one time?


I did mention Amazon, but decided against providing a link to Amazon, cos my link willl take you to … and so forth. In my experience, it’s the devil of a job getting back to your local Amazon, once you follow a link to the wrong country, so easier if people just Google it (if they haven’t already got it bookmarked) methinks.
PS. oh! FFS the too-freaking-smart forum software hyperllnked my mention of Amazon UK. ROFL! But at least you know, from the context, not to click it if you’re not in the UK .


yes they did, they had a very good selection


@jay210 GREAT links !!!


They sure did. I still have a tiny bit left in my stash.

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Thanks @jay210
Great info and links!
Now all I need is a lottery win! LOL


Update : added one other UK supplier. They’ve nothing special (like sample sizes) though.

Also: anyone thinking of ordering from Crio Bru might like to check out this thread by @Leothwyn

Any further experiences of purchasing from any of the lesser-know suppliers would be helpful!

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Update: after much consideration , I don;t think it’s worth so much as adding a footnote about Vape Crafter to the OP. They appear to be out of business now, besides which, I’ve just read through a whole host of complaints on Reddit and elsewhere about them .
Many thanks @Amy2 for answering my question about them :slight_smile:


Update about sample sizes:

I’ve been in touch with Ivory at MF about those, and there’s some good news and some bad news

The good news is that MF will always give you free samples with your order if you ask! Also, you can ask for specific flavours , but whether you get exactly what you want or not depends on what’s in stock. And it might or might not be the 3.75ml bottles.

Accordingly . I ordered 7 X 15 ml flavours during their last promotion, and made a list of flavours that I’d like to sample if available. As a result, I I got three of the 3,75 ml sample size bottles with my order so I’m pretty damned pleased. That came to ten MF flavours for about £130 (including postage) , my best MF haul ever…even though the damned Inland Revenue hit me for VAT and handling charges on top of that. (At least they didn’t hit me for Import Duty as well, this time, cos I was careful to keep the total price below £135)

I was wondering if MF might consider offer a 5ml size (like ECX) ? but here’s Ivory’s reply to that:

At this time we don’t have a smaller size, in most cases it is fitting all the information on the label. The smaller samples can be done as they are just a sample, but anything for sale needs to have certain label requirements which makes this difficult.

Further to that, she said that no vendor should be offering the 3.75 ml sample size for sale, as they are not designed for sale and are provided gratis by MF. So now we know.


Update about Botanic Elixir (Don’t panic! It’s good news!)

I was a bit concerned to notice that the BE concentrates have been going out-of-stock, one by one. at Vapour Depot and not being replaced. It’s down to just 10 flavours out of 30, at present. so I wrote to Tony and asked if they are discontinuing them? and if not, when might we expect a re-stock?

Here’s the answer:

We are 100% not discontinuing the range, stock has been low as we have been in the process of creating some new juice ranges and they actually contain those concentrates so we’ve taken them out of stock while we work on the recipes. We will be putting them all back into stock with new batches as we finish the recipes so over the next 6-8 weeks you should see them all appear again


Also, whilst I was at it , I asked how much postage to the USA would cost? as one or two Americans have wondered how ecomomical or not it might be for them to order the BE, taking account of postage. On reflection, I decided not to ask about every country on the globe, but to keep it simple chuckle , figuring postage to other countries would be proportional.

Here’s the answer to that question:

US postage is actually affordable. £4 is an untracked service or £8 for a fully tracked regardless of package size on both and should take around 5-7 working days.



Appreciate the follow-up!


Just submitted my first order at good earth and beauty. Used Spring10 for 10% off. Fingers crossed my order comes in by the end of the week. Lol.


they are quick hopefully you get some sanples you havent tried yet , did you pull the trigger on the DC