Medicine Flower's new flavor lines (launched Dec 2019)

While this has been mentioned in the 40% off sale thread (to a minimal degree), I thought it would be nice to include a breakdown of what each line consists of (using the exact verbiage that MF themselves used on the new website, at the time of launch)!

The Silver line:

The Gold line:

The Premium line:

The format for these is currently as follows:

  • flavor name (line) (MF)

Almond (Silver) (MF)

I’ll add the “launch flavors” I added to the database in the following post.


Silver flavors:

The following were listed/available on launch:

Almond (Silver) (MF)
Apple, Red (Silver) (MF)
Apricot (Silver) (MF)
Banana (Silver) (MF)
Bergamot (Silver) (MF)
Blueberry (Silver) (MF)
Caramel (Silver) (MF)
Chocolate (Silver) (MF)
Coconut (Silver) (MF)
Dark Vanilla (Silver) (MF)
French Vanilla (Silver) (MF)
Garden Raspberry (Silver) (MF)
Grapefruit (Silver) (MF)
Hazelnut (Silver) (MF)
Honeydew (Silver) (MF)
Lemon (Silver) (MF)
Lime (Silver) (MF)
Mandarin (Silver) (MF)
Orange (Silver) (MF)
Peach (Silver) (MF)
Pineapple (Silver) (MF)
Raspberry, Garden (Silver) (MF)
Raspberry, Wild (Silver) (MF)
Red Apple (Silver) (MF)
Rose (Silver) (MF)
Rum (Silver) (MF)
Strawberry (Silver) (MF)
Vanilla, Dark (Silver) (MF)
Vanilla, French (Silver) (MF)
Watermelon (Silver) (MF)
Wild Raspberry (Silver) (MF)

Premium flavors:

The following were listed/available on launch:

Apple, Golden (Premium) (MF)
Apple, Green (Premium) (MF)
Apple, Red (Premium) (MF)
Banana (Premium) (MF)
Black Cherry (Premium) (MF)
Black Currant (Premium) (MF)
Blackberry (Premium) (MF)
Blueberry (Premium) (MF)
Butterscotch (Premium) (MF)
Cantaloupe (Premium) (MF)
Caramel (Premium) (MF)
Cherry, Black (Premium) (MF)
Cherry, Morello (Premium) (MF)
Chocolate, Dark (Premium) (MF)
Chocolate, White (Premium) (MF)
Cinnamon (Premium) (MF)
Coconut (Premium) (MF)
Coffee (Premium) (MF)
Dark Chocolate (Premium) (MF)
Elderberry (Premium) (MF)
Golden Apple (Premium) (MF)
Grape (Premium) (MF)
Green Apple (Premium) (MF)
Guava (Premium) (MF)
Hazelnut (Premium) (MF)
Honey Acacia (Premium) (MF)
Honey Wildflower (Premium) (MF)
Honeydew (Premium) (MF)
Jasmine (Premium) (MF)
Lemon (Premium) (MF)
Mango (Premium) (MF)
Mint (Premium) (MF)
Morello Cherry (Premium) (MF)
Peach (Premium) (MF)
Peach, White (Premium) (MF)
Pineapple (Premium) (MF)
Pomegranate (Premium) (MF)
Raspberry (Premium) (MF)
Raspberry, Wild (Premium) (MF)
Red Apple (Premium) (MF)
Rose (Premium) (MF)
Strawberry (Premium) (MF)
Vanilla (Premium) (MF)
Violet (Premium) (MF)
Watermelon (Premium) (MF)
White Chocolate (Premium) (MF)
White Peach (Premium) (MF)
Wild Raspberry (Premium) (MF)

Now. Before anyone mentions it… (too late lol)
YES, there are some dupes in the list above. Intentionally so (in this case)

MF has stepped up in their naming conventions (at least, IMO :wink: ), as you can see on their new website.
They list Apple Golden (though they forgot the comma), and then list Apple, Green (and kindly include the comma), and they hold to this format with quite a few flavors!

UNfortunately however, you might also notice that the LABEL shows things in a more “traditional” sense… “Golden Apple”, “Green Apple”, etc
So, once again, there’s some inconsistency at “ground zero” (read as: the manufacturer).
This is a large part of the reason why I have strived for consistency WITHIN the database over the last couple of years. As at least then, there’s one place that folks could rely on.

However, I’ve (for the most part) given up on that “pipe dream”. Admitted defeat, etc… :sigh:

I’ve keyed in the above though, for the sole purpose of enabling consistency for either point of view. (For those that have to have it like it’s on the bottle, and also for those that want to make the most of the current database. EG: Chocolate, Dark [so that all chocolates are grouped together by default in the stash])

These flavors are current and correct as of 3.31am CST 12-22-2019.

NOTE: There are currently NO (zero) Gold line flavors. Again, a reminder from post 1:

Hopefully this helps!!


No need to add the II…
As those were used only when dealing with manufacturers/OEM’s.

I’ll merge your entry mentioned above into the proper one. And again, I thank you for the reminder to get these keyed in before MASS INSANITY ensues. (Not that it won’t anyways… lol, but at least our forum members can help educate/pass the word along the way!) :wink:


Thanks for your work @Sprkslfly :+1:


Well done, @Sprkslfly! Your work here is indispensable. Thank you.


Is the gold line even safe to vape?
coconut oil base


Sounds like the most expensive line is the one we’ll probably end up buying. D’Oh!


No idea.

/generally speaking (not directed at you)
I’m sure that eventually some folks will order some to try… I just hope they are informed enough to water/paper towel TEST them before attempting to vape them.

Like everything else though (cooking flavors, over the counter, off the supermarket shelf, etc), I always assume it’s intended for ingestion (orally/to be eaten) until I either “verify it myself” (above mentioned tests), or I hear from someone I trust.

Bottom line though… You still have to decide for yourself what you put into your body (and in which orifice) :lmao:

Some folks do things others never would. And some say “YOLO”. :wink: /shrugs and chuckles


I’ve had no choice but to YOLO a few times. Not vape related though. I’m old as hell and not getting any younger. YOLO/age was the deciding factor in upgrading my little boaty actually. I was a firm NO until the wife played the “YOLO you old bastard” card on me. Hard to argue really. I am old. I am a bastard. And I only have one life as far as I know.


I would say the gold line is NOT safe to vape MCT (medium-chain triglycerides). We vape water-soluble only whereas it appears the hemp crowd think it is ok - the below article says it is safer but if you vape too much you can get lipid pneumonia which to me is a mixed message.

While it isn’t carcinogenic, some people can develop a condition known as lipid pneumonia if they are vaping MCT oil too much. This ailment occurs when the oil builds up in the lungs and prevents the optimal exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide when breathing.


Walking in the middle of a small subdivision street is likely safer than walking in the middle of a freeway, but I’d probably try to avoid both.

I think that possibility of lipid pneumonia is well enough for me to avoid it.


Damn straight! Pneumonia is the queen bitch of all things respiratory. And to put a creepy name like “Lipid” in front of it? Nope! Nope!


Ya may as well just go with straight vitamin E acetate the short road to Lipid Pneumonia


I know man! Straight up pneumonia is a punishment from God in itself. But add ‘lipid’ and you may as well just shoot me down right now and save me the misery.


Hope it’s ok to resurrect an old thread guys, can anyone confirm that the Silver Line is safe to vape? It’s the only MF I can find at the moment in the UK in the flavour I want (honeydew) and I’m not sure about the alcohol base
Thank you :blush:


Silver line is safe …The carrier is ethyl alcohol instead of Vegetable derived PG…The steep time will kill that alcohol


Much appreciated, thank you and hurrah :hugs:


Of course it is!


I’ve got Orange from the Silver Line. How long would you recommend to steep it for in 100% VG? First time single flavour test here, so any advice on the quantity is much appreciated too. Thanks.


Silverline are stronger r than the regular line and the flavornis carried with Ethyl Alcohol instead of Vegatable based PG…I havent used the Orange , but I like to try citus flaves off the shake , next day , 3 days 1 week , 2 week and 4weeks i like to see how it taste right away since usually citrus flaves mellow over a steep…