Mixing Equipment for Sale

This should probably be categorized as Hardware for Sale but I don’t see one for mixing equipment. Regardless I will be listing a large amount of mixing equipment which consists mostly of homogenizing equipment but will likely include mag stirrers, overhead stirrers and related items that I have accumulated over the years. Nearly all items came from commercial, industrial, and educational environments and are professional quality ranging from what I consider mid level to "Rolls Royce’ quality. All are used and have been checked and serviced by me. Some will seem very pricey and much is likely beyond the needs of of DIY mixers unless you process large batches. I am the producer of the Gamechanger and tried to fill the gap between very low quality imports and high end equipment for the DIY and other cottage industries. That has finally resumed but should be another category or best to just contact me directly. gamechanger1952@yahoo.com is again an active email after a long health struggle.

Please, lets stay on topic. I will gladly answer questions of use and functionality privately.


Good luck with the sale brother! :+1:


First is homogenizing equipment made by Pro Scientific. It consists of their large motor and includes 7mm and a 10mm generator. Their small Dremel type (its a Dremel) motor is good for handheld homogenizing but they do not recommend attaching a lager generator to it. Simply not enough power. The large motor pictured will work with much larger devices. However, their 20mm size generator lists at about 2000 but can usually be had for about $1200. Um, no thanks.

I purchased this new and used the motor and 10mm for several months until I began making my own. The 7mm is ideal for small testers (10 or 15ml) but wasn’t used very many times. I use the 10 ml for 30 to 120 mls but have used it up 250. Everything is in very good near new condition.

Check Amazon for pricing. Currently the motor is $1282. The 7mm generator $1249. 10mm (oddly ) $930.

$800.00 plus shipping.


Next is a combination of devices made by Kinnematica. It comes in a case and includes a power supply, motor, stand, cords, and 3 different sized homogenizers. This set is probably the ultimate for those that make small mixes. It is portable and runs on 12 volts. The homogenizers are 5mm, 7mm, and 12mm.

I’ll try to take better pics and expand the descriptions if anyone is interested. Retail is astronomical. Do a search on eBay for Kinematica Polytron PT1200 for other pics and info.

The plastic case is rough in places. All else is in very good used condition. I have several other of these type homogenizers and will post specific info below on them separately… All are 12mm and perfect for quantities up to 250ml.

The whole setup as shown above…$900.


Will you take 600 payments of 2 dollars monthly?


I also have several Kinnematica motors, stands, speed controls and a variety of different sized homogenizers. All are model PT 10 35. These will process up to five liters depending on the size. While several use the large GC for up to 500ml by moving it around in the mix, it is best to have the right tool for the job. I use a 20 mm OD for mixes above 240ml. These do an amazing job and will process quantities far beyond that. Pictured below are dispersers/aggregates as the Swiss call them.

Pictured are homogenizers from 12mm up. These are of the highest quality and yes they are expensive but for in house mixing businesses (if there are any left) which includes essential oils, cannabis products, cosmetics, foods and beverages, lubricants, medicines and medical testing etc etc, these are the ticket.

Motor,stand and speed controls start at $350 up. Dispersers begin about $400 up. $600 would be a very good price for the 20mm pictured with the ruler.

If interested I will of course be happy to discuss individual devices and come up with a definite price. These model “dispersers” vary pretty widely.


@100_VG The GCs are back and Mr Pipes has other goodies. Im tagging you bc i know you were hoping to get something bigger than you have.


Thank you, brother! Thanks for being Awesome! Dan and I have been talking in email after he replied to an old request for both sizes. He revived that email address and replied to old requests. I’ll be buying a large GC directly from him. I wanted so badly to tell you and others that he is back, but he asked me to keep it private for now. Looks like the cat’s out of the bag. :rofl: I’m sure you’re as happy to see him back as I am, if not more. If you want your small GC back, I can get another from him.

He told me about the non-GC gear, but we discussed it and a large GC will be fine for me. I’ll just limit max batch size to 250ml, even though some use it for up to 500ml. 2x 250ml for 500ml is easy enough, if I ever want/need to do it. Thanks again!


Here is a chart from Kinematica showing working volumes of various sized generators. I’ve found it fairly consistent with other “big name” makers recommendations and my own usage and testing. Note that 12mm tops out at about 250ml. My “large” GC is 12.7 mm OD.

Kindly keep in mind that I am retired and therefor limited in the amount of units I can produce. Were I to hire skilled toolmakers/machinists and take on all that entails would drive the costs into the stratosphere. If I were younger and or in better health…?

I recovered a load of emails from interested parties and have begun contacting them. Demand already exceeds my ability to produce them but I assume it will taper off.The wait list was a disaster for numerous reasons. I plan to give those people priority but not exclusively.


@mrpipes Good luck with the sales and in getting new GC customers! This is Craig. We’ve been talking in email.