Mixing Nic Salts Help Please

Hey All,

And please excuse me for the rookie Q, I am new here.
I have been playing with flavours for a while and using freebase nic. I am now looking to try Nic Salts but have no idea where to start. Like all things e-liquid the start is the hardest and if one can point me in the correct direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Firstly is there a comparable to vaping freebase to salts such as
“3mg = 25mg, 6mg = 40mg etc etc” or some sort of scale or is it simply the same as 100mg freebase nic?
Secondly if you were to use a
30mg salt how much do you need to use in 30ml or 60ml to make the desired 30mg quantity and inversely 100mg to the same 30ml or 60ml or to keep it simple in 100ml ie will a 100mg in a 100ml bottle be 1ml of salts?

Please note I will be using pod based systems for this but also can use the old squonker too if need be.

Again sorry for the rookie q but I am sure there is one or 2 who know more than I do about this.
Also any links or leads will help too

All the best and thanks


3mg of Nicotine is 3mg of Nicotine regardless of whether it is freebase or salt, so you use the e-liquid calculator to calculate your mix the exact same way regardless.

When using a small mtl pod system you get far less vapour per puff than a large dtl system, so pod users usually use a rather high amount of nicotine in their mixes to compensate for this. I can’t tell you exactly how much more nicotine you would need when switching from a dtl to pod system, but if you used to vape 3mg at 50watts and you are switching to a 10watts pod system, a good estimate would be 15mg. But the best is to simply try different strengths until you find one that suits you.


Perfect, thanks for the response, It definitely helps out heaps, FWIW I used 3-5mg at about 80 watts on average.


You might find some additional info here;

It looks like you’ve got some reading to do :grin:


@jenk If you are just starting out, going to Nic salts from the starting line might skew your experience/results when mixing other people’s recipes …might. May be best to try both, but stick to (restock?) freebase nic for a little while, for consistency with what most people are posting recipe-wise. Switching may be a variable you can eliminate at this phase. Everybody, including myself, is looking at Nic salts, and while 3mg may be 3mg (nic) there does seem to be some variations when swapping (taste?) and having tasty results may be the most important motivator for a new Mixer …Oh and welcome aboard!


For diy the only reason to use salts is for eliminating th imo.I mix 8-10mg salts for the smoother hit. I notice no quicker/stronger or faster nic absorption, but some say they do.


Hey BoDarc, I have been using freebase for over a year now and am looking for an alternative to try and did not want to “nic out” on the first attempt.

And cheers, the site is amazing and very helpful to my mixing with friendly, helpful people too. Thanks for the response

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