Mixing Percentages

Okay, here’s a good noob question for you;

Is there some super secret website that you guys use to find out a good starting point for mixing percentages? Lol…

I’m gettin started and everything is goin well, but when I get a shipment of new flavors in (like yesterday… Yay!!!) I generally have to just Google “Whatever Flavor Mixing Percentage”… And even then opinions are ALL OVER the place…

I started with Liquid Barn flavors, and while, yes, they are a bit generic, at least they put the recommended mix percentages right there on the bottle, lol!

Even some good “guidelines” would be helpful… For example (and this COULD be completely wrong) I’ve heard people say that with Capella flavors, that 5% is a good starting point, where as with Flavorah it’s more like 1%…

And I’ve heard there are several flavor wikis available, bit I haven’t came across 'em yet, lol…

Any tips, tricks, links, or ideas are greatly appreciated… With flavors, I try not to discreminate… I have everything from TFA, to LB, FLV, Cap, even a couple “not so popular” brands (I just got a Sweet Strawberry from Flavor Revolution and it smells closer to a real strawberry than anything I’ve had)…


Hey bro, when you are looking at your recipe left click on a concentrate and it will take you to the notes. You will see single flavor percentages and in a recipe percentages. Then if you scroll down you will see notes, ratings etc. here is a copy paste.

Holy Vanilla (DIYFS)

You have this flavor

1 2 3 4 5


Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 1.6% (Median: 1.5%)
Minimum used quantity: 0%
Maximum used quantity: 47%

Single flavor recommendations: 31
Average quantity: 3% (Median: 3.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 0.3%
Maximum used quantity: 7.0%

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Click on Resources, then click on Flavor List, type in flavor and when that comes up click on Ratings on the right.


I had no idea ANY of these resources existed, but the only way I access this site is through my phone… I have a computer, but I use it strictly for recording and it’s not even connected to the internet… I guess I’ll poke around and see if I can find any of this info on the mobile site…


The best method for figuring out starting percentages IMO is to start doing single flavor testing on every flavor you own. Keep notes on the results of your tests so you can refer back to them. I rarely pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommended percentages because people’s palates are all different. That means sometimes you’ll go more and sometimes less than what they recommend.

I’ve seen recipes totaling only 3-4-5% flavoring. Others higher than 20%, so you really have to get acquainted with the flavors you’re working with. There’s threads here in the forum that talk about various SFT methods.


Not generic at will… LB has some of the best flavors available

No secret website… But elr has a mixing percentage median to help you…
Yes it is all over the place when it comes to individual opinions thats why the mdian percentag8 are good guides.

That doesnt work imo … You can be anywhere from 1 drop up to 10pct …

I’ll usually look at medians take into consideration the manufacturer and read what other I trust say… If I cant find a trusted opinion ill look at median and lets say median is 3pct …ill do a test at 1 , 3 and 5 percent


You might want to invest in an inexpensive notebook pc like a Chromebook or something. It’s what I use to access the mixing side of the site and also where I keep my notes (backed up to my Google drive, of course) I’m disabled and have issues with holding a writing utensil for extended periods so the Chromebook is a damn godsend for me.


@Musicmixologist, I’m voting with @paingawd on this one. I have a dedicated HP small notebook just for mixing, and do use the ELR calc, but also mirror it with:


For backups, off-line mixing, as well as inventory control !!!


<3 haha!! Yes… Think about that for a second…

If you do not know your solo flavors, how can you put a good recipe together on the fly? :laughing:


I forgot to add, thanks out to @TorturedZen for the easy ELR importing into the ejuice calculator.


I ran into that , too, Musicmixologist. I did find various % but, I also found them to be all over the board, too. On my first run, everything was kinda weak, except for the nicotine base; nailed it with ease. Sooo, taste is subjective; back to what everyone says in eliquid reviews…(how Bazooka and One hit wonder juice ever became popular, I don’t know!) So far I have been able to fix the weak stuff by just a few drops here and there. Then, wait another day and try it. My first recipes were really kinda on the fly, a little bit here and and there; really just some guess work. And steep times. Batch 1 was a week (custard bases so one week is pretty much so the rule for them, according to a lot of what I am seeing… Patience is a virtue, but unfortunately it’s not one of mine. Sweetener was in the second round of flavors I got…and a I am very glad I got a big bottle! Really helps round things out. Flavor Art and Flavor West seem to be a little weak…I start testing the next 2 batches today, mostly TPA and Capellas; so we shall see. Being a noob too, I think we are both headed in the right direction, for what that’s worth…


This is going to vary greatly depending on which Custards you use and how you use them. I hear Flavorah Custard and Pudding can steep fairly fast, like 3 days to 2 weeks, but Cap, Tpa, etc. can take much longer to fully realize their potential.

Vanilla Custard RFSC, which I use a lot, takes 2 weeks to get some decent texture, 30 days to really tell what it can do. Some mixers steep their Custards for a few months!

I’m not saying you need to do this, just that you might benefit from making a batch to just toss in the back of a drawer and forget about it for a while, just to see the difference. Maybe test it for a week, see if you want to adjust the basic ratios, get happy with it, then make a 30ml bottle for the long steep test.

If you go by the assumption that Custards take a week, at the end of the week you may be tricked into thinking the recipe is a dud, when all it needed was a few more weeks to mature.


No doubt…I think even if I didn’t like it, I’d still shelf it for awhile…hopefully remembering to slap a post it note on it so I could repeat it or avoid it like the plague. Either way, you learn! Flavorah? That’s another new one…for me anyway. I have to admit, I kinda tried to stay with the basics simply due to availability and reviews. 3 day steep on a custard?! You have my full attention! Out of the first 4 I made, 1 will go back to the cabinet for a some extra flavoring and time. There was another one I planned to redo, but Husband put dibs on it. There’s a third one that is close but just not perfect yet. #4 the Vape Gods smiled upon me!! I will be trying a 120 in this, assuming I don’t make myself sick on it. RY4 is probably one of my first vape loves…


It took some digging, but I found where I’d come across that 3 day thing. Jump to 4min 30sec on the vid. I have not tried this, but Fresh03 is a very experienced mixer.


Ive tried it and well nevermind I like fresh lol…Seriously though i dont get a custard kike VCV1 cap from it , thats just me though


Why are you comparing it to Cap? Just curious. Does it give a Custard result if trying to compare it to an actual Custard? I haven’t and likely never will try any of these, of course, but I’m curious if the fact that it doesn’t taste like Cap VCV1 was the deal breaker.


Or any Vanilla Custard that I enjoy… I say Cap bc its the most used VC … Also freshs custard is a quick custard that is supposed to be a replacement for long steeping custard ie VCV1… I get a fuller LB VIC from it opposed to a eggy VC …With LB VIC I have to use another cream and vanilla to get a fuller VIC since I have to use it under 3.75pct due to pepper tasting :frowning:…hopefully im answering your question since it seems im rambling


Right on. You did answer the question. Thanks for the insight, man! Even though I don’t use these concentrates, I still learn from how others use and feel about them.

I wonder if your results were a common result from ppl trying it, and maybe that’s why he did that Eggy version I posted above.


Thats could be…i didn’t even know he did another version …