More on the whole 5G network thing

Dunno guys, not sure about this stuff. Everything I read, that’s NOT posted by a carrier, seems to have strange news, details, and facts about 5G as a whole, the spectrum that it resides in, and the possible effects on users. Re-posting some military info, as they are using the same tech./frequency band that 5G will operate in, for an Active Denial System. Further research, shows that it was a joint effort by Israel and India, but Israel may NOT be using it, and/or is lagging way behind in implementing it ??

Just sayin …

If Israel invented it, they’re not deploying it ??


For decades, Americans were told things like cigarette smoke, DDT, Monsanto and other pesticides were safe, when we now know they’re linked to cancer and other health problems. So are we going to do it again — on a massive scale — with wireless without even properly studying human health impacts. (Or considering possibly safer ways of doing things?)


Not saying it is all fear mongering, but we were all promised to develop brain cancer by using mobile phones the first years they came out, not to mention testicle cancer for men putting their phone in their pants’ pockets.
Up to today, I still hear people having a tremendous fear for wifi signals… Remember the days that people thought CERN was going to create a black hole that would swallow the earth?

Similar stories will come up with every advance in technology.


Fair enought @anon28032772, fair enough. Points well made. Look, I wouldn’t know if the sky was falling untill it landed on me. I’ve been talking to a few friends, most EE in black box design, and most have pointed me to articles, some of which I linked to. I did find it interesting that Israel was a co-developer but aren’t rolling it out, or are falling way behind ? The fact that the SAME band(s) are indeed used by the military for the above mentioned anti-personel is yet another, but once I looked into how it actually worked, and how MANY micro cells will be required, I think I drank the kool aide.

Your examples are spot on, so I’m not saying this is for sure, but I’m going to register domain, JUST to be safe.

Instead of relying on large towers placed far apart, the new signals will come from smaller equipment placed an average of 500 feet apart in neighborhoods and business districts. Much of the equipment will be on streetlights or utility poles, often accompanied by containers the size of refrigerators on the ground. More than 300,000 cell stations now provide wireless connections, and 5G will bring hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — more.


I think there is an easier way than tinfoil hats I find them a little uncomfortable to wear day in day out so I have opted for a different method.

But really we should always trust the big corporations as they always have the interests of the average man at heart as history has proven. :grinning:


Well, I’m no expert in the field, but compare it with AM and FM radio. The more information you’re going to send over a signal, the smaller the range of the signal is. Same with 2.4 and 5GHz wifi, same will be the difference between our current technology and 5G, hence they have to put more equipment to reach people’s phones.

And in any case, it’s the governments / telecom that decide on it, not something that you can control so why lay awake at night about it? I’m sure that many different countries do feasibility studies before implementing it and IF there is serious risk in any shape or form, at least a few countries will shout it out loud.


Well, from what I’ve been told, and read, the order of magnitude of power dwarfs what you see today with AM/FM/WIFI/Broadcast TV, etc. I’m reading about how safe (claimed) it is because it is non-ionizing radiation vs. ionizing radiation, but I’m not sold myself. Still asking around …

Just putting it out there. I don’t fear change, I just fear BAD change…


Short version:


@anon28032772 I guess asking Carriers/Providers if 5G cells are safe, is like asking Big Tobacco if smoking is safe ??


Hehe yes @woftam, yes.


I’m not sure how things go in the states, but before a company can install the equipment by us, they have to follow a registration process with the government. No company can just start using any signal.
In that registration process, they have to provide all the details and they don’t succeed in getting approval if anything is wrong with it, if it poses health issues or anything like that.

Companies here do get approval to roll out 5G, so I really can’t imagine that it’s going to be all that bad. Hence I’m not too worried about it.
Media feeds off people’s fear. It hooks people to keep reading/watching/listening to their stories and that sounds like a much more plausible explanation TBH.


No idea. I’m sure there is valid information here as well as hyperbole. I’m not able to sort it out.


They have the same procedure for chemicals. They have to be re-approved every 10 years. They have to look into all the new research and see if it is still considered safe.
They have just approved a whole plethora of chemicals of which a handful are known to be harmful because they haven’t got the time to do the research and are shit scared of being sued by Monsanto/Bayer and co.

So that’s reassuring, they would never sell us down the river because they care.

I have no opinion about the 5G thing cause I know shit about it but I do remember a lot that happened in the past and we’ve been lied to over and over. They don’t give a toss about common people so I always look for the evil stepmother when I’m hearing a fairytale. :elf: :lying_face:

We are living in a time where corporations are richer than governments so who do you think is calling the shots?


‘5g’ has a ~24ghz carrier mode which is adjacent to the frequency used for weather radars used by the US.
As much as I prefer the bombers to stay in their hangars, it seems that this is somewhat surprisingly conceived.

The rest of the frequencies are broadly the same, only change of protocol and encoding, as far as I know.


Lower 5G Frequency Bands (future considerations):
The bands 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1.5 GHz, 2.1 GHz, 2.3 GHz and 2.6 GHz are considered for traditional coverage applications and new specific usages such as Internet of Things (IoT), Industry Automation, and Business Critical use cases. However “refarming” will be required for most of these bands, hence the time required to have them allocated to 5G will be longer than the higher bands.


In the far-field of a source of RF energy (e.g., several wavelengths distance from the source) whole-body absorption of RF energy by a standing human adult has been shown to occur at a maximum rate when the frequency of the RF radiation is between about 80 and 100 MHz, depending on the size, shape and height of the individual. In other words, the SAR is at a maximum under these conditions. Because of this “resonance” phenomenon, RF safety standards have taken account of the frequency dependence of whole-body human absorption, and the most restrictive limits on exposure are found in this frequency range (the very high frequency or “VHF” frequency range). …

… At relatively low levels of exposure to RF radiation, i.e., field intensities lower than those that would produce significant and measurable heating, the evidence for production of harmful biological effects is ambiguous and unproven. Such effects have sometimes been referred to as “non-thermal” effects. … there has been no determination that such effects might indicate a human health hazard, particularly with regard to long-term exposure. …

… Biological effects that result from heating of tissue by RF energy are often referred to as “thermal” effects. … Under certain conditions, exposure to RF energy at power density levels of 1-10 mW/cm2 and above can result in measurable heating of biological tissue (but not necessarily tissue damage). The extent of this heating would depend on several factors including radiation frequency; size, shape, and orientation of the exposed object; duration of exposure; environmental conditions; and efficiency of heat dissipation. … Two areas of the body, the eyes and the testes, are known to be particularly vulnerable to heating by RF energy because of the relative lack of available blood flow to dissipate the excessive heat load (blood circulation is one of the body’s major mechanisms for coping with excessive heat).

… Studies have shown that environmental levels of RF energy routinely encountered by the general public are far below levels necessary to produce significant heating and increased body temperature.

Source: “Questions and Answers about Biological Effects and Potential Hazards of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields”; Federal Communications Commission Office of Engineering & Technology;
OET Bulletin 56, Fourth Edition, August 1999


52 references to various study reports investigating possible damage from RF radiation here (2017 paper).

Mobile phone tips. Do remember not to peer too close with one’s eyes to those racy video streams on the tiny screen (lest your eyeballs boil), and do take care when recording those selfies “way down under” … :grimacing:


What I find funny is that a lot of the negatives/scaremongering (depending on your view) to 5g are being promoted on social media by the usual bots and sockpuppet accounts from Russia, and also on RT English media/tv channels… yet that very same country is pushing full steam ahead with its own 5g (as is China).

Who ever wins the 5g race, will have a huge head start in the IT infrastructure war currently being waged with all the economic advantages that winning it will bring. Although its arguable that its a never ending war, that will ebb-and-flow forever.

Also the sooner a country goes full 5g, the sooner the other bands can be re-allocated to other things (think of a kind of country wide wi-fi system for low bandwidth internet of things devices which would make sense with increased address range of IP6 and would also mean you could have IOT devices without having to have a terrestrial broadband router, which opens up a huge market sector to sell IOT devices to those people who consume the internet via mobile only which is a rapidly expanding cohort).


You may be right, but it’s still not going to keep me up at night.

I don’t care too much for phones personally. They’re useful when they’re needed and that’s about it. I’m not your average phone user either. Last time I topped up my phone with £10, it lasted me a year or more :smile: and half of the time I’m not even in the same room my phone is in. The only thing I spend a bit of time on is ELR… no twitter, FB or anything like that. There’s more to life than watching a screen.

But for those who are glued to a screen, I guess I can see what you’re worried about. But then 5G is just 1 of the many things to be concerned about.


Here is a fairly good article:


Yes, it’s all Putin’s fault :rofl:
Actually, there’s more to this story… Putin is behind the whole Huawei scandal too, he whispered in Trump’s ear that China is using them to spy. Reaction: let’s pull all American software support for Chinese phone vendors (Android, Apple, Microsoft, … ALL American companies). Now finally the market will open up for other software vendors (like in Russia, China, Europe, …) and more and more economic power will seep away from the US.
I’m telling you, Putin is all behind it, it’s all part of his grand plan!

(if you believe in conspiracy theories lol)


Yeah, to be honest giving Russia an almost god like power where everything bad/negative/conspiratorial can be attributed to them as if they were some fantastic mastermind is kinda self defeating…

That said, its the Russians, Chinese, Saudi’s, Israelis… and the English, French, Americans… they are all at it to some degree or other.

Also, I’m not saying that the Aliens are doing it… but the Aliens are doing it.