MTL for newbies

Hey Vape Fam! My mother in law is looking to quit smoking. I gave her my pico since its a fairly easy to use device. Only problem is that shes not used to DL. I am planning to pick up a nautilus 2 for her but because i have no experience with MTL tanks, should i look into getting her a MTL tank or tell her to try and get used to the DL type of vape? if i do go with a MTL tank, what else would be a good tank for her? keep in mind the more simple the better so no rebuilding lol. Also one more question (might be a dumb one lol) is 6mg easier to vape on MTL than DL?

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I’m sure you’ll find lots of info in this one post :grinning:
My sister does MTL and she just cannot do DL so I don’t know about your mum in law getting used to DL. Some people just cannot.
As for the nicotine, I don’t do MTL so I’m not sure but I think you get more vapour with DL so more nicotine too in one draw. I’m sure someone will chime in to correct me if I’m wrong. This forum is chockfull of know it alls :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I probably have way to many tanks than I should whether it’s MTL, Subohm, RDA, RTA or RDTA. But I can tell you from my experience as well as my Wife’s, that the Nautilus 2 is the ABSOLUTE BEST MTL tank we have! I bought one to try 5 days ago to try, and today ordered 4 more. It gives off more Vape than any MTL Tank we have, but most importantly, the flavor is FANTASTIC! I care alot more about flavor than the clouds. I wish it held more than 2ml though.


Thanks for the feedback! i guess ill just grab one for her to try and if she doesnt like it she can just stick to the melo 3 mini.


I recently bought a couple of nautilus BVC tanks, great MTL tanks and easy to use

If you go all sub ohm on her… it will be way too much. It took me well over two years to be able to use even a .5 coil with 20 watts.

I’m going to say to get her used to the whole vaping lifestyle with MTL and manage her expectations. Tell her she will have to spend a good 75.00 to get started and then a hundred later once she learns and gets used to the steam.

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