MTL Tank suggestion

Hi all, I started vaping some months ago and after some try and error, I finally found the hardware fitting my needs with a Nautilus 2. Yeah I’m a MTL vaper and have no intention to switch to DL.

Now, I’m looking to buy a second tank and since I’m very happy with the Nautilus 2, I’m very confused about what to buy. I have had a semi-bad experience with a Joyetech Cubis Pro, which doesn’t work bad but it’s way far in taste and smoothness compared to the Nautilus 2. Also tried a SMOK thing for DL, but I don’t like it, MTL is my style.

Now I’d like to have an alternate tank, but comparable to the Nautilus 2, so to not get disappointed and leave this one too taking dust as the Cubis Pro.

The biggest advantage of the Nautilus is, from what I understand, the BVC coil, and since this also fits the Triton Mini, I’m considering it. Additionally, having to buy a single coil type for both, would be nice.
Is the Triton Mini comparable in matter of taste and vaping experience to the Nautilus 2? And if so, what other problems have the Triton Mini? Leaking? Poor airflow? …

On the other hand, I’d also like to try something different than Aspire, provided it’s comparable to the Nautilus 2 in term of great taste smoothness.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve got an old Eleaf Lemo Drop that I absolutely love. Archaic looking thing. Not handy at all. Bottom fill. Absolutely utilitarian. A piece of vaping history that vapes like a dream.


You just described all my gear…lol.

If you’re happy with the Nautilus 2 and their coils, why not just buy another Nautilus 2?

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I can’t help but chuckle sometimes with all the new wiz-bang stuff coming out. Ya, ok, it’s pretty neat in it’s own right but will it really vape any better than some of the older gear? Usually not.

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I have to agree. I had one goal when I started vaping. Replace the cigs. I focused on simple gear that did that.
I like vape mail as much as anyone. Mine just usually comes from the clearance bin. :grin:

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This ongoing thread of MTL vapers may be the place to look and also interact with some of the MTL pros. I personally like the Kayfun5 clone when I need a MTL set up. @worm1 would be one of the resident experts on how to locate one.

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Could check out these posts:
Traveling clearomizer
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Flash e Vapor V3 and V4 are great for MTL. Easy to wick, 5ml, undestroyable. About 20 $ for a clone at Fasttech or Gearbest. Search for FeV
I Like it very much. The K5 has to much air for me.

New i got the Siren 2. Is also very nice and has a wide range of Aircontrol.


If you like the Nautilus 2 I would just get the Nautilus Mini. In my opinion better than the 2 and with the same BVC coils.

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well i could suggest you

a) Kangertech Top Tank Mini
b) Kangertech Protank 4 (toptank and protank other than the manufactured atomizers also have an RBA to make you own builds, Toptank comes with a single deck, Protank4 with a velocity Rba)
c) Smok Brit (i don’t really like this one but it’s supposed to be one of your choices)
d) Vandy Vapes Berzerker RTA (it’s an amazing RTA for MTL)
e) Triton Mini (it’s ASpire too, though you said you want to avoid, it’s still an Excellent choice)
f) Wotofo Serpent Mini (works as both MTL and DL…i like that one)

there are way many more choices, i am sure other people in the forum can guide you much better since i am more a DL vaper… :wink:

gl and hf :slight_smile:

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If you’re interested in branching out and trying a rebuildable…the Digiflavor Siren V2 MTL atomizer is supposed to be pretty awesome. Plenty of build tutorials on youtube about this tank. And only requires one coil, say a simple 26 guage wire coil. Flavor is supposed to be great, airflow is very adjustable. Been thinking about it myself even.

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Personally loved my nautalius x. thinking on and off again about going back to that setup, especially since they released the survival kit, and i can now treat it as an rta. hate dropping money on coils. And yet, I’m still eyeballing stuff like the icare 2 because i want a smaller, mtl like experience that packs more punch. yeesh.

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I absolutely love my SXK Billet Box clone for MTL. It comes with an attachment for the Nautilus coils or you can go for the Exocet / Insider coils. I’m currently using the Exocet and just love it.

I like both the Triton I and II. I think I like the I a little better because of the look.

I have 2 of these & can say they are great little tanks!.. reliable & flavorful. I also have a Nautilus X - not as good as the mini’s IMO.

However, if its a first class MTL vape that you’re after, then…

…is the only way to go!! Its really easy - not as hard as you might think. you can buy pre-wrapped coils if you dont want to wrap your own & each coil will last you weeks & weeks (& weeks!..if not months …depending on the wire you use). All you gotta do is swap the cotton out …usually once a week or so - you’ll be doin it with your eyes shut in no time!! It really is a far more superior vape than BVC coils!
I have the Siren V1 - its a stellar vape except for the airflow, however this issue has been sorted with the V2
I also have a Berserker by vandy vape - tremendous flavor - my go-to MTL tank that I use every day. (In case you get one of these, I’ll just tell you now that the deck can be prone to flooding (gurgling) if you dont fill it correctly - close the airflow to fill then put the top-cap back on and turn it upside down when you reopen the airflow - havent flooded once using this method!)
Which ever way you choose… Enjoy!

Wow, such an incredible amount of suggestions! :sunglasses:
Thank you so much everyone, I will carefully check all the options you suggested.

One thing I’m now also considering is a rebuildable. Aspire BVC coils are good but won’t last more than a week and I’m kind of sick of wasting money on coils.

The Kayfun is an interesting object, though expensive. Someone know where to find a good clone (in Germany) for starting? I also see they now made a Kayfun Prime tanks which is specifically made for MTL. Someone tried it already?

Again, thanks a lot for the suggestions. Amazing community this :+1:

Oh my gosh, the Lemo Drop was great as MTL, probably one of the best restrictive draw tanks I had. The drip tip was so long, but it didn’t seem to impede flavor much. Didn’t leak a single drop either. I wish I hadn’t got rid of it, it would be stellar for menthol flavors.
Ha keeps correcting to Lemon Drop :grinning:

Here ya go! You’re in luck!

It is truly a classic. Get a lot of positive remarks as well as an amazing vape.