N.E.T ~ Cold Ethanol Tobacco Extraction

I might be giving this technique a try real soon seeing as how things might go south with the FDA and the aquisition of nicotine. The process looks fairly simple and straightforward…easy enough for the novice DIY NET enthusiast. :wink:



Very interesting… this is one to save.


I agree ,this is the method I’m most interested in.

My cold ethanol NET maceration process went something like this:

Combined 15g of tobacco (Peter Stokkebye London Export, purchased at the local tobacco shop) with 150ml of PGA (151 proof was available to me).

This mixture went into and out of the freezer a total of 4 times over 4 days (freeze/thaw); I read where this aids in the extraction process of the tobaccos flavor, due to the contraction and expansion of the leaf. No shaking of the mixture took place.

This mixture was strained 5 times, via ordinary brown cone coffee filters. Then the filtered NET was placed back in the freezer for the “winterization” process of impurities falling to the bottom of the container. The winterization was in place for 6 days.

The NET was strained 3 times through brown cone coffee filters. Upon the first strain, I made sure not to disturb the sediment at the bottom of the container. The sediment was discarded. After this process, 100ml of NET remained.

Now, the evaporation process.

I took the 100ml of NET and poured it into a clean glass bowl, placed the uncovered bowl on a shelf in a closet and let nature do the rest. After 72 hrs of open air evaporation time, 25ml of NET remained. This 25ml of NET was then strained one last time through a brown cone coffee filter. The result was a clear golden NET liquid.

I have used this NET with good success at a rate of 20% in my mixes. I typically mix the NET with VG, steep in a warm rice bath, whiz with a milk frother during the steep process a few times and then allow the mix to open air breath/steep for another 24 hours to allow more of the PGA to evaporate from the mix. The result was awesome. The full flavor of the Virginia tobacco was present. There is a, ever so slight, alcoholic taste to the mix, due to the PGA, but this does not distract to much from the flavor of the tobacco.

Now for the question of the nicotine content in the final NET product. I remember reading where normal titration of a NET, such as this, would not yield a true reading of the nicotine content. With that being read and said, it was time for experimentation; myself being the guinea pig.

I typically mix my liquids at 10mg nic. I know that if I vape a dripper with speed, say 10 deep pulls within 60 seconds and do that twice in a row, I start feeling the effect of the nicotine in a hurry…so much so, sometimes I have to lay down due to a nicotine high. I performed this experiment with my NET mix @ 20% in VG… No nicotine high. So, I can say that with my process of Cold PGA NET, the nicotine content of the final product is negligible.

At the moment, I am enjoying this NET@ 20% with:
FA Joy @ .75%
IDE Caramel @ 1%
100mg nic @ 10mg

Very tasty indeed. :yum:

I will show a few pics of the process when I post my ventures with the Hot/Cold NET maceration of the same tobacco.


I’m very interested in this process as it seems easy and being I’m a (make my own smokes) kinda guy I have tobacco on hand,which could help me greatly IMHO versus switching to fruity/creamy liquids.

Was this basically you total process,if so I’m submerging tobacco as soon as you verify.
Anything you could add to help a first ter at N.E.T. ?

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Guys, I apologize, but this is one of my pet peeves :smile: I’m sure you mean 10 mg nic. 10% nic is 100 mg/ml :wink:

Awesome write-ups you do though! :smiley:

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This is true…I sometimes mix my juices at 10mg Nic (i.e. using 100mg/ml Nic). I should be clear about that. It’s just when I’m thinking about it, I see the recipe calculator in my head and the Nic is at 10% at the top of the far right column of the calculator. :wink:

As below:

I really think this is about the easiest and fastest method of achieving a NET liquid. Other methods take weeks of room temp steeping, should you have the time and patience.

I have seen where folks put more tobacco (i.e. 1oz, basically 30g) in the container; this would just seem to intensify the flavor of the tobacco.

But other than that, is really simple @601VaPoRs …and tasty! :wink:

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I’m going to try this method. I couldn’t get any PGA, apparently they are not allowed to sell it over here. Trust me to find a place that sells it anyway :grinning:
As soon as it is delivered I will get to work, I’ll get some cigars I think.

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Cool! See if you can get a cigar with a Ligero wrapper or filler. This leaf is by far the tastiest leaf I have vaped; bold and spicy! :yum:

I will say, that the cold/freezer method will produce a lighter vaping experience, however, with using the Ligero leaf, that could change for the bolder and better (and yet smoother).

There is not a lot of choice in the cigar department at the tobacconist. I found a box of Wilde La Paz,which is a Havana cigar, they are just not allowed to call them that because they don’t originate in Havana.
I can’t find which leaf they use for this one but they smell good. :grinning:

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Tonight’s project: Quick filter on a Virginia steeped for a month in a 50PGA/50Bushmills Black Bush tincture and then off to the freezer for a bit of winterization. I’m hoping the essence of the Bushmills makes it into the mix. Trial and error, yup, but fun!


Well, trial and error says… The flavor of the Bushmills (sherry-seasoned oak cask)
whiskey didn’t really make it into the mix. :smirk: However, there is plenty of sweet Virginia leaf goodness though! This extract or any heavy Virginia leaf extract makes for an awesome morning vape; gentle, sweet and smooth. :grinning: