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Need help for single/solo/standalone recipe


Hey everyone, I’m new to diy mixing, so can someone suggest me the best single complete profile concentrates for 50/50 ratio at 12mg.


Welcome aboard! I would start here : Be polite and introduce yourself! and then begin reading all beginner topic threads. You will learn to adapt any recipe to whatever pg/vg ratio you want as well as any nic level. Gl to u!


Welcome to the Rabbit hole…no suggestions sorry I’m still searching myself.


Thank you for prompting me. Still new so trying to figure out things. Didn’t know about the be polite and introduce part. Anyway, done! :+1:


No worries buddy :blush:


Have you considered buying one shots from places like Liquid Barn , the recipe is already developed you only need to add your VG PG and Nic to whatever ratio you like …


I have made a lot on one shots from different brands. Wanted to start with mixing on my own.


So for a full profile from a single flavor the only few I know are from Purilum. They are Ambrosia and Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream.

It may be better to start with 3 flavor recipes.


After doing a bit of research i have come across some.
Capella sweet guava
Capella lemon meringue pie
Capella blueberry jam
Capella vanilla bean icecream
Capella strawberry taffy
INW cactus
FA forest mix
Capella double apple
TFA banana nut bread

What do you guys think? I’m i going the right way!


I dont have alot of those but cactus might be a little weird by itself, it is a great mixer though. I think lemon meringue pie and forest mix are good, I can add a few good standalone flavors

vanilla custard v1 - CAP
WOW (donut) - Flavor Art
Biscuit - Jungle flavors
New york cheesecake - CAP
Watermelon (clear) - Lorann’s
Sugar cookie v1 - CAP
Strawberry shisha or raspberry shisha - INW


Firstly, welcome to the wonderful world of DIY @Salman2. You’ll find a great family here at ELR.

I’m not sure about these having a “complete profile” or not but when I first started mixing I obviously began with solo testing and the following flavors weren’t too bad as single flavour mixes. I actually used to make them up at 50/50 12mg myself (have changed to 40/60 and 10mg since then) and used them in my tanks while I was experimenting with more complex 3-4 flavor mixes.

Flavors I still use as SF mixes from time to time:

FW Green Goblin @ 6%
INW Shisha Strawberry @ 4%
FLV Cinnamon Crunch @ 4.5%
CAP Peppermint @ 5%

Ones I used to use but don’t any longer:

INW Shisha Raspberry @ 2.5%
CAP Pear w/Stevia @ 5%
FW Butterscotch Ripple @ 10%
TPA Irish Cream @ 8%

These may be of interest to you so try some out and see what you think. I hate to say this but as we all know, “taste is subjective” and what worked for me may or may not work for others. Just sayin’… Oh and read those links @TheTinMan and @worm1 gave you. Research is the way to go my friend :nerd_face: Good luck!


Thank you @TheTinMan and @worm1 for the wonderful post. Its been a very informative one. @DardyVape thank you mate for your suggestions. Will order some concentrates and see how they go and then ill shift adding creams to the fruits for my second step. Excited :ghost:


@warkwarth thank you mate for your wonderful suggestion. I’ll work on it. People here on ELR are wonderful.:hugs:


a few suggestions to start with single flavor vape :
Strawberry milkshake flavor west
Strawberry cream tpa
Peach and cream capella
Lemon cake inawera
Lemon meringue pie capella or flavor west
Blueberry graham waffle flavor west
Cola flavour art
Sweet tea tpa
There are a lot more, I just couldn’t remember tgem right now.


Can you suggest me the percentage for this. I like few in this. How is the sweet tea?


The percentage for most of the flavors are around 8-12% except lemon cake inawera and cola flavour art, at 3%. Sweet tea tpa at 5% according to percentage average in the recipe side.

The sweet tea have some lemon to it, not too much. And not cold. I usually use it at 8-12% with some (0.5-1%) sweetener and some chiller (I use ws 23) added since my taste buds is weaker than most and I like strong flavor. You could start at 5%, maybe.


Truth is, it’s been a while since I mix sweet tea. If I mix it now, maybe I’ll mix it at 5-7% and try it with no added sweetener or chiller.


Thank you @delltrapp. Very kind of you brother :+1:


CAP lemon meringue pie v1 is good, VTA lemon meringue tart is better. If you get the cap I’d suggest adding another lemon to the mix.