Need some ELR vet's opinions/help, TFA Pie Crust

After having tried a couple of testers on this, and then looking at ratings of a fair few folks I respect, I’ve got to shout out for help and insights here.

@MysticRose @LordVapor @Kinnikinnick @Lars @JoJo @Mofogger @BoyHowdy @Flavologist @Lostmarbles
All of you have rated this 3 stars and higher, which leads me to question various aspects.

Anyways, I used my normal (actually, slightly lower) TFA starting points when I mixed two SA test bottles. One at 4%, one at 6%, both were mixed on 6-16.

Given I usually start my testing with the lowest percentage, then work my way up (so a strong flavor doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds right out of the gate)… When I tried the 4%, the flavor was plenty full especially for a TFA, but I get ZERO pie-related anything from this?

Is this one of “exception to the rule flavors” (for TFA percentages), and I just seriously need to dial it back (like what? 1%?) It just feels like things are that far out of whack.

Or maybe it’s because the flavor is that old, and y’all didn’t have some of the more recent (and more accurate) flavors at the time, so it got ‘high marks’ for what it did in it’s day, and those ratings were just never adjusted?

Or is this something you all use on occasion to this day, and stand behind your rating?

I get nothing to do with pie from it, and find myself at a loss of how to describe the oddity in tasting. (Somewhat similar to the reaction I had with FA Joy, but no flavor similarities that I can recall -though it’s been sometime since I SA tested that)

Appreciate your thoughts.


To be honest, I don’t remember trying this as a standalone. I’ve primarily used this in the past more for the apple-cinnamon accent flavor in bakery recipes than anything else. The cinnamon is pretty weak, but there - which is OK with me as cinnamon vapes irritate my throat. If I remember correctly this one was recommended somewhere in the 9 -15% range for standalone which seems high to me but like I said, I use it for more of an accent.
I hope you find the flavor you’re looking for.


Perhaps you are thinking of apple pie?
Or at least, I hope you are! If not, something’s gone seriously wrong for me. Lol

I’m definitely not getting any apple, nor cinnamon from it.


Oh crap! LOL you’re right, sorry. I’ll have to check my notes on this because I don’t remember it at all.


For myself the tfa pie crust becomes noticable at only 0.25% and i find the sweet spot between 0.25-0.5% . Anything higher and it tastes begins to taste burnt and gritty. For a better pie crust try NV pie crust 1-1.5%


I wish I could help out more with this, however, it’s been a long while since I used the TFA APC. I must admit, I could get lazy about giving descriptions for flavors. I rated it pretty highly, but can’t remember a darned thing about it! :pensive:


That’s a new acronym on me…
I doubt it’s Nevada Flavors. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that in the mix? Or as standalone?


lol…I’m with everyone else. I never tasted it SF, and I never go over 1% or it’s like cardboard, it’s persnickety. I don’t use it much either, but I do remember I thought it did well to pull out crust notes in pie .25-.75% area. Like in already existing pies, like apple, caps lemon meringue, banana cream pie, etc. But it only accented existed flavors, similar to FA Cookie. But it does accent more of a floury non sweet version than cookie. Flaky mouth feel or body is NOT enhanced. I think that is why I stopped using it, I ended up liking shortbread cookie more, for the buttery body.

Damn, things have evolved so quickly in diy. I mention needing to update my recipes a few days ago. Might need to revisit my notes and ratings also.


Nic Vape :smiley: it boggles the mind that so few use or know of them to be honest. They have some great flavorings IMO.

Yes that would be in a mix. If i were building a pie the crust would contain other supporting flavors like:
Cap sugar cookie 2-4% and/or
Zibelli cookie 2.5%
GF cookie 2%
NV pie crust 1-1.5%
JF biscuit 1%
Or my new potential favorite : Purilum cookie (testing at 2%)


Awesome info Mrs Lisa!!
Much appreciated ma’am! =D

The question arose as a result of my doing a “bakery shootout” recently. And this was one of them.
For curious minds, this included:

  • Ina Biscuit
  • FA Cookie
  • Cap Sugar Cookie (v1 of course)
  • FA Zeppola
  • TFA Pie Crust

As a result of the above, I can easily understand what you’re saying about the FA Cookie! It’s definitely not a standalone (which was disappointing) but it will come in useful. I guess the next one(s) I’ll have to try are the FLV Fried Dough (which will be on the way once the weekend clears, as is FLV Apple Filling!!) and FLV Cookie Dough (which is on the back burner until the next round of funding presents itself).

[quote=mixologist13]If i were building a pie the crust would contain other supporting flavors like:
Cap sugar cookie 2-4% and/or
Zibellie cookie 2.5%
GF cookie 2%
NV pie crust 1-1.5%
JF biscuit 1%[/quote]

You Wildman! You with all your rare flavor sources! I can see if I’m not careful, you have the potential to turn into another Beaufort_Batches on me…
Harummph! lol I still have to try Nature’s Flavors, and Flavor Shack’s Holy Vanilla…

I need to finish learning the ropes on the “normal companies” before I go all “ooh I use the rare and hard to find shit…” :rofl: :grinning:

BTW, haven’t heard of or seen Zibellie or GF (whatever that stands for)… So I’ve got a fair bit of catching up to do first. :wink:


Let me know how it is. That is one on my list as well![quote=“Sprkslfly, post:10, topic:147963”]
I need to finish learning the ropes on the “normal companies” before I go all “ooh I use the rare and hard to find shit…” :rofl: :grinning:

BTW, haven’t heard of or seen Zibellie or GF (whatever that stands for)… So I’ve got a fair bit of catching u

Ditto on that. I still have a long way to go. I have no clue what those are either :slight_smile:


Ditto what everyone else said. I never tried it as a stand alone and I use it at pretty low %s in mixes and it tastes like pie crust to me. :slight_smile:


I don’t use it as a stand-alone, I do test every flavor as a SA, just to know the flavor and what it might possibly add to a recipe.
That’s why I rated as I did. It adds that flaky crust note that I’m going for when I don’t want a Graham crust, but an old fashioned flour crust.
I use it in the range of 0.5 - 1.25% depending on the supporting flavors.
I guess I should put in my notes that it would only rate 2 stars as a SA. (not my cup of tea)
Given how little I use it, my batch might be an older version (Dec 2015).
I highly recommend the (DIYFS) holy vanilla! I just wish I could find their source for it, because they are expensive IMO.
Tracked down their source for “angel food cake”. If you’re interested in an obscure flavor source try
quite a few of the (DIYFS) flavors are sourced from them. Very friendly people, too.


You reminded me why I bought/used it! I was trying to get that soft doughy texture when you bite into a churro and I thought this would do it. I believe I used it at 0.25% and it gave me the doughy texture but took away the outer fried texture that I also wanted. It really just added a soft dough-like sensation with a floury taste.


I’ve never used this flavor as a standalone either, more so as an enhancer of another. It does kinda give that “flakiness” to another crust, say pairing it with Cap’s Apple Pie to help bring out the crust a bit.


Pie Crust works OK as a pie crust in low % - if you up it, you get a …different flavor altogether. Personally I like it a lot at high percentages. I can’t really describe it (to be honest it’s been a while since I mixed with it). I got a pretty strong licorice note at high percentages, and I like that :slight_smile:

It does have to steep for at least a week for it to settle down, IIRC :slight_smile:


GF = German Flavors available at Vaperstek.
Zibelli flavors were promoted by , ohhh snap, Rip Trippers lol


Ahhh thank you!


I’ve messed around with a few diyfs flavors and the one I really like is the Holy vanilla. Do you think they are using vanillin (powdered) and mixing it with some crown royal liquor to make holy vanilla? Could be something of that nature. Idk!?


I don’t know how they’re making it or where it’s sourced from, but I can promise you, I will find it!
It’s one of the better vanilla I’ve tasted. There are a few other good ones out there, but this just gives a bakery type vape the perfect baked in vanilla taste.