New coils from Advanced Vape

Just rebuilt my Goon with Advanced Vape Supply coils and they rock. Stainless Steel are my favourite now. Must tell everyone that this is a great supplier from my great experience with them. Here are my Goon photos of my second build ever. So happy lol. Took me 3.5 hours and a few Budweisers lol.

Triple Core Fused Clapton Coils 316L SS (28gx3 /36g)
Flavour and vapour are excellent, cranked it from 80 watts to 110 and it was smooooooth.


I must also mention that they even packed a few free twisted coils to boot. Wow. Amazed


Those look really good. I have a spool of that wire from them also. It’s great


Thanks, I just ordered a Goon, been looking at the site for 3 days trying to figure out what coil to buy. I’m going to go with what you got. What do you think about getting the (30gx3 /38g)?

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I think I would go with a bigger diameter like what I purchased. I was recommended these sizes by Advanced Vape supply. I vape around 78-88 watts so they recommended larger size. I don’t know what you vape at but if you up higher go higher. Thin wraps from what I have learn’t are for lower wattages. These will also work ok at lower but so far I like what I have bought. When you see them in real life and not a picture you will see what I mean. They are pretty fragile. For price of them you can try for sure. Next time I am going for 3.5 mil coils to try out. Try what I have I am sure you will be impressed. Just make sure you dry hit these at real low wattage before use like 16 to start then no more than 20. It works for me, I am happy.

Take a look at these coils as well. Staggered Fused Claptons which are real nice that I am using in my Azeroth RDTA which I like on Temp control. They are going to be tried in my Goon next.

This RDTA has a Goon deck.


Just rebuilt the Azoth RTA with a dual coil parallel build that I made myself. One of the coils are a little wonky but second coil came out great IMO. 24 gauge Kanthal dual core for 6 wraps … which is actually 12 per side for total of 24 wraps in what is like 4 coils … phew…ohm out at .23 ohm… been meaning to make them for two weeks since I saw Rip tripper make them. I like em! Sick as tits!
What wattage would anyone say these would be rated and ideal for?
I’m burning them presently at 83 watts and it’s smooth then starting to heat up towards end.

Let me know what everyone thinks of them.


You should try some of their coils.I ordered some fused claptons from Advanced Vape. They were awesome and the price is excellent. I got ten 28gx3/36g fused claptons for $8.99! After a while I decided I would try out some other builders. I once spent $40 dollars on two pairs of coils. I’ve tried many different coils from builders in the mixing community.They were all excellent coils, but IMO they were not much more flavorful or better performing than the fused claptons from Advanced Vape. Instead of spending $15 bucks on one coil, I’ll order ten that taste about the same. He has tons of different types of handmade exotic coils, and he has a channel on youtube to help you with builds. You can get them pre-wrapped, 5 inch lengths, and spools.


Just bought some of these to check them out. Looking forward to it.

Which ones did you get?

I bought several kinds to try them out. Bought the Quad Core Fused Claptons, Staggered Fused Claptons and Triple Core Fused Claptons.

I just saw they added the quad core fused claptons. The three core are enough for me. I would like to try the staggered. Which is your favorite?

Hmm, you are correct… these Advanced Vape coils are great and last forever and a day more. Can’t really go wrong, price is right and guys are extremely helpful. I would and am going to pick up more exotics again.

So far I think the fused clapton is my favourite 26x2 or 3 wrapped in 32. Tried the staggered and some twisted things but fused clapton I’d say

Agree-- I like their quad core fused wire as well… The quad and 26x2 fused are my favorites… Easy to work with and great flavor.

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I just got to try them out with their last sale, I bought the triple core, quad core and staggered, I have mostly been hooked on the quad core so far, great quality wire, I think I am done with winding my own. these make it so easy to get great results,

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Ive been using advanced vape suppy for 1 1/2 years they are the best when it comes to stainless wire, there is no comparision to thier triple coil clapton (28x3/36) i buy in 100 ft rolls !

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