New DNA 200 Firmware & Profile Settings

This version improves a lot of the basics of EScribe. Here is a list of improvements, by no means complete:

  • Most windows are no longer modal.
  • In Options, User Interface allows you to choose a desired complexity.
  • This version is more modular. Device Monitor, Calculator, Production Utility, and Serial Terminal are now all optional install and can run separately.
  • Other changes.

Device Monitor has been improved as well:

  • You do not have to start EScribe to launch Device Monitor. It can be launched independently from the Start menu.
  • You can run multiple copies of Device Monitor, and uploading/downloading settings will pause it.
  • You can scroll back in time.

This version can communicate with DNA 60, 75, 200, and 250.



Thanks for the share , just unwrapped the SDNA75 and was needing to find this!



Thanks for the heads up!

scrambles to the main rig to download and start tweaking

EDIT: puts that plan on hold until more reading is done


Exactly ! This also is supposed to help with SS while using T/C!


Didn’t even check the link until I sat down at the PC…given this was a very nice direct link (thanks again!)…I wanted to read up a bit on the release thread…and so far, I’ve run across the following caveat in the ultra short two threads I’ve been into so far:

Post 663: states:

[quote]Posted by KTMRider
Do NOT upgrade your VaporShark DNA200 yet.

I have 3 DNA75 mods and 5 DNA200 mods. I upgraded all of them to the new firmware and they all work fine except the charging on the VS DNA200.
From the on screen USB Current field and a USB current meter, it looks
like the on board charger is ramping up to see how high it can charge.
It goes from 0.00a to 0.77a and then starts over again. Same values on
the mod and the meter. Plugged into my computer, it charges at a steady
.5a (+/- .02a). I don’t have a 1a charger but I have a 700ma charger and
it’s showing the same behavior. Plugging into my computer shows a
stable .5a charging. I rolled back the firmware to the 2.23.16 version
and no change. [/quote]

Full thread here:

Definitely recommend reading up a bit on this update a bit before applying it…as you may or not be affected depending on the device you have, as this is a ‘hefty’ revision.

Edit: Some promising notes though!!!

[quote=SquidgyB in post 655]Just wanted to pop in to confirm, SS TC is so much better now.

Shame 2A charging for the DNA 200 couldn’t be a firmware update as well, but the new SS performance is more than I could ask for.[/quote]

[quote=Foodieksadh in post 656]Yep the new escribe version 1.2 is
great upgraded both my dna75 and dna200 ss316l is much smoother. One bug reported and i experienced myself is the battery indicator goes to zero
Sometimes. Just upload and download settings again.[/quote]


You mean this version will have a better
Tc with ss?


I am still reading up on it but yes it is supposed to control the temp better while using SS.


FWIW to those that are also trying to ‘monitor’ their device settings/performance (with the goal of refining and tailoring to wire types, builds, atty, etc) while away from their pc…I recommend setting your main screen to reflect the following (this is while using 2016-02-29 (EScribe 1.0.42) mind you!):

Under the “Screen” tab (in EScribe) > Running:

  • Ohms (Standard)
  • Last Temperature
  • Last Power

I then also run with “Temperature Dominant” checked, and adjust my heat from there (while using power as a subset, only to make sure that I’ve got enough power to feed what the desired temperature should require).

Translating the above:
If you get good temperature at 30w, or 55w, or whatever in power mode, then you should use that as your base point of reference while trying to dial in the temperature from there, since you already know that you’ve got enough ‘heat’ in power mode at your given setting.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here, or if someone’s learned a better way, but this is the way I’ve come to view it (or at least my most effective methodology) over the last month or so of using my VT133 (limited experience, I know!). :slight_smile:

Hope this helps other new users!


My Vt133 did the same. I removed the batteries then reinstalled them and everything went back to normal.

I don’t use SS so I can’t comment on an improvement, but the Ti is working the same as before.


I run mine in the same manner, 100w/520F Temp Dominant/2second Punch/316L. For the coils i run it is perfect for me and my custards.

I havent grabbed the new FW or escribe yet but i will be pretty quick here, dern wife has me downstairs watching Family Feud. As of late i have had to run in power mode as i have been have a couple TC issues with 316L.


Nice find! -Yeah, I think that the person who posted that did ‘two soft resets’ (but it’s been a blur of a lot of reading in much too short a time) so it could be that he didn’t do a hard reset (which is what removing the batteries does ‘by force’).

I’m just so excited at the idea of having better/more accurate TC for SS that I’m just giddy… but I’m not sure if it’s giddy enough to not wait a ‘few more days’ to iron the ‘minor bugs’ out of a freshly minted new revision of software as well as firmware in the same breath. Especially considering that this is almost certainly being done in the ‘eye’s of 8/8’ staring blindly into their face. At least the update’s out!!


Once I did the Escribe Update I got a firmware update (Service Pack) for the mod. I guess this is the SS fix.


My Protovapor Silo went to zero “battery percentage” as well until I restored the factory settings and then downloaded the service pack.
I am also seeing a Watts setting in the materials tabs that I haven’t noticed before?


Yeah, that’s a LONG overdue shortcut (IMO) to having access to changing to ‘power mode’!

Another welcome addition!

I plan on using that set to 15-20w for a quick shortcut to ‘burn off’ the gunk/goo during cotton change outs! :wink:


I agree! I mostly use the Titanium as it works the best on T/C .With SS I often have to go back to power “watts” mode as the T/C can get a little contrary at times and I still like a clapton kanthal vape at times.
This will be a great addition![quote=“Sprkslfly, post:14, topic:78400”]
I plan on using that set to 15-20w for a quick shortcut to ‘burn off’ the gunk/goo during cotton change outs!

Great Idea!


Just tested, seems now it work stable as ni … at least the monitor show a more straight line :smiley:


Alrighty…I’ve read the bit there is to read for the moment (in both forums! lol) about the new DNA udpate…so I’m gonna let this ‘marinate’ for a little while I think before I dive in. Seems like it’s fairly safe to do so, but me being me (usually leaning to the play it safe side) I’ll wait for more reports from “John Q. Public” before I take the plunge! :stuck_out_tongue: After all, Evolv themselves file this under “Early Release” and the “Recommended” still shows as being v1.0.42!

Thanks to those being willing to ‘brave the rapids’ on our behalf! chuckles and grins


I tried to use SS about a month or so ago, but I had issues with it in TC. This is just my opinion, but nothing gives as clean a taste as Ti in TC mode. SS is more popular than Ti but I think if more vapers would try Ti in TC mode maybe they will see that it does give a much deeper/cleaner taste with zero metal taste. I only run DNA mods so I can’t comment on how other mods do with TI in TC mode.


Yeah…quoting myself. What an odd feeling. But rereading this thread while it all soaks in, this statement lept out at me in major fashion, and produced two immediate thoughts.

Thank God that I’m not them (Evolv)…the time crunches that they must have been under in order to deliver this before ‘the ball drops’.

The second? THANK YOU so much to the folks at Evolv for ALL you do, have done, and continue to do to support the products that you’ve brought to market thus far. They’re appreciated beyond measure. As is your support of them!!!


Yes… Thanks to Evolv for clearing up all of my issues with mods that don’t deliver what I need in a vape. I’ve been one happy vaper since I got my 1st DNA200.