New To Mixing - Where do I list my stash please?

Hello everyone, I’m new to mixing. I have a stack of supplies here and am waiting for the new battery to put in my scales. In the meantime, I would like to list my stash. I bought some Real Flavors (vg based) to try and also a dozen from The Flavor Apprentice. They are mainly fruit flavours, though I did include vanilla, pistachio, cucumber, coffee, creme brûlée, mimosa, yoghurt, molasses and chocolate passion (RF). I popped in a couple of DV (Decadent Vapours) Vanille Francaise as apparently it is the favourite of the chef @ Chef’s Vapours UK.
I will endeavour to make a higher vg ratio as I found a previous brand made me cough.
The fruits I ordered are everything from dragonfruit, pear, sugar plum, pomegranate, lychee, mango, passionfruit, nectarine etc.
I am happy to steep and store in a cool place but I thought I would leave any custard-pudding styles for later so I can experiment and taste early on.
I have composed another list with items such as smooth, acetyl pyrazine and marshmallow for mixing and sweetening. I have deliberately left out citrus flavours for the time being. Any comments welcome.


Here is a good read before starting off on the wrong foot


Thank you @LordVapor

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