Newbie experience with a heated mag mixer

Okay , it been argued here and there that heat is bad for your juice. And bad for your nic when mixing.

In the begining.

Like some I order starter kits from liquid barn and nic river. And read a little here and there. And this is how I mixed.

Measure out ingredients for a zero nic batch.
Then heat container with hot water from the k-cup to thin the vg
This helped with the mixing of what ever 300ml batch I was making with the egg beater from liquid barn.
Then put in storage bottle until needed . Some complex flavors sat a week

Very little impact on flavor if any. And some really realy good e-juice.

Ordered a heated mag mixer from amazon.

Party time, time to play mad scientist

First batch test batch to answer the age old question does heat hurt?

Mixed up sweet and sour peaches @ 6nic and turned the heat on… end result was surprising

Didn’t mix for to long maybe 20 minutes or so. Temp of heated E-liquid ??? Unknown didn’t have a thermometer. Estimate 140 + degrees

Juice tasted pretty good first few puffs. But if you hit it repeatedly you got a burnt nic taste. Now if you didn’t chain vape whole tank tasted real good. But I like to chain vape sometimes .

Second test

300ml Chocolate covered strawberries 0 nic @ 100 degrees for 2hrs uncovered container.

Taste pretty good. But seems like chocolate is muted a little. No burnt nic taste since nic was added to the 30ml bottle when making the 30ml test sample

Test 3 is in process of making

200 ml monkey fart

Heated pg/vg only to 140 degrees then turned off heat
Let cool to 100 degrees added flavor and put lid on
mix until cooled or 1hr which ever comes first

Edit : aroma from monkey fart even thou I reduced flavor from 20% to 10% still smells good. Mixed up a 30ml bottle 6 nic. Taste like monkey fart.

No burnt taste or muted flavor so for now 2 thumbs up for heating vg/pg first then let cool and add flavor.i forget who posted that method . But this appears to have no effect on muting final flavor.

Will test this more with these recipes later

strawberry hubba babba

Edit: will update this post as my journey continues…


2 thumbs up @mrpipes

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Not trying to sound too bewildered but… geezzz you make large batches.


What does that taste like?

I would suggest that is more as a result of wicking than mixing method

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Exactly my thoughts. As far as I know, nic has (as good as) no flavor and if it’s mistreated somehow, it can become harsh (or peppery like some say).

If anything starts to taste burnt, it’s unlikely due to the nicotine.

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Not wicking all factory made pomade coils. Tfv4 still using the coil that I tested the 50/50 sweet n sour peaches with.

I’d rather vape a dry coil… than taste that again

Just because it is a factory coil doesn’t mean the juice wasn’t wicking properly


I’m just trying to understand… I know what a dry coil tastes like (hence I vape temp control now), but it’s the first time I hear about burnt nic.

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Not really , when you take into account they are zero nic batches because I mix for more than myself…

Friend noticed same thing in his dripper. First hit was fine second hit left bad burnt taste if done back to back…

My conclusion Is the excessive heat burnt the nic… since the after taste is the taste I tasted when it was time for me to drop my nic…

It is possible to get a burnt taste from the flavours you used - coffees and chocolates and a few others but I have never got it from nic but hey anything is possible I guess


And since your other mixes were done with different flavors, this is also my line of thinking. You should do a test with the 0 nic juice to see if it’s really the nic or your flavors.

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One of the methods he tried was more or less mine so maybe I can point to a helpful method for determining a problem. Lets call it the turd in the soup method: one little turd makes the whole pot taste shitty. :grin:

Obviously what I mean is to isolate everything from all others and examine each separately until the cause (turd) is found. He suspects that the problem was caused by stirring his nicotine in the mix at 140 F. So do I although it could be something else. I know that I don’t like the taste of oxidized nicotine and set out to find a workaround. I think it is well accepted that heat will oxidize nicotine and we all avoid it by limiting air exposure and storing it in our freezers. Avoid heat, and especially avoid oxygen (air).

Concerning my advice to homogenize, in this case by stirring at 140 F, a VG and a VG/pg mix separately is easily determined. Make an unheated sample and one vigorously stirred under heat and compare them both visually and in a tank. After cooling I’m confident that you will find a noticeable difference in viscosity which flows and wicks better and will also noticeably mix easier with flavorings added after cooling.

Some of you know that I have purchased homogenizing equipment. Those devices almost entirely eliminate aeration and don’t produce much, if any heat. Last night I experimented by homogenizing known mixes that are 4 to 6 weeks old. I kept parts as a control for before and after testing.I noticed a dramatic increase in flavor and intensity when vaping them separately.

The same applies to flavorings.I always make a control sample. As with nicotine: is it heat that degrades flavors? Or is it oxidation. I’ve written many times that I don’t stir flavors in an open container and vary the amount of heat used, if any, for what I’m mixing. But as with everything, you should test this for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Leave out the nic when testing. Make side by side known mixes with and without heat. Covered and uncovered. etc. And of course use known good coils and equipment set the same for side by side or “control” testing.

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My conclusion


To much Heat does infact mess with the nic. Based on strawberry margarita I made last night 100 degrees 2hrs mixing had little or no effect to the nicotine. Thou to me some flavors seemed muted. But 2 friends say it’s perfect…


I think the method posted by @mrpipes posted is the best method when using heated mag mixer. Mixed 3 mixes using his method.

200ml Monkey fart (Fw) @ 10%

200ml butterscotch (Fw) @ 10%

150ml blue Ice(jm)

Based of my first experience even thou I reduced both mixes to 10% from 20% I expected to get a nice strong flavor from both. And was not disappointed. No evidence of any flavor being muted may try a lower % in a future test mix.

Don’t vape menthol but friend said it was good.

Flavors I mixed in a open container to me seem muted.
300ml Chocolate covered strawberries - strawberry and chocolate to me both seem muted in initial 30ml test.
100ml Strawberry margarita I expected a stronger flavor from the mix even thou it was good it. The flavors were not as pronounced as I expected in initial 30ml test. Will test again in a week.

Letting all flavors set a week but feel the results will be the same since most are shake n vape…

So I will end this by saying thx @mrpipes for posting your method. It was tested by me. And tasted by me and 2 of my friends. Your method gets two thumbs up by three out of three judges…

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