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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


I think they are probably really busy because of the free shipping sale over the weekend. My order was placed on Saturday and it’s not boxed yet according to their site.


You guys don’t offer free shipping over a certain amount?


I want to be Mr Buttinsky again :slight_smile:

Free Shipping is really more gimicky than anything. When you run a business, every dollar you spend on that business is overhead and businesses exist to generate profit. Where companies like Fasttech, for example, can manage free shipping on products that are already super cheap is in volume shipping. Companies such as FedEx will offer huge discounts to businesses who ship in high volume. So that’s one way it is affordable for them. They pay very little for their product, then pay very little for shipping. All that cost plus their profit margin is rolled into the price you pay, but it’s not really free, and they DO generate a profit.

Some retailers offer free shipping for purchasing over a certain amount. This amount is not accidental. The cost for shipping the product is factored into the product itself, and the “offer” is merely to attract larger sales. So if the consumer is really only wanting $5.00 in product (say 1 item) but will get free shipping by spending $100 (20 items) then they feel they saved money, especially if shipping is $10. What they don’t realize is that they’ve really only spread the shipping cost across those 20 items, or 50 cents per item.

Point is, it’s a psychological thing…a marketing strategy. Companies can no more afford to pay out of their profits to ship product than we can give half the groceries in our shopping cart away to a stranger in the parking lot. Well, we may be able to do it occasionally, but not every time we go shopping. Otherwise we end up spending twice on our grocery bill so we can continue to eat.

I can’t remember where I read it, but it was here on ELR. One of the members said he was buying from one of two vendors (BCV or ECX) vs the other, and was getting the one that didn’t have free shipping because it was cheaper overall.

Here’s a good article that explains how free shipping is a psychological issue. They talk about a buy cycle every customer is in. One of those is the “purchase” cycle. They say The shopper has to be in buy mode in order to be lured in by the offer of free shipping..

More rambling thoughts from Mr Buttinsky.


That was beautifully put! Couldn’t have explained it better :slight_smile:


We have been dyinggggg but we will be caught up today my friend, I apologize for the lag time and delayed response :slightly_smiling:

Thank you so much for everything!


Good morning!

I just saw your email and it said you were shorted some flavoring, I apologize for that and the delayed response. I will have them re-do your complete order today and have them overnight it for delivery tomorrow.

That is guaranteed :slightly_smiling:

Thank you so much for everything!


It’s fine really. I figured you guys were swamped and probably freaking out a little.


Grant is the best… Nuff said!!!


What was your order number? I want to make sure yours is 100% going out today.

Thank you!


It’s cool. I’m not at all in a rush. I already have the flavors I ordered… Just was getting some more to stockpile them. I appreciate it though.


This thread is proof enough:
GRANT FOR PRESIDENT! (of the vape world)


Nic rivers is offering free shipping now, or they were the other day anyways


Read it, understood caution. But if nicotine becomes illegal or harder to get then I will consider certain risks. Question on life expectancy still un answered. Thx for the info!


I will look into life expectancy. NicSelect has done testing on this and I will get you the info!


Yea I think it’s over with I don’t know it might just be psychological. I just feel if I’m spending a few hundred I don’t want to have to pay that additional amount for shipping. But seeing this thread is reason enough to be a loyal customer.


Yeah, I wish NR sold hardware!

Any business owner that sees this should think of it as a lesson. Communication with customers just sucks with most companies. Now Grant goes all crazy overboard if there is an issue. . .which is awesome. But acknowledging the issue in the first place is the problem with damned near all vendors. That communication also makes me feel that I am not being misled. Grant, you’re awesome buddy.


I appreciate that my friend. Let me know if you need anything and I will get it handled. Thank you again for everything!


Couple issues with my last order and they were fixed super quick. Above and beyond is the norm with NR.


Hello Grant, I sent you an email regarding a problem I had with my latest order from you guys. My order # is 7053. If by chance you didn’t receive the email, I thought I would hit you up here as well. If you want to know the problem, just pm me. Thanks Grant.


Just wanted to let everyone know how awesome Nicotine River’s customer service is! I had a problem and Grant fixed it right away with no questions asked. Thanks again Grant! You have the best customer service I have ever experienced with a company before!