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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


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Were all open around here :slight_smile:


I was saying if he wanted a couple samples.


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We’re all family here and its very common knowledge here that Grant has been welcomed as one of us. He makes his presence known and felt among all of us. The respect goes both ways and we both know it.


I shot an email but don’t think you received it. I had a question about my last order, I grabbed TFA glazed donut thinking of the CAP glazed… But it was my mistake after I realized it was TFA and not the CAP version, but I don’t see anything about a TFA glazed donut only frosted… Is this frosted donut or just a flavor I cant find any information on yet? Much thanks any clarification will help when I start mixing with it… And again, thanks for the killer customer service!


That’s the only donut TFA has on their site. Pretty safe to say it’s the same thing, tho I’m sure Grant will confirm. :slightly_smiling:


Question about pure nic powder. Does it have a longer storage life? What is the life expectancy?


Will those clear bottles reduce life expectancy of flavors? Does light affect them?


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Sorry for the delay, TFA only has one glazed/frosted donut flavor :slight_smile: What was your order number I will send you out the CAP version on the house!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Good morning!

In all honesty I have never dealt with the powder only nicotine in liquid form. As long as its cold/air tight/light free I have heard of people having batches of nicotine for up to 4 - 5 years. I can look into the powder and give you some better answers, let me know :slight_smile:


We have been told that are some flavors that should be rebottled and kept in the dark. I need to look into this more but I have told by the owners of these flavor companies that is takes a long while for a flavor to go bad or potentially change. I appreciate the question my friend!


read this please.


Hope @Nicotine_River does not mind me chipping in on this but the clear bottles are just fine, no matter the bottle color, they should never be stored in sunlight (Black will absorb heat). There are some other items that will effect flavor still. Flavors must be stored at an appropriate temperature and humidity level. This can be especially problematic in hot, humid climates. As a rule, flavors should not be stored near heat sources, such as steam pipes or laboratory ovens. Flavors should never be stored in direct sunlight. Flavors should not be routinely stored on the bench tops. In such locations they are unprotected from exposure!

My aromas loses flavor

Thank you :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River … I emailed yesterday about a problem with my order, haven’t heard anything back yet.


Was curious if you got my message on here from the other day in regards to the glazed donut, also have a follow up question, much thanks!


I think Grant answered that.

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Haha yes always great response time from him, but I’m not sure how direct messages are notified and if he had noticed mine :blush:


Hmmmm. He hasn’t noticed mine. Now my email. Guess I’ll have to call them tomorrow.