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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


Will add the other flavors tomorrow my friend, thank you!


Awesome! Big bottles of Cap! That’s great, I hate that I have to empty out a bottle of their flavor to make a single batch. They have some good flavors, I just wish you didn’t need so freaking much of them.


Grant: I thought you were changing bottle’s?
My shipment arrived in the same bottles as the ones I got a 2 months ago.


I see you added Shade and Glory to the FlavourArt line. Awesome! Now if you could also add Tuscan Reserve Ultimate Tobacco, I would be one happy camper!
Thanks Grant!


My man! Yes they are the same this week. The bottling machines came last week, they are all dialed in a ready to go. We are changing over FlavourArt bottles first then Capella, Flavorah, The Flavor Apprentice and then Flavorwest. We are switching the 60ml bottles first and then slowly working our way through the others. I apologize for them being the same on your last order. They should be all swapped over in the next 2 - 3 weeks. Thank you very much for your business and if there is anything I can do for you please reach out at any moment!

Have a good night!


Coming right up my friend!

Thank you for everything!


Dropper tops on these bottles. Is that happening and if so when. Mixing by scale now and I HATE using pipettes to do the flavors.


Thanks: I’ll get them on my next order. The last order was perfect and fast shipping, So I hope you didn’t think I was complaining.


Does anyone know if it is true that there will be laws that we cannot buy nicotine?
If so, when and how much should we stock up. Say for someone who vapes about 3mg ejuice and is a heavy vaper?


55 gallons!!!
(Just in case)


If you vape 3mg e-liquid, 30ml per day and use 100mg/ml nicotine, you will use approx 350ml of your nic base in a year.

There are 3785 ml in 1 gallon. So a gallon of 100mg/ml nic would be enough to make nearly 11 years worth liquid at 30ml/3mg bottles per day. You can get good nic at Nicotine River and 1 gallon of 100mg/ml is $200.


Hi hands down your prices are unmatched. I’ve been stocking your site for a little over a month now waiting for a couple key flavors. Any idea when you will be restocking? Preferably fa custard, cookie, and fresh cream? I signed up to be notified a few weeks ago when there In stock. Thank you


Recently I got just a 60ml sample of nicotine from Nicotine Rivers and as I hoped, I think it is less peppery than the nic I’ve been getting from MyFreedomSmokes. PLEASE OPINIONS of other folks. I’m not the type to save money and use what I’ve got. I just want to vape the best or vape the way I want.


Joy! That is a great question :slight_smile: The DOT (department of transportation) is rewriting the standards as far what the see fit to ship in the normal mail when it comes to nicotine. Before this year is up or sooner, 60mg will be the highest strength nicotine distributors will be able to sell when using these shipping carriers, USPS, FEDEX, UPS. Anything above 60mg will incur a $40 hazmat charge + normal shipping rate. Liquid nicotine will always exist and is here to stay. Regardless of what changes will happen soon, I will do whatever it takes to make sure everything stays affordable and realistic :slightly_smiling:

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Not at all my friend :slight_smile: This is what they will look like for the 60ml bottles + an additional black twist top for free.



I look forward to buying from you again Grant. Thanks for what you do to please all of us picky customers! :clap:


No sweat and I genuinely appreciate all the feedback!


PET bottles AND twist tops? I like it!! :+1:


For Nicotine, amber glass bottles would be best. I’d like the option at least of purchasing my nic in glass. Otherwise, those bottles would be good for flavor concentrates. Droppers or twist tops are great. I have 140 flavors of TPA that do not have droppers, and I must use a scringe to mix with them. I ordered about 12 bottles of flavor concentrates from Nicotine River that were 60 ml. They came in wide mouth white plastic bottles. They were kind enough to add free scringes. I really didn’t know how to deal with them and I didn’t add them to my collection for about a month. I started transferring them into plastic dropper bottles, but then I settled on just transferring 15ml of each into a dropper bottle. I like uniformity, and I like organizing things. I certainly liked their prices. I don’t want to start moving concentrates again, and hope they do start selling them in dropper bottles. Good people, good company and good prices. Also from what I can tell, better nicotine than what I was using.


I appreciate that Joy! We are day and night to swap these bottles over :slight_smile: I will tell you that USPS first request to the DOT was that there would be no glass bottles for nicotine or eliquid that is being shipped because they break alot easier. We will see where it all goes but I appreciate everything!