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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


Love those new bottles!!!


Yes, I understand, especially because my husband works shipping items including batteries all over the world. There are so many rules and a ton of paperwork. It seems like different rules apply depending on how much of a hazardous material is being shipped.


Any ballpark of when you’re gonna be restocking?


Something that might be nice is to have some larger bottles (empty) on sale. Say something in the 30ml, 60ml, or 240ml … the 240’s would be nice to transfer the liter nic into for storage.
And although I still haven’t gotten home yet to see the last order I have received (can you believe my employer has asked me to continue working in the location I current am at for an additional 4 weeks!!.. I’ve only been home 2 weeks in the last 4 months, once around Thanksgiving and once around Christmas, grrrr)… I’ve been watching for another sale pop up to add more vape mail for when I finally do get home.


hey, Grant…anyway before this happens you give us a heads up so we can all buy bulk one last time???


Honestly man I am not quite sure, I was told early next week but I was told that 3 weeks ago. As soon as I get them in I will send a out a email and scream it from the roof tops :slight_smile:


That sucks! Do you have an idea on what bottles would work best for you guys? I will look into them :slight_smile:


Of course, Im confused on what i’m letting you know? Let me know and I will get it handled!


Grant, this is what i am talking about. before this goes into full effect, it would be awesome if you were to broadcast an announcement, a “last call” if you would, to the forum here, and give us all a chance to make that last bulk order before that new charge is excised…
is this a reasonable request? you think there will be some kind of “prewarning”?


I would like something in the 240ml range so as to transfer 1 liter nicotine into a more manageable size and place those bottles into a freezer for storage until needed, so a dripper type top would not be needed but a nice solid screw seal cap. I’m sure other people would like different sizes also though… ( I do see you have 30ml bostons on the site).


Thank you, at these prices I really want to make this my one stop for everything. Do you have any plans of adding inw to the flavor list? I’m sure someone has already thrown this at ya but I’m sure that would really lock a lot of people in. They have some real gems In there and more and more people are using them. That I’m sure would really boost the sales (not saying ya need it because 75% of the flavors I need are out of stock :confounded:) ok thank you and I’ll be impatiently awaiting your email.


Yes I understand. To be honest I genuinely don’t think anyone knows about this yet quite yet. We do because we have already got in trouble. I genuinely don’t think there is a date that is necessarily all changes but I know it is coming. Do you have a phone number I can reach you at? Please PM me, I would love to talk to you about it when you have a moment.

Thank you!


Grant @Nicotine_River, you did good! The bottles are great and these are the exact twist tops I’ve been buying!

They work great! Thanks, brother! Good job… And I do believe I like your unicorn bottles! You know, I was under the impression that ECX carried Chubby Gorilla unicorn bottles, but I was wrong… You have authentic Chubbys and they are quite sturdy!
I am confused about something:
Your unicorn bottles and ECX unicorns are both supposed to be 30ml bottles… But your bottles look bigger:

Guess ima hafta pull out the syringes again…
Anyway, thanks Grant!


Thank you my friend! We are done with 60mls in FA and FW. CAP is next then FLV and TFA. Working on the bigger bottles as well! Hahaha those syringes always tell the truth!


The 60ml bottles and twist tops look perfect Grant. The new label looks good too.
Are you coming out with similar bottles for the larger quantities as well?
My last order had a new clear 150 ml bottle but it was still a wide mouth that my twist tops dont work with.

Went to place an order tonight but looks like your out of FUJI APPLE. Is that coming in anytime soon?

Sent you an email through your site


We have been dying over here trying to get these flavors in stock. We have been waiting on them for close to two months now :frowning: As soon as we get them in I will scream it from the roof tops!

Yes we are working on bigger bottles as well. We have to change all of the 150ml sizes to 120ml sizes on the website to keep the same style bottles with twist top. Pricing will also reflect the 30ml size decrease. We will have these new bottles in 60ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml all with white plug cap for shipping and free twist top :slight_smile:


Grant is soon to be releasing his book:
BUSINESS: The way it should be done!


Honestly, you guys have the keys to everything people just need to listen! Still working on Inawera as well! What do you guys think about Real Flavors? Seems like a good company with a good niche.


i’ve never used any Real Flavors, or any Northwest Flavors, so i have no idea…
this guy over on the other thread about Real Flavors is offering a big sampler pack for around $50 for 32 or 36 flavors, but i aint jumping on that. i think i may have started it all, but i just originally asked for their top 10 flavors to sample, and it blew up like that. i was hoping they would have done something like what Brendan at Flavorah did: throw a few flavors (15ml bottles) at a few of us members to get the buzz started and then let it go from there…but then suddenly it blew up to a 36 bottle starter pack for like $97…then $62…then $47…and SHIT man, i only wanted a few to see what its all about!!!
whew! rant done…at ease soldier!


Hahaha! I look forward to hearing peoples feedback and good job for setting everyone up!