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Nicotine salts vs. free base nicotine


Would like to know everyone’s opinion. For me it was life changing when i made the switch to salts. The hit feels like zeros and the headrush is that of a cigarette.


Mixing Nic Salts Help Please
Whats everyone using for Nicotine?
Nicotine Salt


OK, so I went to a few vape shops today. (Haven’t been in one in a long time) Not much change, still charging way too much for equipment …blah blah blah…

It seems like all the vape shops are selling some form of liquids with salts and charging a lot more for them than regular vapor. I also noticed they sell those salt liquids in very high nicotine levels like 35 to 50 MG (Jeeeeezzzz)

So I talked to the peoples in shops about the salts and they all freak out and say “Oh, no no no you can’t vape these at sub ohm levels” so I say… “yeah, but I can cut this down to 4-5 MG with other VG based liquid and see how I like it, right?” They say … well, I can’t recommend you do that , or I’ve never done it" The net net is… they all seem kind of scared of the Nicotine Salts.

So I decide I will do that very thing they can’t legally recommend :slight_smile:

I bought a super berry weird lemony salt thing in a 30 ML bottle with 35 MG Nicotine, took it back to camp and mixed it with a basic strawberry cream zero nic VG only liquid and got it down to about a 3.5 MG Mix and I dumped 10% of a vanilla mint in there to make it interesting.

I shook it like crazy and let it sit for an hour and put it in a tank. .4 Ohm Coil, 49 Watts (Played with that a bit…too low not very good, get it up around 60 Watts too hot for me) But anyway…

What I noticed is I can smell and taste the nicotine much more than my regular fare, but to the point of the salts it is surprisingly smooth. I think it actually works and there was a bit of PG in the mix which I thought I would react to negatively but didn’t. I didn’t get the nicotine head zoomies like I thought I might

I think when I get home I’m going to try the 100MG Nic Salt in a few batches. They may be on to something here. I liked it.



I’ve had the EXACT same experience with the few B&M’s I’ve gone into, save ONE. I’m VERY interested to hear what you think @Maureeenie as I picked up a bottle of salts from @Nicotine_River a little while back. I did side by side tests, and @ 3mg didn’t really notice much, but for my and my wife’s MTL 14-16mg got a lil’ bit of the zoomies as you put it, but I hadn’t considered going to a higher NIC level for fear of needing more NIC LOL. Please report back.



It kind of enhances the flavor too. I like it… it’s worth it to me to try it. 3.5 is almost 3 times what I vape normally. My normal VG only mixes are right around 1.5 MG and hit harsher than this at 3.5 MG… Kind of weird to smell the nicotine but strangely, it’s not bothering me at all. Normally I can’t stand the smell of a higher nic mix.



I decided to try nicotine river’s vg based nic salt 48mg for mixing instead this last order and i have to say i am impressed. Much smoother, so far vaping 70watts on a dual coil clapton ss316 @ 0.23ohm. Ive been mixing at 3mg strength but i can go up to around 8mg without any taste difference or harshness at all. At 3mg, my first vape in the morning gives me a nic buzz anyway so i dont mix higher tho. Imo its worth the extra few bucks. Dont think ill be going back to the regular freebase nic.





Yep, I just ordered some from Nude Nic, I have about 12 bottles of 120 MG of my regular recipes at 1.5 and some straight VG and a few flavors with me on my trip. I’m gonna cut it into some of the stuff I have with me.

Here we go again, right? (Damn this expensive hobby!)



Nude Nic was only $6.45 to ship it, Nic River is charging a Hazmat up charge of 35.00? I think it’s because they are exclusively UPS or something but that may be because of the 100MG thing?



Hello! The shipping should be cheaper for this. Please describe the volume you’re ordering and I can get you taken care of :slight_smile:



Well gosh thanks for piping up! I will order from you next time for sure. All I bought was 2 50ML bottles of (I think) 72 MG. What would it be?



I had the same issue my last order, i wanted 100mg but the cost of ups ground was rediculous, so i had to settle for 48mg to be able to go thru usps for much much cheaper. It wasn’t a large order, just a 60ml of the nic, a little pg, pipettes, and some empty bottles, felt like paying over $20 in shipping was frankly stupid for an order that only cost about that. Oh well. I was still happy with the product i did get, eitherway.



$20.00 is not that bad but I was only ordering a $6.00 bottle of Nic lol



I just dont think shipping domestic should double my price on a $20 order to nearly 40 when the package only weighed around 10oz
My order i went with ended up being $16 plus $8.35 shipping instead



I apologize for this! Our website has the oddest shipping bugs and the owner of our company is actually having a meeting with the shipping calculation company. We’ve tried endlessly to fix this issue and slowly but surely we’re fixing this through trial and error.

Thank you!



If they think they have a market for it… they could cut it to 35 or 55 like the store vendors are selling the retail versions of the flavored stuff and that could get them around the Hazmat issue?



Please PM me your zip code and I can calculate the weight of these products & the shipping cost you should be receive! Also, in the future when you need to order and our website is being buggy please feel free to contact me via Private Message and I can take care of you no problem!



This post above applies to you as well! And really anyone reading this! ^


We hope to figure out why our website keeps being buggy soon, until then we’re always here to help if needed!



Thanks NR! I will remember that. When I get home I have some flavor ordering to do anyway so that will work well. I will just call after I fill the cart.



Despite the issues with shipping (not entirely your guys’ fault anyway… coughgovernment*cough) i still plan to almost exclusively order thru nicriver. The service and support and accuracy is always on point and thats worth a lot in an industry riddled with crap