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Nicotine salts vs. free base nicotine


They ship fast with great prices on flavors, you will get no argument from me there. They do go out of their way to provide excellent customer service as well. It’s a great company.


I hope everyone else is watching this from @Nicotine_River . You just DON’T get this level of support from many companies any more. Just my .02


My next measure of effect is seeing what this does to coils lol…


If @Nicotine_River would carry liquid barn’s vanilla ice cream and rootbeer they would be my only supplier lol but until they get it I’ll get my two LB flavors from bull city, the ice cream alone is worth the shipping lol


Hello! Unfortunately we will not be carrying this brand. Many new brands are on the way though! :slight_smile:


Hi to all, nic salt react the same whit niki test?


No you cannot acid titrate nic salts to test strength - I am sure there is a way but not with the titration kits that are available as they rely on adding acid to get the solution back to neutral ph. As nic salts are acidic (freebase nic is alkaline) they won’t work.

We need the chemistry boffins on this one.


Very interesting, I didn’t know the salts and freebase were actually different ends of the pH scale. I wonder if salts bring more acidic makes people a bit leery of them?..

Regular Nicotine vs. Salt Nicotine (Steeping time difference?)

Not sure but it shouldn’t they are worth a try if you haven’t tried em before - I won’t say they are the be all and end all but I am not one for a bit TH and salts hit the spot for me.


Here is the ph test of salts vs freebase

The top stick is 100mg freebase in vg bottom stick is 100mg nic salts in vg. We are looking at the little test tab at the end of the stick (right of pic)

Now there is a little bit of supposition in this statement based on experience.

Based on the observation that fruit mixes & mixes that have added acids tend to undergo less of a color change and the fact that freebase nic discolours over time while nic salts for the most part stay very clear. My theory is that the more acidic a mix is the less color change there is in the finished juice (entirely not sciency).

Looking at the ph of the salts vs the freebase it is a bit hard to tell the exact ph but the freebase is well into the basic range while the salts are acidic.

Here is a mix that is fully steeped for 2 weeks (made 14th jan) and then rebottled almost a month ago (made with nic salts). this bottle has been sitting on the desk since it was bottled. As you can see virtually no color change has happened.

Salts Explained?
Nic Salts + Freebase Update
Nic salts + Freebase

That’s what i was thiniking, so we need a new resr!im sure it exist somewhere, im using drug test almost every weeks(job) there is a test for nicotine use if im not mistaking will look in to this this week, i dont think that the test im using are reacting on acidity…


Na the ones they use on humans tests for cotinine which the body produces (i think) it is the predominant metabolite of nicotine. I don’t think it is present unless Nic has been absorbed by the body - I am open to a correction on this as I am not 100% sure.


I.think you are wright, then we are whit out any way of testing the strenght of those potions! Exept by feeling it… i shoulg get my nic salt next week, i just dont like the idea of no proof, then again i started vapping whit no idea what i was breathing…lol


Ya it does stress me a little but not much I can do about it but trust my supplier which I do - but i would love to have peace of mind.

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Not seeing the Salts change the color at all, over any period of time. I actually got rid of all of my freebase Nic. (Financially - that hurt bad because I had hundreds of dollars invested in that steeping stuff) I am now using only 1.5 MG of the salts in my sub ohm tanks. Having very good luck with that. Still getting the big clouds, much smoother hits and the vape I put it in does not get sour or goofy for extremely long periods of time.


I have experimented a little with the salts in high nic salt mixes for pods, and my regular strength mixes, and blends of salt+reg e-liquids. TBH I don’t care much for full salt e-liquid, but I do notice the salt mixes do not oxidize. As far a smooth I find the throat hit is different but I am so used to the regular e-liquid I don’t enjoy the salts as much. There is something with the PH that makes the salts and regular react in the brain differently, and as soon as I get a test kit I plan on doing further tests with PH and salted blends.

I also find I need extra flavor in the salt liquid.


@CosmicTruth, @Maureeenie What are you basing the “not oxidizing” from ?? A lack of darkening juice, oxidized NIC tastes ??


That and the flavor is just a little low, I’m for now spiking an extra 1.75% in a mix with 16% TF… might be a mistake but, have to see how it goes.