- GREAT disappointment!

Hello Community and Vape Family :slight_smile:

I’d like to share my bad experience related to Nude nicotine. I’ve kept this to myself, until my patience
went to zero %.

First of all, I’d like to say that I’ve like the products from that web site - VG, PG and Nic - really great stuff but customers service is the worst that I’ve met for a long time buying from websites. It takes WEEKS to get an answer. It takes WEEKS to solve simple situations and it pisses me off. It happened so many times, that I’ve decided to write it here.

I’m from Russian Federation and I pay HUGE sums for shipping, to get stuff which is available in US. Ok, that’s my choice to pay a lot of money for delivery, because i do not want to buy cheap chinese nic and vg/pg which is sold in my country. I’m not someone special because I pay much more for delivery but I’m talking about simple normal cust service, I don’t want anything besides that…

It’s a pitty that such company which has good stuff for sale has this issue.

My last adventure - have bought stuff for 167$. Haven’t recieved my package, wrote them about it. Got an answer after 2-3 weeks - “we will check it out!”. A month has passed - no answer. Wrote them on web site. No answer. Wrote to all their emails - NOTHING! That’s a shame. That’s annoying :((

Now, I’m running out of nic soon, I could have found new website but people has told me - we will check. I’ve waited and now I have 2 buisines trips ahead and will move to other countries every week and can’t order anything 'cause I’m not staying in one country. GREAT!

What do you say about all this people? Anyone has such experiences??

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I’m not disputing you, by any means, but I’ve ordered from NN several times and the 2 times I need help from customer care, they were quick and very helpful…

it’s a pitty that i’ve had this cases :frowning:

other friend of mine, wanted to open e-liquid lable and wanted to be a whole sale with Nude. they haven’t even answered him…

You package might be delayed in customs??? Or just plain lost. :pensive:

If that’s the case, I doubt NN is going to resend the order. There have been folk here on the forum that had their packages delayed in USPS shipping from Poland for a month or so. They received their package, but it took forever.

Should NN take the heat for an undelivered package? Only if they mislabeled the package. If they took the heat for every undelivered package, they’d probably lose a crap ton of money every day due to USPS and customs screw ups.

I’ve never ordered from NN. I have no loyalty to NN. I’m just seeing things from the vendors perspective. NN could contact you within a reasonable time though…there is no excuse for such a late response to your questions and concerns. :triumph:

But, still…bad things can happen to your packages should someone be having a poopy day!

I’m wondering too if it’s stuck in customs. I don’t use them because they are too expensive for me. Have you talked to anyone at ECX or Wizard Labs to see if they would have a problem shipping to you where you are? NN isn’t the only game in town.

i agree with Kinnikinnick. I havnt used NN yet. But I have done a fair amount of research on them and acouple other nic suppliers. I’m surprised by the delay is customer service response time. I wouldn’t be surprised in delays of international shipping.

That’s the reason why I havnt ordered mods directly from China or order flavoring from FA in Italy because of ungodly slow delievery times. I could see it even worse with a substance like nic. I can even worse considering the us and russia economic relations as of late.

I know the vendors kinda sorta keep tabs on the forums and I hope a NN rep spots the post and reaches out to you directly to give you some appropriate level of cs and response to your issue.


They wont, Jake is not very good at CS. Still havent received the email he promised me many months ago after he sent nic that tested at 186mg. I have a thread around here somewhere from the event. I will never order from him again, too many good companies out there that want my money and treat me as they want it.

If you are going to order from NN make sure you test their product, you should always do so but they have a history of over nicing the base. There are several thread on reddit where we confronted them on the issue. They may sell a good product but their CS is hit or miss.


Here it is:

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There it is! Thanks, Jim. And folks, dont take my word for it, read through it all and judge for yourself. DIY sub is packed full of complaints on their CS, or oft time, lack thereof.

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Customer service is key to happy clients. It only takes me being screwed to the wall once to look for another vendor; particularly, if the customer service is lousy. :triumph:


I agree, too many companies out there to stick with one that treats you like crap.

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What about nicotineriver? Don’t they ship overseas? @River_Supply_Co Grant, do you guys ship overseas?

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Really? 186mg? I’m assuming, and hope you ordered 100mg. I wonder how many bottles go out that aren’t accurate. Most people don’t test them, so they could be getting blasted with nic.

Yep, and i wasnt even close to the only one. Pretty ridiculous. 186 was the average of three test i did on the batch.

Since then i test every single bottle of nic that i am sent.

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No kidding! A test kit only costs about $7 to $9 from somewhere like Wizard Labs or others. One kit will ususally give you about 10 or more tests. Titration is easy to perform and makes you feel much more comfortable about the Nic level in your mixes. :wink: It’s just a good practice to perform titration on anyone’s Nic product.


Wow…186mg. Welp, I’ll cross that one off my list.

Jake said that they would take measures to ensure it never happened again. Then again he promised to email me in 15 minutes to fix the situation and that was many many months ago.

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It really is easy to do and the chemicals can be purchased in bulk on Amazon and sometimes locally.

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I have a friend who has a successful liquid selling business and he had to abandon NN shortly after hitting it off because of issues like this or them sending the wrong nic.

So I’m not the only customer that was thrown away to a trash…

That’s a shame.

I’m a seller on eBay and my MAIN goal is to keep my customers cared! Every customer! Even those who pay 5$. Customers service is your source of good reputation and further sales.

Each person deserves good care and respect. That’s how I see things. I will never order from NN again.

Nic river has no shipping to Russian fed. Unfortunately. It’s one of those countries that not many vendors want to deal with.
Our customs are not so problematic though if you don’t order gallons of liquid… That’s why I’ve usually made smaller orders.

  1. Which companies that you’ve used were accurate? Please share links. There are too many grew up lately… Don’t know who is trustable…
  2. I’m going to Swiss soon for a week. Do they sell nic there or it’s forbidden product in Swiss? Any vape shops ?

Would be grateful for your help people! I do not want myself and my wife vapping loosy crap from China which is sold here. Do not want to buy loosy nic and low quality VG. We’ve stopped smoking and are happy with Reducing the health harm.
I don’t understand people that I know, who are happy that they save money vapping cheap products. Happy with cheap low quality kanthal our proud of not changing wicking material for a week. Why stop smoking then?
I keep buying good quality coiling materials and change cotton everyday. If we choose vaping let’s keep it as healthier as we can.

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