Okay... what's next?

Many of us old school forum members have had time to develop our skills and prepare for the Deeming Regulations. If you are fairly new to vaping and you’re using premade coils, you might be SOL when the Regs go into effect. If you don’t know how to build your own coils, now is good time to learn. You might need to look at getting a RTA or a few.

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Fortunately for me the wife thinks the end times are here, i dont have the desire to tell her otherwise as this means more gear for me. I personally dont believe that they will kill off the industry, this is them saying, “Gibs us sum monies!”. They gave 2 years for negotiation and legal battles, that says a lot.

They have been regulating tobacco for several years now and there are still thousands of chemicals added, all they did was kill the flavors. The industry will change in a major way tho, us DIYers should probably prepare for the influx of new folks. Of course we are always happy to help.

With that said ive been on a shopping spree, i have carts full at several online stores. I have enough nic in the freezer for a couple lifetimes, just in case immortality happens before i die. I have enough mechs and RDAs to give everyone on my block one. Tanks, i need more tanks and regulated mods.

And folks, building coils is easy. Many youtube vids to tech you how. Most store bought coils and be rebuilt quite easily as well.


Are you saying we can buy gear for 2 years? I’m under the impression that August is the deadline.


Nope, you are correct. But the two years they gave will give time to fight. Of course there will always be China.


Yo do know it’s going to be our faults for most of the shortages? All this panic buying…

Oh well! shop on :slight_smile:


I was expecting to see crazy high prices already on mods and atomizers, glad I was wrong.We in the states have seen this time and time again every time gooberment decides to ban or regulate things.
I can’t blame anyone for buying to be prepared for a worst case scenario but I can’t see China stopping production because of the FDA.China doesn’t give a rats ass about the FDA.
I just hope this wakes up more sheeple by showing them how much the FDA and big gooberment honestly cares about their health and well being.:middle_finger:

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And the time to learn that is now. When the e-cig is deemed a tobacco product, all advertising will be prohibited and they will make all those video’s disappear…, and even if that doesn’t happen, it’s always good to be prepared for the worse, so learn what you can while you can! :wink:


i plan on it , right now i concentrate on making juice and learning how to develop my own creations instead of just copying others ( which actually helps the learning process ) i do believe that premade coils will stay around because they are regulated and can be controlled

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Maybe I am reading this all wrong but the way it has been explained to a group of us by the owner of the local vape shop that is up on all of this stuff big time and has always been very active in the advocacy circles is.

As of August 10 2016 any devices currently on the market will remain legal for sale for a period of 2 years while the manufacturer applies for FDA approval.

To me this means at least for the immediate future not much is going to change.

He also said he expects China is going to flood the market with everything currently in production at least short term.

He also told us that several lawsuits have already been filed and many more are in the pipeline already. The way he put it is all it will take is one sympathetic to vaping judge to issue an injunction to put this all on hold at least for the immediate future.

I am not at all saying not to prepare yourself but I am certainly not in panic mode just yet anyway.


So… I have no money right now to buy, but I may have to budget for more gear I guess. I’m gonna list what I have in hardware and I would really appreciate some realistic recommendations for the Vapocolypse preparations please.


TFV4 w/rebuildable base




Sigelei 150
Cuboid 150

So guys… am I ok? I’m thinking I could use a new RDA… What ya’ll think?


I agree !!! I would also like to say expect a lot of buggy equipment being rushed to market. I suggest being careful buying anything new to the marketplace…


Totally agree buy only devices already being sold I would trust nothing released between now and August 10 2016 as it could very well be a rushed to market deal with no testing at all.


Close. A manufacturer has 2 years to submit for approval. Then they have 1 year for the product to be approved. If after that 1 year the product has not been approved, said product will have to be removed from the marketplace. Sooo, that means we should have equipment available for 3 years after August 8, 2016. That being said if the company follows all the other rules the FDA have required such as reporting full inventory twice a year and who knows what else they want…


Hmmm, hard to say, how long you gonna live…lol. Just a joke my dear…


Thank you for that correction that is how it was actually told to us.

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I’m 61 and that’s something I took into consideration, when I was deciding what I wanted to stock up on… lol

As ringling said, if you’re wanting something to be dependable and last, the latest products could be risky.

I opted for the fleet mentality. Simple technology, does what I need well, easy to keep running, and got multiples of the same model. If one craps out, it’s parts are still usable on the others.

I grabbed some inexpensive Kayfun clones.

For mods, I got a few evic minis. Solid & dependable, and work well.

Latest greatest & coolest?.. Nope. But it should get the job done for quite a while, if necessary.


I’m no spring chicken, either, and that’s something I also took into consideration. We’re all going to stop vaping some day: studies have repeatedly shown that life on this earth is 100% fatal.

A few box mod batteries, a few tanks, a huge supply of coil heads, and several years’ worth of 100 mg/ml strength nicotine in the chest freezer, and the FDA can get stuffed for all I care. While I seriously doubt they’re crazy enough to try regulating PG, VG, and food-grade flavorings as “tobacco products”, you never know: with VG in so many different products, you might consider stocking up on mouthwash, toothpaste, and hand lotion while you’re at it.

I’m also stocking up on tins of nasal snuff and cellaring bulk orders of pipe tobacco, just in case my vaping equipment craps out before I do.

When I started vaping, I never thought I’d be turning into a survivalist LOL!


Ironically, that stuff will still be legal. I only vape tobacco flavors, so I can always grab a bag of decent tobacco, a bottle of Everclear PGA, and make some NET juice. I had decent luck with that in the past. I have about 700 ml of that, doing it’s thing, steeping for the last 5 months.


I wonder if every new flavoring of snuff, every new blend of pipe tobacco, every vintage year of cigar tobacco (cigar blends are constantly readjusted because crops differ from year to year) that wasn’t on the market as of 2007 is going to require a PMTA as well? We all know what’s behind this: the desire to criminalize tobacco and e-liquid, unless they’re provided by cigarette companies, and nicotine, unless it’s provided by the pharmaceutical industry.

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I don’t have first hand experience with your gear, but that looks like a solid line-up to me.

The tanks are all rebuildable, except for the Nautilus, and now there’s even an RBA for that.


I don’t know how well it works. If nothing else, it might make the Nautilus useful, if the usual coils become difficult to get. I thought about getting one for the Nautilus mini I have.

All your mods use 18650s. I’m jealous of the Provari. Those that have them really seem to love them.

Looks like a reliable line-up that will will last, to me.

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