Poll - How many MTL Vapers are there? Which is more common?

I am very curious how many mtl vapers there are vs direct lung? I’m thinking the majority of vapers are mtl as it’s most like real smoking. Not sure if I can get a real idea as there are so many vapers that don’t follow forums or get involved in the communities. They just buy their CE4’s and protanks and nautiluses and away they go.

Also, how many people still vape low wattage?

I’m kind of in between. I direct lung, even did as a smoker. However I am mostly a flavor chaser, don’t care for much over 30-35w tops, otherwise usually too hot. And I like sub ohm tanks but only ones that aren’t too airy. Like the crown I vape with airflow half closed for a bit of a tighter draw at around 35w gives me great flavor and a bit more satisfying vapor production without blowing huge clouds. But the Nautilus is too tight for me and seems too light on vapor.

Thank you for helping my curiosity!


How many MTL Vapers are there? Which is more common?

  • Mouth to Lung
  • Direct Lung Hit

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I like M to L and Restricted DL also I like to vape at lower wattage / Volts saves battery life and liquid. Probably why I still Love my Kayfun’s and my Provari’s


I guess I’m known in some circles as a Tootle Puffer.

Higher resistance, lower power, MTL only, and tobacco only. Vaping is my cigarette substitute, and it works wonderfully. I wandered into the sub ohm camp for a bit, but it just wasn’t my bag. I operate my vaping, the same way I operated my cigarettes… MTL. That 45+ year MTL habit is tough to break.

I’m 8.5 to 9.5 watts usually. Single, simple coil. Tighter draw (compared to the DL style). It’s just what works the best for me, to keep me away from the cigs. Going on 11 months since my last puff on a RYO, and I don’t even miss it.


I MTL on sub ohm tanks and above. Higher watt…50-70. Usually a dual coil. Ohm between 0.3 and 0.6.

I love the flavor on the inhale and flavor on the exhale. But it sure has a fair amount of vaper. Yup…the tips do get hot. That’s my sign to stop vaping.

I really don’t enjoy a direct lung hit…I don’t get the desired flavor.


I am a MTL and low watt, mech only vaper.
Under 20 watts, 1.0 - 1.5 ohm coils.
After 2+ years of vaping, found my sweet spot.


I take hybrid hits-- start with about 1 second restricted DtoL then transition to a 2-3 second mouth-filling drag, then a quick, shallow inhale. I get good flavor plus a decent throat hit.

Currently running a Kayfun Lite with a simple 1.5Ω 28g coil, wicked with KGD, on a Provari Radius set at 16.5 watts. It’s tobacco flavors 99% of the time… I smoked cigarettes and pipes for 43 years and like a robust pipe tobacco-like taste.


MTL…Primarily Ohms at 1.0 to 1.5 or so…depending on how my build comes out…Flavor chaser, and do like some vapor…Mix primarily 40/60 PG/VG…venturing into 33/65 PG/VG, with a few 30/70 blends…Power ranges from about 12 up to 25 watts…Like others, don’t like it hot… Love my Goblin Mini…but got a couple other MTL tanks… Kayfun V3 Clone, LemoDrop, Bachelor Nano, Serpent Mini (just got the Bachelor and Serpent a few days ago) Single coil builder, for the most part…Doing some modifications to a couple of tanks to make them more MTL friendly…Aromamizer 2, the Merlin, and the Boreas…:slight_smile:


Thank you all for the input…very interesting to me to see the difference in styles. Similar to taste being subjective, I think vaping style is as well. We all find what works for us :slight_smile:


Thank you for the post. This should help others try a different vape styles and make their vape experience better… if they haven’t narrowed it down yet. This is a very good post.


I think it brings up the great point. There isn’t the best way to vape. Kinda like there is more than one way to skin a cat. It’s whatever keeps many of us away from the cigs.

It also helps to show/tell people that encounter the vape shop saying there is only one way to use a subohm tank for example…you know…to get clouds for days bro…“fo show, cloudy’mc’cloude face” and your forced turn to the forums you see people are finding enjoyment lots of different ways.

Which is amaze’balls.


I mainly Lung Draw, but I find myself MTL’ing from time to time. Some recipes I feel just work better that way, and I feel a great MTL vape is much more satisfying if you have a cig craving. I still do crave cigs sometimes!


First time I tried a vape I automatically took a lung hit like it was a bong. Started to doubt myself, thinking maybe I did it wrong till I found out I was not the only one. I’ve tried MTL but I just cannot do it for some reason.


Tootle puffer MTL usually 13-14 watts I like a tighter draw. Usually on an Nautilis mini 1.8 ohm coil.

As of lately I have really been enjoying the Endura prism tank on a 1.5 ohm coil by Inmokin.
Also really like Joytech’s 1.00 ohm CRL coil for their Tron-s & the ego one nice warm MTL hit on both of them with same coil.


I use both but, I’ve hit mouth to lung as thats how i start and end the day. Typical 1.2-1.4 :libra:️ And 10-16 watts. Some in temp control, some not
However i do like my direct to lung devices through the day, typically 0.08-0.24 :libra:️ 60-85 watts in temp control, also use drippers up to about 140 watts.
So basically right across the spectrum. :yum:
@MysticRose great question for a poll. Gives everyone an idear of what everyone else is doing. :ok_hand:


Nice poll :blush: when I started vaping it was only mtl for the first 2 months since it helped me transition. After that it has been dl and I enjoy it more. I actually feel it works out my lungs…dumb I know lol.


Not dumb…I know what you mean and I agree :grinning:


I’m really surprised at the results here. I never would have thought there were this many MTL users on the forum.

Like @MaxUT I do kind of a hybrid thing. I like the full feeling of a lung hit but I think the flavor is better with MTL. I do kind of a slow lung hit rather than a hard, deep inhale at first, then MTL.

One of the things I love about vaping that is seriously threatened by all the regulation nonsense is how much control you can have over your vaping experience. You choose what AND how you vape and make it work for you. There is no “right” way or thing to vape. The only right way is the way that works (and is safe, obviously…no blowing yourself up).


I haven’t MTL vaped in years. Don’t miss it either. I actually tried to do it using a tight airflow tank recently, and forgot how :smiley: My mouth just insta-went to lung inhale I had to stop to actually think about it. It wasn’t enjoyable to me. Lung inhaling is the best thing to happen to vaping for me personally. The first time I tried it, on the Atlantis tank when it irst came out, I was, literally, blown away. The sensation, the flavour, the clouds brah :smiley:


I’ve been vaping for about 3 years. Did it to stop smoking and it worked great! I still MTL because I get more flavor and throat hit, which is what I enjoy. Personally I just don’t get the idea of cloud chasing…but to each his own I guess. Use an Eleaf 20 watt battery that works great for almost 2 years now. Still use an Aspire K1 single bvc and usually run it at about 6 watts, which means I can vape all day long on a single charge.