Proper ingredients mixing

Hello everyone!

im sure that this question was asked here before me and i apologize that i haven’t read the forum properly and jump out with obvious things but … i don’t really have time to read the forum as long as i work a ot lately …

as far as i know, first of all i should put in my mixing bottle concentrates, right?
then pg and vg and the nicot. ?

or im doing something wrong?

i’m curriently working this way - putting cincentrates, pg and vg and then steep in a hot bath for couple of hours… then add nic. (i heard and it oxidates in hot water, thats why i put it in the end of the process) - is this a good method?

please correct me elders!!! :smile:

I do the opposite. I do Nic, PG, VG, then flavors. I don’t think it matters a whole heck of a lot as long as you’re being careful and accurate. I don’t use heat, though, so take that into account, too. I think the reason I do it like I do is because that’s the way the stuff is listed on the calculator. I never really put much thought into the order before. :stuck_out_tongue:


First let me say that it is doubtful anyone will say what you are doing is WRONG as long as you continue to steep after the hot bath. It is my belief that when adding more VG (VG based nic) you must continue to steep. I don’t think nicotine actually melds with the flavoring however the VG does. What order do I add my ingredients? Didn’t necessarily plan it this way but by cost…

1: VG since it is the largest amount added
2: PG which is the 2nd largest amount
3: Flavor which is the 2nd costliest ingredient
4: Nicotine which does cost the most

Hot bath, I don’t do it. A hot bath only speeds up the steep but whether a hot bath actually makes a juice better than one that did not use a hot bath. I doubt it as long as the steep equivalent is the same. Three things promote nic oxidation. UV Light, Oxygen, and Heat. Heat will oxidize Nic, does it damage the blend by heating the entire blend with nic included, I do not know, sorry…


I do nic, flavors, PG then VG - I do a hot bath to thin the juice, so it mixes better - and I recently incorporated an ultrasonic cleaner into my process… I decided to stay around 45oC with the heat…

I basically do as @daath minus the hot bath or ultrasonic Nic, flavors, pg, then normally vg to top off the bottle.

I do a heat steep with nic and havnt had an issue. But I am only using 3mg. If there is an issue you could notice it more if at 10-18 mg nic.

There are statement like don’t do a heat steep with spices (clove) or tobacco (ry4 from FA).

thanks everyone!!! :smile:
i use hot bath method to speed up the steeping, cause im not the only vaper in the family and thats why i need things go faster with producing juices :))

Chrispdx - why not to use bath with ry4?

I put in the Nicotine First just in case I put in too much I can always take some out…

I put in the VG, PG, Flavors, Nic last and froth. I dont do the hot bath anymore.

No heat for the same reasons as @ringling .
I don’t think the order of any of it matters, but I typically:

Pg (if any)

It’s just how I roll… :stuck_out_tongue:

I go Pg lay the flavors on top shakes Nic and vg since they are heavier they drop to bottom and blend along the way then shake then forget as i have way to many bottles of juice laying around anyways XD

Oh I forgot to put my order. :slight_smile: I do flavoring vg then pg. that order is not to essential for me. But for nic I do that last because I work with 10mg nic.

So to reduce my exposure time to airborn nic fumes I mix all my bottles (13 planned for today because I just got all my new flavors yay) flav+pg+vg. Then I set up my nic station. And with everything set out it only takes me 10 mins to drop in the nic using a syringe and scale for double check methids. I just quickly go from bottle to bottle.

That is what I do too

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Well now wait a minute… I make a big bottle of my nic base with no flavoring. I do 50/50 3mg nic in a 240ml bottle and use that after I put the flavorings in the mixing bottle. I do, of course, shake the hell out of it before each use. Should I not do this?? It’s pretty convenient.

It’s fine, but you’ll get lower than 3mg and more PG than VG in your final bottle :smile:

Well crap! You’re right! I’m ok with the pg, was actually thinkin of bumping it up anyway. As for the nic, I was doing 12mg and having awful palpitations and heavy feeling lungs so dropped it. I always forget about the extra pg in the flavorings. Back to the drawing board,

I used to do this, but I “left room” for 10% flavoring - that way, total flavoring was less than 10% it’d be a tiny bit stonger, and if it was more than 10% flavoring it’d be a bit weaker - but only slightly. Worked a treat for me. I must have mixed 3L of liquid that way :smile:


why some people use water in juices? is it good for something?

a question about 100% / 90% VG mix - as long as i know PG is a taste trasmitter … whats the way of making a good taste with max VG ?


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I would just use AG, to me its the best of both.

AG is just VG generally thinned with 5-15% distilled water.

Personally I do

  1. NIC in case I add too much
  2. PG
  3. Flavours
  4. VG