Purilum Single Flavor Testing Notes

Holding for SF tester results.

All testing will be done on Steam Crave RDTA v1. using dual kanthal claptons, cotton, @ 35-40w. All flavors (unless noted) tested @ 6%, steeped minimum of 1 week (subject to change). Mixed @ 70v/30p, and evaluated for single flavor only. Fresh cotton and dry burned coils before all tests.

N.Y. Cheesecake (PUR)
Cheesecake Graham Crust (PUR)
Condensed Milk (PUR)

Watermelon (PUR) 6% (7-21-17) – After a week+ steep on this one was a very good watermelon. Nothing artificial or fake tasting. I do think it leans towards the candy side, but not in a bad way, and it might even elevate it some. Probably one of the better watermelons I’ve tried. Not sure if going past 6% would increase it or not. @ 6% pretty damned good. 9.5/10 on this one for me.

  1. Raspberry (PUR)
  2. Cereal (PUR)
  3. Cookie (PUR)
  4. Banana (PUR)
  5. Butter Pecan (PUR)
  6. Boysenberry Preserves (PUR)
  7. Butter Cream (PUR)
  8. Vanilla Custard (PUR)
  9. Strawberry Marshmallow Cereal (PUR)
  10. Marshmallow (PUR)
  11. Bavarian Cream (PUR)
  12. Nilla Wafer with Milk (PUR)

Strawberry Biscuit (NR) 6% (7-16-17) – Very first Purilum flavor tested. This one caught me off guard on the first vape with it’s very good strawberry and some biscuit and maybe a little butter thrown in. Didn’t get any artificial notes from it, and nothing off putting could be found. Strawberry is sweet, assuming a jam, it works pretty good here. Biscuit/butter is also very on point, weaker than the strawberry, but still there enough to be known. Overall for the name, it’s about 9.5/10 for a spot on SB.


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