Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 1)



It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a new flavor line, but I’m finding these Extract to be some of the best concentrates I’ve tried. Very affordable and highly concentrated spot on flavors. These are a very good alternative to the MF Extracts.

  • Brown Sugar Extract (RF)
    Simply put, this is the most realistic Brown Sugar I’ve tried. Very smooth with a Caramel-esque mouthfeel. It’s not overly sweet and plays well with other flavors. Excellent with Cakes, Pies, Fruit, Tobacco and any mix where you’d like a dark flavored sweetener.
    Usage: .5-1% as a mixer… 1-1.5% as a topnote

  • Cake Batter Extract (RF)
    Taste and smell is that of an actual Cake Batter. No chemical or off notes are detected. It has a thick mouthfeel that’s very detectable in mixes. Nothing overpowering and it blend well with other flavors. I like it with Cookies, Cakes, Pies and Creams to add a Soft Vanilla note and extra mouthfeel.
    Usage: .5-1% as a mixer… 1-2% as a topnote

  • Condensed Milk Extract (RF)
    I get a thick cream feel from this flavor. It’s a Super Concentrate and need to be mixed at a very low percentage. I did get a weird almost butter milk type note at .75%. If you keep this low at .25-.5% it’ll work good with other flavors.
    Usage: mixer only at .25-.5%

  • Graham Cracker Extract (RF)
    IMO this is the top of the line GC… very, very natural GC flavor. No over cinnamon-y notes or anything off from what a real GC should be. Research other GC notes and you will find some caution type comments, but I have no off comments to add here.
    Usage: .5-1.5%… at 1.5% you will get a strong GC note.

  • Molasses Extract (RF)
    OH BOY! This is the only Molasses I’ve tried and I must say this is spot on. This flavor reminds me of the same Molasses that I had with Hot Buttered Biscuits as a kid. This is one flavor you can’t go wrong with. There are multiple uses with this flavor… a dark sweetener for sure. Added to mixes this could be your secret weapon that no one can figure out what you used. If I could give this more stars I surely would.
    Usage: mixer at .25-1%… If you’re feeling bold you can try 1.5%

  • Oatmeal Cookie Extract (RF)
    Fresh Baked Oatmeal Cookies. I haven’t tried any other vendor’s OM Cookie, but for me this is spot on. I get a true OM Cookie feel from this extract. It’s just a all natural OM Cookie flavor that has no off notes. This is not that OM Cookie like Little Debbie’s or any of those store shelf OM cookies. It’s a fresh homemade cookie we all have enjoyed. This is another extract I’d rate higher than 5 stars if I could.
    Usage: mixer .8-1.5%… single flavor 2%

  • Strawberry Extract (RF)
    Before I comment, I want to give praise @SthrnMixer for bringing this extract to my attention.
    @SthrnMixer Comments…
    I’m finding the RF Raws seriously benefit from steeping. Maybe even more so than MF. I just tried a Strawberry tester today that I made August 12. Could have been good last month but today…fantastic, authentic strawberry.
    Ever had wild strawberries? When I lived in VA they were little rare gems to be found in pastures and fields. So good, and that’s what RF Strawberry Extract is like. A little wild strawberry just before the peak of ripeness where the berry is almost white at the stem. But yes, they are great without the artificial grossness.
    My Comments…
    It’s a great relief that I no longer need a base or a combo of SBs to get a actual SB that I can taste. This is definitely the Jewel of Strawberry Concentrates and a must have for a well rounded flavor stash. 20 star rated.
    Usage .5-1% as a mixer… 1-1.8 as a top note.

I have more extracts that I’m still testing and I will add more notes later.

For anyone wishing to add notes or amend my notes please feel free to comment or post your notes here.


Thank you… I’m going to digest this !

Nice flavor Notes !

Oh you stole my <3 on the best for last ! I have to get that SB and that GC I totally agree w/ you , why is it that all of them have all these awful additives and so many more things in it than a GC I want a simple one w/o all the cinnamon and bread…this one sounds so right up my alley and the brown sugar as well.

Then the Condensed Milk sounds so nice w/ all the right properties. Used low get a cream use higher get a butter cream win win.

Molasses sounds wonderful as well. Can’t wait to hear the rest of your notes as you update.


I’m not super good with flavor descriptions, so I’d love for you to test and comment on these also.

IMO some of these would make a good SnV because the flavors come through almost immediately. This one only steeped overnight and I’ve vaped 3 tanks since. It’s very hard to put down…

Oh man I seen your Rhubarb recipe i’d get that flavor too. Love some rhubarb in vape and irl.

And of course love SB Milkshakes ! woo woo I need some RF Raw extracts.


That Rhubarb is tasty, but I haven’t quite figured out the top note %. I first mix it @ 1.5% and it was noticeable, but not the top note. I’m trying it @ 2.5% to see how it fairs there. Hopefully a good steep will bring this flavor out more.


Hmm I think I’ll let you see how it fairs as I have 3 rhubarbs at this time. Do you have fried dough ?


No I don’t. I’m interested though.


Me as well since FLV’s reviews are so mixed. I don’t want another yeasty type of flavoring lol.

Also was looking at their shortbread cookie… it may be a nice one to have as shortbreads tend to be stern but still have a lil sweetness with some butter added to them.

You may want to add a shot or two of Custard to your Rhubarb to bring down some tartness as they can be finicky that way


Surprisingly I didn’t a tart note from what I could taste.

I do have the Shortbread, but I haven’t made a good determination on it yet.

Here’s what I have so far…

I also have Yams, Pumpkin Pie and Butter Toffee on the way.


So I’ll hold off on the shortbread too. U just buy them from real flavors right ? I’m on their website now.

How do you feel about their VC ?

and their meringue !!!


Yep, that’s where I ordered.

Try this code. I didn’t see it when I ordered…

Buy here
Buy from RealFlavors. For 25% off retail orders use code: ELRECIPES


I just tried that code and it doesn’t work. I think he said a couple times if he gave discounts he’d be losing too much since he already has the price low enough for the smaller oz.

Wish it did work 25% holy moly they’d be emptied out quick


That code only works on the VG flavors.


If you are in the states you can also order most of the extracts from for the same price and free shipping."Real%20Flavors"&cat_id=0&facet=brand:Real%20Flavors


Thanks for the tips @Fozzy71.


Well thank you very much I knew there was another option if there wasn’t a code… I did consider using the Wal-mart site but wasn’t 100% sure about the shipping.


I got my 3 extract flavors from walmart the first weekend he was on there when they were doubling orders. 2 ounces of extracts goes a long way when mixing single flavors at 2 - 3.5%. I won’t need more pumpkin pie, french toast or baklava for a year or so I would guess.


Oh so how do you feel about the Baklava was just drooling over the real thing and refused to eat it lol

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I like it once it has steeped for a few weeks but it has some odd notes (cloves mostly, and cinnamon I think) that are a bit forward when it hasn’t steeped very long. I posted about it on other threads here, and other forums, when I first tried it at 2%. Once it steeps for month or so it is great and those odd notes get pushed back so the dough notes can come forward. I liked it enough that I made another tester at 3.5% and after steeping it a few weeks I went ahead and mixed up a 220ml batch at 3.5% along with same sized batches of pumpkin pie and french toast at 3.5%. Eagerly awaiting the end of their steep time. The pumpkin pie and french toast don’t have to steep as long, but they certainly do get better if you can let them steep longer.


Yea those wild strawberries in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia taste like no other you ever tasted. Running around the Mountains as a kid and adult, I could never find enough of those. Man they are so good. Thanks for reminding me of those memories @Pro_Vapes, I forgot all about those wild strawberries.