RealFlavor PDO Flavoring Tests

Okay guys, let’s get some good communication going here.

So let’s make some comparisons to the following criteria (up for discussion, will welcome any viewpoints):

  1. Test Batch Size:
    (i.e. - 15ml)

  2. PG/PDO/VG Percentage:
    (i.e. - 20PG

  3. PDO Flavoring:
    What flavor did you use?

  4. Other Flavorings Used: (Include standard information on this one as well, percent/weight, manufacturer)
    Amount of flavoring in the batch: I’m thinking either weight or percentage on this one, it’s up to you, but let’s make it uniform for everyone, please.

  5. Initial Taste Notes:
    1 Week Steep (if even needed, this is new territory here - bear with me)
    2 Week Steep
    Etc, etc.

  6. Overall Notes:
    Guys, I can’t stress how subjective this can be - but try to be as objective as possible, be frank, open and honest.

I now open the floor for discussion and banter, please keep it civil and let’s see if we can help out RealFlavors here!


Everyone is being hush hush haha


I have a hybrid steeping using RF’s and 1/2 VG 1/2 VB nic just the 3 mg that’s in the VB. It’s been steeping around 5 days now. I’m afraid I may react to the POD since it bothered me the first time I tried it, but yesterday I tried it again after some steeping and it didn’t that was a tiny introduction thou only 2 drops POD were put in a steeped batch.


I’m waiting for some flavoring to become available, I’ll hit this list harder than an Al Iafrate slapshot.

I’m also going to base the flavoring with the VaporBase liquid to measure efficient mixing and steeping timings.


I didn’t order any of the PDO flavorings to try, so I’m still waiting to here from others. But it’s only been out a short time, has anyone even received their orders yet? I don’t know…this week flew by for me, last week of daughter high school, getting everything for Prom last night. Getting everything for Grad ceremony on the 16th and making sure the whole family has something better than jeans to wear… I’ve been running like a chicken. So proud, but damn this is exhausting…lol

Thank god I only have one more left, and I have 2 more years for his!


Congrats on that! My oldest is finally done with college. Phew!


Thank you, and congrats on that! Mine is insistent on taking a year off before starting college. And she has been very very resistant to my pleas and to the statistical improbability I keep shoving in her face about the unlikely hood of actually returning to school after a break. :weary:


Keep Shoving… I took the first semester off and it made a HUGE difference. I felt out of the loop and almost failed the first semester back. Had to get back in to school mode. Can’t learn from a book.


I haven’t picked up any of your PDO flavorings as of yet. I did check and they are all sold out at the moment.I have started some testing using Real Flavors with the Liquid Labs Vapor Base.I am going to be posting my results from my initial test on that thread shortly.
My bottle of Bread Pudding is about half gone , are you planning on adding it to your PDO offerings anytime soon ?


Represent brother, let’s coordinate and compare, shall we?


Absolutely , I have gained so much from the forum and members such as yourself and countless others that is the least I can do.I must apologize though for my grammar and punctuation skills but I will always try and post my findings.


I am hoping for the bread pudding to be added to the PDO line as well.

Hoping to hear what people think about the PDO offerings compared to the VG counterparts. The PDO is pricey and the ELR discount code doesn’t work on them so i will just have to be patient and hear how they compare.


I just completed my first order for Cinnamon Roll Flavor in PDO and pure PDO to go with it.

I am shooting for as close as I can get to PG free or possibly 100% PG free so I will post my results here as soon as I start mixing with it.

Sure would be nice if some others were posting in this thread but I guess this PDO thing is just so new that nobody wants to speak up yet.

I will share my thoughts from shake and vape test thru the steeping process the best I can.

RF orders normally get to me within 3 days so will let you all know when they get here.

EDIT: After only 2 hours from time of order a shipping notice via email. Real Flavors never disappoints me with there excellent service. Here is the order summary


Just a little FYI pure PDO has been made available to us by @Walt_RealFlavors

RF pure PDO click here


@daath or @JoJo or anyone else. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to use the ELR calculator to add PDO as a part of the base instead of PG and PDO flavorings so we get the correct weights for mixing by weight or can this be added to the programming without to much difficulty.

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If you’re using it as an additive you could probably put it in as water/vodka/pga. There’s even a place in your preferences where you can add the price for it (at the bottom). The SG is 1.053 according to sigma-aldrich. It’s SG is closer to that of PG than water, but in the end I don’t know that it’ll make a ton of difference either way. PG is 1.036 and water is 1.00. So, until there’s a spot for it, I’d either put it as water or as PG. Then maybe just put in your notes that it is PDO.

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Thanks @JoJo

Another question you may be able to answer.

Can I add the SG for just the 1 PDO flavor I ordered even though I have, use manufacturers SG selected in my preferences? Or would the software not recognize it that way. Sure would hate to go add all the SG’s manually for every flavor I have.

When you enter an SG manually, I believe it takes precedence to what is in the DB. A lot of the SGs are in the database and for any that aren’t, the calculator uses the default 1 g/ml. If you have mfg SG in your preferences, it should continue to work fine with all your other flavors.


Thanks your the best

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