Recipe ideas!

I was just thinking this as well @NewDrip
We certainly do need a thread of recipe ideas. Here is a few places that look good !

Sweet And Salty Guinness Chocolate Pie With Beer Marshmallow Meringue

Get the Sweet and Salty Guinness Chocolate Pie with Beer Marshmallow Meringue Recipe< by Sprinkles Bakes
Sprinkles Bakes

Chocolate marshmallow red velvet cookies

Coconut cream filled biscoff cookies


I grabbed your Marshmallow link and brought it here. This would be a good group recipe idea. I got one from your link that I’m trying today.

I just restocked my Toasted Marshmallow … Those are some good recipe ideas. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been working with a 3 flavor combo… Toasted Marshmallow, Coconut and Graham. They really work well together. That Marshmallow is a very versitile flavor.

I’ll try this one today. Let me know what you think about my %.

Marshmallow Pops Gmix :

1% Almond (FA)
2% Biscuit (INAWERA)
1% Chocolate (INAWERA)
4% Creamy Caramel (LA)
1.5% Nut Mix (FA)
3% Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)

Flavor total: 12.5%
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Looks like a great recipe ! I like toasted marshmallow Graham cracker and coconut heck yea why not put them together. There was an rice crispy s’mores idea on one of these pages why not turn it into a toasted marshmallow Graham cracker crusted s’more with coconut on top yum !

Here’s another idea for toasted Almonds thou.

Almond Joy highball
1/2 ounce coconut rum
1 ounce amaretto
1 ounce creme de cacao
2 ounces cream

Amaretto cocktails
The viper

Alabama Slammer


I have CAP Toasted Almond… It’s OK. The Cherry INW is real good. I’ll try Cherry Pie this weekend.

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How about toasted almond then use the nut mix. You have biscuit then maybe depending on your stash a pie crust ( TFA pie crust does lack some body where I feel biscuit doesn’t ) pie crust has some decent flavor but biscuit your hands are tied with 2% or under above it and it will take over. Cherry is where I am lacking a real baked cherry flavor I could only use black cherry mixed with wild cherry small parts it had been decent. TFA BC and FW Wc. But I think I’ll p/u the INW cherry read good things bout it.
Now will you post here or Gmix thread ?

Orange Buttercream cake w/ CCI
This one I made last night so it’s put away to steep it’s pretty lengthy I did not have something’s that imitate buttermilk so I had to improvise.

Orange Buttercream cake with cream cheese icing :

3% Birthday Cake (NWF)
0.4% Blood Orange (FW)
0.6% Butter (Wilton)
2% Buttercream (FW)
1% Cake (Yellow) (FW)
2% Cream (NWF)
3% Cream Cheese Icing (LA)
0.6% Meringue (FA)
3% Orange Cream (TPA)
0.6% Vanilla LA

Flavor total: 16.1%
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********It’s still private bc it;s a WIP and steeping ******** I post when I feel the mix it done and no changes need to occur. For those that wonder why it’s private there and i’m posting here… this is an idea thread simply put !

This is VG Max . I put all my batches in a mini crock pot then once thinned and warm enough spin them in the magnetic mixer until " white out ! " then let the juice form a solid again and bottle it !


A Pina Colada with a twist. WIP

Banana Colada Gmix :

2% Banana (Killer Flavors)
3% Banana Cream (TPA)
0.3% Cherry (INAWERA)
1% Cream Fresh (FA)
3% Pineapple (German Flavors)
1% Sweet Coconut (FLV)
1% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 11.3%
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What about a creamy chocolate in here somewhere ? I was reading a recipe site last night and idk where but there was a recipe for chocolate piña colada and with those bananas oh my ! Maybe a v2 !

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I’m wondering if what I have will mesh. I’ll split it a do a chocolate too.
Milk Chocolate or regular?

Milk Chocolate I think isn’t pina colada a creamy kinda drink with the coconut and pineapple makes me think a milky chocolate would be good. Now hopefully the cherry will behave since it likes dark chocolate moreover the milk chocolate .

Being we are talking about chocolate…do you have any opinion on FA’s cocoa ? I need a proper dark chocolate slightly bitter. I saw BCV had a hangsen cocoa and FA I would go with FA since they rarely disapoint just didn’t know if there’s a more favored one out there.

I don’t have Cocoa fa. My go to now is INW Chocolate. Its not bitter tho. I also have Chocolate fa but havent used it yet… I’ll drop the cherry.

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This should’s amazing. Can you share more recipes for cocktails. I want to try them out.

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I have quite a few steeping once they are finished and I taste them I’ll make them public for now I have a few i can add here for ya.

Bahama mama :

2% Coconut (CAP)
2% Mango (FA)
6% Pineapple (LA)
4% Sweet Tangerine (CAP)
3% Tropic - Jungle Flavors

Flavor total: 17%
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Long island ice tea southern style :

1% Blood Orange (FW)
0.8% Cola (CAP)
4% Colorless Peach - LorAnn Flavors
2% Italian Lemon Sicily (CAP)
0.5% Kentucky Bourbon (TPA)
0.3% Koolada 10% (TPA)
6% Lemon Lime Kamikaze (Tasty Puff)
2% Rum (FW)
2.5% Sweet Tea (CAP)
0.3% Sweetner Ecig Express

Flavor total: 19.3%
Remember to rate it at: coffee :

3% Bavarian Cream (LA)
1.6% Coffee Espresso (FA)
2.7% Irish Cream (FA)
1% Malted Milk (TPA)
4% Marshmallow (TPA)
2% milk chocolate (signature)
1% Sweet Cream (CAP)

Flavor total: 15.3%
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Pimp juice :

3% Coconut (CAP)
2% Mango (LA)
1% Pineapple (LA)
5% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
3% Sweet Cream (CAP)
4% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
1% Sweetener
3% Watermelon (FA)

Flavor total: 22%
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This one is not mine
Screwball clone by mike literus :

4% Champagne (TPA)
4% Cream Cheese Icing (LA)
2% Cream Fresh (FA)
10% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)

Flavor total: 20%
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! it’s by Mike literus

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I have a similar version steeping. I hope it come out good.

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Put this one up im enjoying it alot. Wish i had Koolada, maybe next order.
I recomment for a crisp fruit/apple blend.

Vaping along :smiley:

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That looks pretty good and summery!

Thanks! I got to say this is my 1st receipe i post and i can tell my wife will hate my new hobby!

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Looks good !!! And yes my fiancé says he doesn’t hate my Hobby but I can tell when he has had enuf ( me cheating w/ my flavors) is our joke Bc I spend more time w/ them he says lol.


This concept is from a previous recipe I made. I think this should work fine.
Ménage à Trois (Part 3) Gmix

Blissful Butterscotch Gmix :

2% Almond (FA)
3% Biscuit (INAWERA)
10% Butterscotch (FW)
0.5% Dulce de Leche (TPA)
0.5% Nut Mix (FA)
3% Swiss Bliss Chocolate Base (HIC)
0.5% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 19.5%
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New receipe steeping im liking it so far.
An attempt on a peach crumble.

Dazed :

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