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Share private recipes and other small things


Hey guys,

It’s been too long since I made something new for you guys :slight_smile:
This is a fairly small thing, that has been requested many times: A way to share private recipes.

To share a private recipe, click the blue wrench, then click “Share URL privately” - After this, below “Short URL”, a new field will appear: “URL to share privately”.

You can stop sharing a recipe at any time, by going to the wrench and click “Stop sharing URL privately”. The old URL will no longer work. Re-sharing it will create a new URL.

That’s it. At some point there will be a view under “My page” where you can see which recipes you’re sharing etc.

I’ve also made a few other tweaks that you won’t notice. The biggest one is that I have now prepared my “steps against duplicate recipes”-battle. With the changes in place, I can now fairly easily detect if a recipe has been published before. That part is still missing, but the groundwork has been laid!

Happy vaping!


This recipe is a copy of: ...?!

You da man daath! Thanks for this update.


Nice one Daath! :smile:


Awesome stuff :wink: :ok_hand:




Awesome as always ! At first I thought you were going to share a WIP recipe lol this is just as good :wink: Thanks @daath


Thanks @daath, I’ve been waiting on that feature.


Thank you @daath! You and @JoJo do such a great job - very much appreciated :smiley:


BOOYAH !!! @Daath you LEGEND !!!


We love you! (As usual)


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