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I decided to venture out and join a couple other forums. Signed up with reddit and made a couple post shared a couple builds hoping to get a couple compliments. Instead just criticism. That’s a tough crowd over there. I never new sharing could be Offensive. Here’s the POST.


Yeah, pretty tough crowd at times, ND. Especially when it comes to posting pictures of anything, a lot of people will automatically DV any pics not posted to the daily pics thread. It is a great place tho, i learned a lot from Reddit and continue to share back my knowledge.

My favorite sub is the DIY sub. Ill throw you some upvotes to try and help even things out a bit.


Thanx KO. I’m just gonna take it slow until I see how it goes.


When a community is small, everyone is supportive.
When a community gets big … there are always issues. This is not just /r/ecr but every other subreddit I’ve been to. Hivemind, harsh criticisms, etc. Make friends while you can :slight_smile:


@NewDrip; There are a lot of very sad, angry, hurtful, self-loathing and down right hateful reddit trolls out there with serious inferiority complex issues. It’s in their nature to be a faceless coward, puking up language to insight anger and hatred in others. Don’t feed a wolf if you value your hands.

To quote George Carlin ~ “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”


Ouch. I tried evening things out a bit too! Don’t let that discourage you! Damn elitists :smile:

I love Carlin! My favorite quote: Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.
Oh, and a new one I learned this week: No pain, no pain.


Absolute truth right there. It isnt just Reddit but all online communities that arent heavily moderated and heavy moderation has its own problems.


Thanx for the encouragement. I guess I used this forum as the standard and was surprised when I saw how things were there. But amongst the thorns over there I found some roses. It’s not all bad. Thanx again.

Good job keeping your cool though! I might have lashed back without prevail, instead, you took it on the chin and walked away the bigger person. Good job!


I’ve seen your build somewhere, maybe you posted it here also. :+1: looks good. I’m still trying to get normal builds down lol. Haven’t ventured out to anything extreme yet. Bought a Poseidon rda and haven’t touched it yet. Maybe when I get my confidence up I will.

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And I would bet anything those types are the first ones to fun or get there ass kicked in real life… You proved who the better person was. Take it as a win


Do u have a Coil Master? I know it made it real simple for me to build perfect coils.

I have a coil jig from fasttech and have been using for calculating what to start with and where it will end up.

“40 points (88% upvoted)”?

I don’t understand the points thing on reddit. Can anybody explain?

It’s simply upvotes subtracted by downvotes :smile: The figure is “fuzzed” meaning it’s not the precise number…

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Should I upvote if I like something and downvote if I don’t or does even matter?

I upvote a lot of my positive interactions, rarely downvote as i prefer to use words instead. In my two years on Reddit i have downvoted 4 threads and 6 posts. Ive been downvoted a ton tho, was even hit by a downvote bot for a little while over the Nude Nicotine issue. The whole karma thing is pretty idiotic, i understand the principle but the reality is that democracy doesnt work.


omg this is so reassuring!!!

When ever i post to the main one, i get negative 2 or 3 lol

Seriously good to know i’m not the only one. Its literally the only Vape Community that isn’t welcoming.

I do have to give props to the DIY Reddit. very helpful, nice people there. I’ve never gotten a down vote, and people seem to help as much as possible.

thx for posting this :slight_smile:

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As with most places it wasnt always that way, Even two years ago it was a much better place. It happens with every community when it becomes to big.

Im user /u/To0nMaN if i can ever be of assistance please let me know.

Unfortunately its like that everywhere on the web these days. I believe it has become so common place to insult people, its spread outside.
My husband and I were riding scooters last summer and a fellow went beserk from his car for my not being over to the right enough for him to get by easily.
He began to rant and call us both very vicious names. I remember thinking he had some issues but then then he made a comment and I realized right away from what he said that he was a troll on forums for only such would have recognized the terms he used.
The downside to the Web is that its provided a forum for everyone to spew. People used to keep rants to themselves.
But now so many feel they have a right.
They havent yet learned that just because you can, doesnt mean that you should…

That said, you will get it everywhere but i think less in a place such as this forum for e-liquid recipes than Reddit.
Reddit brings in a lot of “alpha dogs”, male and female alike and they are show offs and every once in a while like a vicious little puppy acting up, its needs to be bonked on the nose and put back in its place.
The downside to that is that unless you are very popular in that forum, the forum members will automaticlaly side with the more popular of the two, even if that person is wrong and you are in the right.
This is the negative side and its reminiscent of high school. :frowning:

I dont hesitate to ask a question even if it will be seen as a “stupid” one. I am prepared for the potentail of 1-2 users making snide comments but whats more telling is how many times when I have often I will have someone PM me who will ask me about the answer, or the question, etc but each time I understand that they were afraid to ask and were grateful that someone else did and took the heat for doing so.
So I do believe its a much larger problem than people give credit and that there are many out there afraid to ask questions for the very reasons you have shown. :frowning:

Jimk is right however, if you value your hands don’t defend yourself. Sometimes you do just want to smack them but I have learned NONE of them learn.None of them ever see the error of their ways and change.