[REQ] VapeMoar Cafe Express (or anything along those lines)

So I’m back in the mixing saddle after a 5 year hiatus, have been analog free since December and have started getting my head around mixing. I’ve got a ton of single flavors in test, a few recipes from here that I’m working with, a “getting there” Lava Flow Clone, a really decent Mountain Dew that’s getting pretty close.

I’ve managed to get my wife to give the whole vape thing a go (and she was really not for it for a long time) but she just hates the candy / fruity / bakery kinda stuff.

A buddy of work sent me home with some of the VapeMoar Cafe Express and that one, she really liked.

She really likes her coffee (I cringe whenever we’re within 5 miles of a starbucks knowing a detour is probably upcoming), but at home her go to is Folgers with CoffeeMate Italian Sweet Creme.

I not really needing an exact clone, just something that gets in the ballpark and doesn’t taste horrid. My work buddy (who buys store bought flavors non stop) said of all the coffee variants he’s bought this was the only one that wasn’t “gawdawful”. I haven’t tried his other ones but this one is really decent.

Here’s a link:


Here’s the description:

Flavor Profile: Sweetened Coffee with a touch of Caramel

Coffee vapes are are a mess. A lot of vapers are coffee lovers, and a coffee juice that tastes like a bearable coffee is the Holy Grail. Well, our Café Cream isn’t just bearable, it’s downright delicious. Sorry black coffee drinkers, we’ve added a touch of carmel creme for a spot on Carmel Machiatto flavor you’ve got to vape to believe.

Not everyone drinks their cup the same, and we get that, but even if you’re not a flavored coffee drinker, you’ll enjoy the dark roast flavor without the bitterness most coffee vapes struggle with. The final result is premium quality coffee eliquid.

It’s my understanding that coffee’s and tobacco’s are the hardest to get right, so any input here would be greatly appreciated.



You should try this one.

Smooth Morning Kick

Ingredient %
Booster (Tiramisu) (FA) 0.4
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5
Dark Bean (Coffee Espresso) (FA) 0.4
Vanilla Tahity (FA) 0.5
Vienna Cream (FA) 0.5

Flavor total: 3.3%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!
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Cool. Just happens out of the 60 or so flavors I have, I don’t have a single one in that recipe.

Guess another order is in order…

Are there any general notions on coffee’s in general? A single “magic bullet” base coffee is it one of those where you get a number of coffee variants and have some sub mix of those that tends to work well?

I can’t honestly say since i’m not into coffee vapes myself. Lets hope someone that likes coffee liquids chimes in and give their opinions on it.
The reason i posted that recipe is because it has gotten such good reviews and the mixer is @daath that runs ELR.
Good luck though.

Thankee. Will give it a whirl once I get to placing my next order of flavors.

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I haven’t worked with coffee either, but I think you’ll find some good information in these threads if you haven’t read them already. :grinning: Happy hunting!


Thanks! I’ll give those a read.

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Oh and my Smooth Morning Kick above - That is excellent with added caramel (as written in the notes) :slight_smile: Reading the description of the juice you posted, it could have been written for SMK, in my humble opinion :laughing:


Ssss, don’t caramel me or I will have to dive into the coffees :hear_no_evil:


Sold. No need to reinvent the wheel if yours is close to the Vapemoar. If it’s even in the ballpark that will do just fine, and that’ll make my wife happy.

She doesn’t like any of my stuff I’ve brewed thus far (although my in progress Mountain Dew recipe she does like). I picked up several flavors she thought she’d like and of the SFT’s on those she likes INW Plum, FA Lavender, TPA Chai Tea, TPA Black Honey (although the latter two probably need way more steep time she’s complaining they’re clobbering her throat, and on the Chai Tea I concur. Stuff has a nasty throat hit).

I must say, your site is killing my pocketbook. This will make my 4th flavoring order since I started mixing less than a month ago.

That’s after another order of 48 cobalt blue 60 ml droppers bottles.

And ordering a temp controlled mag stirrer (found a decent one off eBay for $78, took forever to figure out how to get the temp control to work right due to the worst Chinengrish manual I’ve ever seen) but once I got it calibrated and figured out how to navigate the buried settings will hold any temp I set indefinitely and even has a shut off timer).

I’ve got almost a couple dozen single flavor tests sitting in the cupboard in various stages of steepage, and have blown through a good liter of VG just on test batches in the last month.

FWIW, if you haven’t played with any of the Nude Nicotine flavors extracts, I’ll save you the expense. I got several of them in, have played with all kinds of percentages with them, with and without sweetener, and they’re all gawdawful mediciney horrid. I hadn’t found your site yet, so had no clue how much of this stuff I was gonna use and ordered 2 and 4 oz bottles of several flavors, which despite how hard I try, I can’t get any of them to even vaguely approximate Vapeable. Odd especially since ml for ml they’re almost 4x the price of any other flavor on the market.

Final comment there, NN’s flavor packaging is horrible. The stuff comes in extremely thin walled glass vials, which i didn’t think much of until I dropped one from a height of 3" onto the counter and it broke and 4oz of “cactus cooler” exploded onto and into everything in a 8’ range. It ate the surface of the counter top, melted the plastic on my electric razor and fused it to the iPad I have the recipes up on, and burned hundreds of discolored spots into the stone tile backsplash, and the resultant outgassing caused 2 of our 3 cats to spontaneoulsy projectile puke, spray painting cat gak colored Rorschach patterns on the opposing walls, one of which oddly resembled Donald Trump grabbing the pussy of a what appeared to be a highly irritated 3 toed sloth, This left the entire house smelling like a bad combination of goo-gone, napalm and the industrial district of Bhopal for several days thereafter.

In retrospect, this may not have been a bad thing, as had I not dropped it, I’d be spending the next six months and probably 5L of VG trying to get some useable variation of a standalone once I realized just how much I had overpaid for a bunch of horrid flavors. I paid for it, goddamnit I’m gonna MAKE it work. I get somewhat stubborn that way. This event fortunately broke that cycle.

Oh well, live and learn. At least I am now only ordering 10 ml tester bottles of a given flavor until I’ve single tested it an have a feel for if it’s something I can actually use on an ongoing basis.

Then again I guess I can rationalize all these expenditures to some extent as “startup costs”, especially in light of that we were blowing through $700 a month in analogs between the two of us, and once I get this down the costs will be more or less trivial in comparison. At least that what I keep telling myself.


hahahaha damn I am dying here - terrible accident, but your description is golden :laughing:

Sorry if I am a factor in your ruination :wink: I know all about it - I have quite a few flavorings, and can’t seem to stop buying new ones, and new mods, and new tanks, and … damn! :slight_smile:

I feel, though, that I am spending less than I would have on analogs, so that’s great :slight_smile:


I’ve no idea if it is anything like it - I only know that I am picky with coffee vapes, and I like this one :slight_smile: Especially with caramel (and coconut sometimes) :slight_smile:

Oh, I know. This is my 3rd go round with Vaping. The first was back in 2007. I was the early adopter from hell with the 1st gen Ecigs. After I figured out the batteries were for shit, I gutted one, soldered a USB cable onto that, and chain vaped these crappy things no end. When I had to go portable, I rigged up a 4 AA battery pack and would jack that into the USB cord and had no idea why it tasted so horrid (over amped those cheesy little equip coils big time), but damn it would run all day. I had no idea at the time I was vaping what everyone now calls Dry Hits all the time. I just thought that’s how the shit tasted, but hey if it kept me off analogs it was all good, right? I was meticulously rebuilding the “disposable” filter ends that plugged into the batteries and crappy little in line atomizers. This lead to very early experiments in DIY Juices.

I was ordering research grade nic from some university chem supply company, buying bulk propalene glycol at tractor supply and VG from a food supplier. I started messing around with LorAnne oils and discovered that you could clean coils very effectively with this blue shit housekeeping uses at work to clean our coffee pots. It wasn’t until months into it that I discovered the Ecig forum (registered there sometime in 2007 as well).

Eventually I gave up on the early hardware and went back to analogs for several years. IT was just too much of a PITA to keep all that crappy hardware operational.

I tried the vape thing again a few years ago but my wife didn’t like the tanks leaking all over my shirts, and the batteries while improved still sucked, so back to analogs again.

This time around, (and another several attempts to quit smoking in between, including a bout with Chantix that rendered me completely psychotic), it wasn’t until a large number of folks at the office had given up analogs for the current tech vape hardware that I give it another look.

I dived in, and have been analog free for over six weeks now.

While I love the factory V8 coils for my big Baby Beast and the stock baby Beast with the deeming shit hanging on the horizon, I’ve started winding my own coils for the RBA’s. Got the multi core fused clapton thing down and have ordered up a mess of 316L wire to get a better flavor build. I have several RDA’s on order to flavor test with as draining the tank and re-wicking the RBA on the smok tank to use as a half assed dripper for flavor tests is proving to be too much of a PITA just to test flavors. I love the tanks for the office, general farting around the house and commuting (although even with the Alien’s reasonable form factor it’s a tad cumbersome on the motorcycle, should probably find some kinna lanyard friendly pen type for that), but can easily see me dripping as much as practical just because the flavor is better.

So this time around I think “I got this” and have zero desire for analogs, unlike the previous two attempts over the last decade. This sub ohm shit works. I’m chucking clouds like a locomotive and have been astounded at the sizes and varieties of lung cookies I’m tossing from finally being off analogs. I smell things now (good god, my car. Years of analogs chain smoked to and from work). I get in and want to puke. My wife still hits a couple analogs a day and when she walks in I can smell it from across the house. She hates the smell of my various fruity candy vape stuff and the film it leaves on the windows, so I guess we’re even. Heh.

I’m one of these who started smoking at 13, and have been a 2 pack a day type for decades. I read a foreign study a while back that suggests the earlier one starts with nicotine it becomes almost asymptotically difficult to ever really get off it. Folks who don’t start until they are in there 40’s can nearly start and stop at will, and it’s only slightly more difficult if one starts in their 30’s and starts becoming increasingly difficult the farther south one is from 20. At least in my case I tend to believe that. I managed to cold turkey for almost a month a couple different times but had become such an irritable bastard that while I might have added years to my live as a result of quitting, I’d have no one present at my funeral when I did croak because I’d done such a fantastic job of alienating any and every one who’d had the misfortune of coming into contact with me.

So yeah, I’m figuring at this point I’m in this for the long haul, and with the deeming regs, it’s time to learn to DIY everything (juices, coils, mods, etc) and when it becomes apparent that Nic will be tough to get, I’ll stock up with several liters of that and be good for the remainder of my years.

So thanks again for this invaluable resource.


I agree, this recipe is great in the mornings

Okies, bull city order arrived, and mixed up a batch of Lars’ Smooth Morning Kick (but dropped the coffee bean and tiramisu to 0.3% after reading comments in the recipe notes.

Very good as a coffe base. Wife thought needed more cream, so bumped the Vienna and vanilla Tahiti up 0.1%.

Closer. Wife thinks the coffee taste like instant, but I’m guessing this is probably the best shot at a coffee that isn’t horrid.

Personally I think it’s really pretty decent but she’s saying it’s missing whatever the vapemoar cafe express had, which was a touch more like the nestle italian cream coffee mate (which I’m clueless as to what to add to approximate that), and it’s missing a caramel.

With all the caramels out there which one would ya’ll use for that? I have no caramels in the arsenal at all. Been reading through the notes for the caramel types here and am leaning towards the FA one at this point.

My wife was after a little more “mocha” so I upped the tiramisu to .05 and she loves it.

FA Caramel is a good one imo, but can be a little sharp if you go to high. Try 1.5 % maybe to get the caramel taste and not only as a sweetener. I would imagine you could go for TPA Dulce de Leche too.

I’ll give that a go as well. Thankee.

Thanks. Any other you’d use for something like this? I’m game to any caramel, but would like to avoid ordering all of em just to find one that does the job and doesn’t have a bunch of negatives (flowery/mediciney/overpowering etc). Whichever I go with it’ll have to be ordered.

You could always try some Vanilla Bean Ice Cream instead of the Cream Fresh, if you added that one. It will be a tad rounder or fuller perhaps if that is the intention. Or even INW Creme Brûlée maybe. FA Caramel would never go to waste imo, but if you find your way into Caramel- and Butterscotch heaven, i would recommend FW Butterscotch or FW Butterscotch Ripple, yummy. :yum:

You could always try some Vanilla Bean Ice Cream instead of the Cream Fresh

I’ve got that one, (one of em). Never thought to toss that one in the running on the coffee front. Will give it a go.

Thankee. I’m guessing you’ve played with all the caramels and butterscotches.

but if you find your way into Caramel- and Butterscotch heaven

I haven’t gone down that road at all yet, still mostly in fruit land. Done a bit of stuff with the bakeries, but thus far haven’t been really blown away by anything.

I do like a straight up caramel (which is dangerous as a diabetic, I gotta steer clear of a bag of those soft caramels or I’ll get myself in all kinds of hurt), and likewise with those evil Werther’s Butterscotch thingies. I can make those vanish with remarkable effectiveness.

Ok so I’ll put the FA Caramel on there (Daap Free, one of the few caramels that is and the TPA one separates and has artificial colors on top of the DAAP).

I haven’t tried any of the Hangsen stuff, although it gets high star reviews, but not many notes out there on folks using it.

Will order FW Butterscotch and FW BS Ripple. I’m taking it you like the FW over the FA Butterscotches? Do you like the FW Butterscotch over the FW Natural Butterscotch?

It’s interesting the FW BS has Acetonin (1%ish, way less than some of the Caramels have), but the BS Ripple does not.

Any recommendations for a chocolate to toss at the coffee’s as well? Thinking through all the stuff my wife shits up her Starbucks with. I haven’t done anything with chocolates at all yet, so have zero frame of reference there, and I know once I get the caramel in there she’ll be asking about the chocolate next.

My cupboard is rapidly filling up with flavors I’ve tested and not been overwhelmingly blown away by.

I’ve got at least 4 different strawberries, and I can’t taste a single one of them. They just vanish, even in single flavor tests. I get a hint of something + sweet, surrounded by warm damp cardboard. Even on new coils and wicks.