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"Retired" flavors list

(Started Sept 14, 2019)

This is intended to be a list of flavors that are no longer sold (and need to be marked as “Retired” when the ability becomes available).

This list is IN PROGRESS, and if you have any to add, please feel free to comment with your suggested submission (and if you recall when they were discontinued, please note such, and link the post noting such if/when available).

Thanks for your help!


Lime (Bickford) NO LONGER LISTED on Bickford’s website: not to be confused with the WS listing

Lemonade (bickford) NO LONGER LISTED on Bickford’s website: not to be confused with the WS listing

Peaches & Cream Bickford Has NO LISTING at all currently on Bickford’s site (WS or otherwise).

Pink Lemonade (Bickford) NO LONGER LISTED on Bickford’s website: not to be confused with the WS listing

Orange (Bickford) NO LONGER LISTED on Bickford’s website: not to be confused with the WS listing

Please Note: The following currently have simultaneous flavor listings on Bickford’s site, suggesting that there is some difference between the two (Hence the reason for noting the differences above [EG: orig. vs WS. version]):

While I may be wrong, I’m guessing that by the other omissions from their website, that when they run out of stock on the above listings (eg: graham cracker and coconut), they will be delisted, and only the WS variants will remain.

Capella (Cap)

Crispy Bacon (Cap)

Flavour Art (FA)

Royal (FA) - not to be confused with Royal Orange Juice
RY4 Legend (FA)

Flavor West: historically used as (FW)

Blush Chablis Wine (FW)
Frosted Donut (FW)
Red Wine (FW)
Ruby Red Grapefruit (FW) - succeeded by Natural version
White Wine (FW)

The Flavor Apprentice: currently used at ELR as (TPA)

Blueberry Candy (TPA) - Triacetin base (NOT the current PG base)
Blue Raspberry (TPA)
Butter Rum (TPA)
Chocolate Hazelnut (TPA)
Creamy Hazelnut (TPA)
DX French Vanilla (TPA) - No longer listed at TFA’s website 11-8-2019
DX Whipped Cream (TPA) - No longer listed at TFA’s website 11-8-2019
Red Velvet (DX) (TPA) - No longer listed at TFA’s website 11-8-2019
Organic Strawberry (TPA)
RY4 (TPA) - Only Asian, Double, and Type are currently sold
Strawberry Kiwi (TPA)
Teaberry (TPA)

DIYFS - DIY Flavor Shack

Angel Food Cake (DIYFS) (originally under #42796 “(DIY)” format, I know OneStopDIY was around then, but they didnt have this flavor IIRC)
Cafe Napoleon (DIYFS)
Clearly Grape (DIYFS) (originally under #153576 “DIYFS” format)
French Cafe Napolean (DIYFS)
French Vanilla (DIYFS)
Holy Holy Grail RY4 (DIYFS) -succeeded by v2
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) - succeeded by v2
Irish Cream (DIYFS)
Jag Juice (DIYFS) (originally under #29558 “(DIY)” format)
Pillow Talk (DIYFS) (originally under #31344 “diy” format)
Sour Candy (DIYFS) (originally under #118033 “(DIY)” format)
Sour Apple Candy (DIYFS)
Sour Grape Candy (DIYFS) (originally under #122120 “DIY” format)
Sour Lemon Candy (DIYFS) (originally under #119723 “diy” format)
Sour raspberry candy (DIYFS) (originally under #153587 “- DIYFS” format)

Sour Strawberry Candy (DIYFS) - I could only find Sour strawberry (DIYFS) …it’s probably the same, but… (letting sleeping dogs lay for the time being)

Sour Watermelon Candy (DIYFS) (originally under #131892 erroneously listed as “Sour watermelon (DIYshack)” format) which then became further confused with their newer (and current) “Clear Watermelon” offering [though NOT a sour candy, unless DIYFS changed the name…] listed as “Clear sour watermelon candy (DIYFS)” [number #133093]
NOTE: An old offering still live on the DIYFS site shows this as being “Sour Watermelon Candy” no mention of Clear in the flavor name.

Inawera (Ina)

Milk Chocolate (Old Formula) (Inawera)

Shisha Brandy and Cocoa (Inawera)

Waffle YC (Inawera)

Last updated: Nov. 8 2019

For my own use as a reminder of sources of things I can update from:

See also:

  • DIYFS discontinued post by woftam (I believe I completed this one already…
  • search ELR for other such posts (that are confirmed)

Oddities and Anomalies:

oRYental 4 (FA) Has the older database number (497)…
It’s worth noting that it’s still sold as this at FA Italy:


RY4 (FA) is the more commonly used acronym that everyone decided “way back when” (2015 at ELR, database number 1362) to use.

Need to address in the future…


In Reference to trying to sort through (the one example above) "Clear Sour Watermelon Candy (DIYFS)…

side note: Are some of you starting to SEE why it’s important to enter the flavor names based on the manufacturer and NOT the vendor (or the name used on a rebottled flavor)?? :wink: lol -Battling this from the “backend” (after the fact, sometimes YEARS later [before I was vaping in 2016]) is a BITCH sometimes…

Though (for the /rant preceding) sometimes we have to make adjustments (judgement calls).

The OEM here uses “DIY” as a way to distuinguish between their finished E-Liquid offering:
Clear Watermelon E-Liquid

and their flavoring intended for DIY
Clear Watermelon DIY

Since WE understand that ALL flavorings/extracts that we use are intended for DIY, it’s redundant, hence unnecessary.

That’s why we don’t want Flavor, Essence, Aroma, Concentrate, etc in the flavor name.

Unless (and this is the exception to the rule)…
The OEM sells MULTIPLE VARIATIONS specifically listed/sold this way!!!

Example: TPA listing and ELR listing

Strawberry Flavor
and at ELR: Strawberry (TPA)

Strawberry Concentrate**
and at ELR: Strawberry concentrate (TPA)

Strawberry Natural Concentrate**
and at ELR: Strawberry Natural Concentrate (TPA)

This happens with quite a few of the more common flavors (more so with TFA) but also at OEM’s like NF (Nature’s Flavors)…where they also offer multiple variants!

So PLEASE pay close attention while selecting!!


You mean I have to stock up on this or is this the new version?


According to Vapable’s listing that you linked… that IS the new version. :wink:


added/edited post 3 for some further understanding…

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The latest list of discontinued Capella flavors.


Chocolate Fudge Brownie gone?? :cry:

Sorry, just noticed, done V3… it’ll have to be SFT’ed and see…

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@Sprkslfly You never cease to amaze me with all your hard work and knowledge! It would be really cool if we can get rid of all the duplicates for these retired flavors as well! I know cleaning up the flavor list is a gigantic task, but If all of us active members work on it little by little maybe we can make some kind of difference!


Been doing just that ma’am!
I had several days access to a pc and high speed internet (first time reliably since Feb, not that I haven’t tried to do a few other sessions on shitty internet over the last few months)… But I spent at a minimum of 30 hours over the last 5 days.


Completed updates to Bickford listings*, including corrections to naming conventions, and adding NLA flavors to the first post.

Note*: this does NOT include those abbreviated flavors that overlap. For Example: those that use the “(BF)” listings. (I still need to try and sort through those to distinguish what are Be Flavors, etc from the ones unique to Bickford.)


added some TFA DX flavors that I’d forgotten to list previously