Review: Joyetech EXCEED Edge Space Age POD system by CosmicTruth

EXCEED Edge POD system with changeable EX series coil heads.


This is the new POD MOD system by Joyetech: It has a sleek design fashioned after a sports car or futuristic spacecraft, and it does look fast. It even has stylish LED running lights to indicate power status and low battery. It has a TPD compliant 2ml removable semitransparent POD cartridge that holds the e-liquid and coil in a comfortable mouthpiece. It comes in 6 attractive body colors: Black, Orange, Yellow Gold, Red, Brushed Silver and Dazzling Rainbow. The kit comes in an attractive 1.7” diameter X 4.7“ long Plastic tube container which makes the package attractive for resale. The painted body is made of Zinc Alloy, and the POD itself is made of PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) plastic.


Marketplace: I think these new low power high nicotine devices will do well in the stores over time. We should know that tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, of which more than 70 are known to be “carcinogens” or known cancer causing substance. Vaping in my opinion greatly reduces the level of consumed toxins, but does not eliminate them %100. These low power high nicotine devices allows those who choose to do so to consume less toxins, and still feel the full effect of the most important ingredient nicotine. Furthermore those who use them have the benefit of the device running longer between charges.


The Edge is a nice compact and highly portable device; my impression is that it is more of a starter device that would be great for a first time vaporizer user. It does not make a huge cloud and I found myself hitting it excessively with my normal 9mg e-liquid to get the desired nicotine effect. The device had good taste and great effect Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping while using 28mg e-liquid. So I would recommend (for this device) using the higher nicotine e-liquid made with nicotine salt base. I found the POD difficult to fill with e-liquid because of the small round fill hole. It would be nice if Joyetech sold a deluxe kit that included an extra POD, and a needle point e-juice bottle like is used to fill ink cartridges. The mod is very ergonomic and has a good solid feel and heft, and it has a large comfortable fire button. The button is so large you should be sure to turn it off to avoid firing it in your pocket. Although this device has a changeable coil, it is suggested to only use the Joyetech EX 1.2ohm MTL coil in the EXCEED Edge.

EXCEED Edge Kit Contents:

  • 1 X EXCEED Edge Battery

  • 1 X EXCEED Edge POD

  • 2 X EX 1.2ohm MTL Coil Heads

  • 1 X Quick Start Instruction Sheet.

  • 1 X Warranty card

  • 1 X Prime and filling instruction card

  • 1 X Package of spare parts (containing 1 spare O-ring seal and 1 spare Juice fill port cover)

  • 1 X USB to Micro USB charging cable

Device Specification:

  • Size: 26.5mm X 110.0mm X 20.0mm or 1.0” X 4.3” X 0.8”

  • Weight: 74.0g (2.6oz) for the mod or 119.4g (4.2oz) for the retail packaged mod

  • Colors: Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, Silver, Dazzling

  • Output mode: Direct output

  • Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml

  • Battery capacity: 650mAh

  • Atomizer coil head: EX 1.2ohm 8-14W MTL coil

POD Specifications:

  • Size: 16.5 X 23.0 X 36.5mm

  • Weight: 7.0g (empty with coil)

  • Color: transparent smoky black

  • POD cartridge capacity: 2.0ml

  • Atomizer coil head: EX 1.2ohm 8-14W MTL coil


Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed POD mod system

  • Attractive modern design

  • Small stealthy size

  • Comfortable mouthpiece

  • Cool quiet operation

  • Change the POD’s coil head

  • Removable POD

  • Refillable POD

  • 6 attractive colors available

  • Sturdy Eco-friendly material

  • 2ml capacity and TPD compliant

  • No complicated controls, one button operation

  • Low battery and operational indicator light

  • Easy to recharge with the included micro USB cable


Wish list:

  • wish it came with an extra POD.

  • wish it came with a needle tip e-liquid injector bottle.

  • wish it came with an attachable pocket clip.

  • wish all the smokers in the world would buy this kit and quit smoking.

Review Contest


  1. Read (and hopefully Like) my Review, give me some constructive critisizim.
  2. Tell us your thoughts on Joyetech. If you have never had a Joyetech device let us know that.
  3. Tell us your best April Fools Joke, It can be something that has been played on you, or by you, or just one you have heard about or made up.

only 1 chance per participant.
I Will pick winner(s) based on rules adherence and/or random selection.
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Time limit: The winner(s) will be selected on April 11, 2018.
Winner(s) will be responsible to pay shipping and handling and applicable fees in advance using paypal.


My wife gets me every year, she abruptly wakes me on apr 1 saying the coffee pot is broke. When I go to fix it there will be the unbroken coffee pot and a hot cup of coffee by it with a note saying “APRIL FOOLS”, this year I’m thinking of getting her back by crushing our coffee pot the night before so she finds it when she goes to play her prank.

I’m hoping someone will give me a better idea, I need to get her back…


Nicely done review. Tho I bow in the giveaway to others that can use it for themselves or others, which planet does the winner have to pay shipping fees from?


Thanks bro:
Earth, USA, Arkansas :grinning:
I’ll include everyone who responds, If you win and do not wish to pay shipping you can pass it to the next participant. But everyone should seriously consider one of these high nicotine devices I am just learning to adjust my recipes for them, but they work great.


Great concise review.
I actually quite like the look of this and would be a great starter kit for someone, thinking of my mother here!
Joytech has a great tank in the shape of the Aries which gives great flavour.They have had some nice mods and kits coming on the market recently.
April Fool?
I remember a co-worker, who was incidently a great baker and would regularly bring in cakes for us to scoff!
Anyway, one year on April 1st she brought in and left some great chocolate lolly pops in the staff canteen that she had skilfully crafted.
Needles to say they didn’t last long, unfortuanatly half of them were just Brussel sprouts coated in chocolate and one of those had an extra helping of hot chilli!
You should have seen the faces of some who were unlucky in getting the Brussels! Lol
I luckily got just glorious chocolate!


Thanks Chewy
I like the new JT tanks and MODS too, and these high nic devices may be the future of vaping. They are growing on me, the more I vape this the more I like it.


All I can say is if you do that you damn sure better have a nice new shiny coffee pot on stand by or you may never have a need to make coffee again. That said it sure does sound like something I would do.

Great review. :+1:

My wife just recently decided to quit smoking and has been having very good results using the Sourin Drop POD system with high nic slats liquid. Over the last several years we have tried everything to get her over to vaping but the Drop so far is the only device she has taken to.


Thanks for the tip, I better just hide the pot and leave an april fools card in its place, with instructions where to find the pot.
Congrats on the Mrs’s quit!


@CosmicTruth I liked the review very much, and the wife was looking over my shoulder as I was reading, and think she likes it. Great pictures, and great review.

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and I think she would like it.
Thanks again bro :grinning:

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Thanks for this review. I’m thinking about getting one when they become available later this month. Can you tell me a bit more about the airflow? Specifically how does it compare to the Aspire Breeze? I have a Breeze but would love something a little more open - and warmer; if that’s possible with a 1.2 ohm coil.

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I do not have experience with Aspire Breeze, the Edge has a somewhat restricted airflow and is designed for MTL style of vaping. Also there is no adjustment on the airflow, the airflow does come from the bottom and through the middle of the coil. The device gives good flavor and is more geared for high nicotine e-liquid in my opinion. Even though this is a whole new style of vaping I am starting to like it and am often grabbing the ECO or Edge and grabbing a MTL hit :smile:.
Have you ever had a device made by Joyetech?
Hope you had a great easter, there are a couple of Giveaways here on ELR to try one of these for free (or low cost), be sure to sign up… check out:

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Wondering If you have ever tried a Joyetech ATOPAC Dolphin Pod Mod? It may have the more open airflow you are looking for. Two coil options, 2100mAh battery and open airflow.

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I had not considered that one. I do have on the way to me (from China so it may take a while) a Kinsum Slim 2R which I think is similar to the Dolphin. Honestly I’m in the market for a more stealthy smaller device which is why the Edge is appealing. Plus it’s a really good looking mod. the dolphin strikes me as too bulky and not pocket friendly. Still many of these “pod” kits are cheap enough that I can try several.


Great review. The pics are my favorite part. You take good pics. I like the details. A packaging shot, contents shot. The in hand shot. And a color selection shot. I like them all. Cool device, I have the autopack penguin and enjoyed it in the beginning, haven’t used it much recently because i need some new coils . Like the coil selection that joyetech went with this one. Most pod mods have terrible little coils. these actually look of substance . Send one my way vapesta clause.


My Bday is March 31, so every year guess what … April 1st falls at midnight after my birthday… always makes for some interesting bday gags.


Well happy belated birthday :smile:
I ended up just hiding the coffee pot from my wife, I put a homemade fool/Easter card in its place saying I hid the pot. She found it in too short of a time, but the good part was she didn’t prank me back.
This pod just has 1 (one) coil option, and it is a 8-14W 1.2ohm MTL EX coil. I may be dissecting one of these coils over the next days as mine was finally tasting burnt between refills. I doubt these micro coils will be candidates for rebuilding because of the set power output of the device. But I always think of the high cost of smoking, and any vape device is a huge savings especially for folks who make their own e-liquid.
There are only 6 contestants entered to win this device. So those players currently each have a 33.3% 16.67% chance of winning one.

edit: the coil tasted burnt after refilling, but it just lasted a couple hits and tastes fine again so no complaint about the longevity of the EX MTL coil.


That’s a good sign. Just running low on juice. Agreed probably difficult to rebuild but still way cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.


about 2 days remain on this contest

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1 (one) lucky winner will win one of these devices by random draw, I looked up shipping and it will cost about $7.50 from arkansas to the lower 48 continental states.

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